Is BHO Black?

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on September 22, 2009





BHO was on Dave Letterman, showing his skills as an entertainer. While the role of governance is open to dispute…always…BHO is showing himself to be the best show biz POTUS since Ronald Reagan. Nancy’s husband had the advantage of being an actor, before entering politics.

The issue of racism was brought up, and deftly addressed by BHO. He knows that many people are tired of whining about race, and would rather deal with the issues. BHO also understands that being the nation’s whipping boy is a part of the job on Pennsylvania Avenue.

PG asks, is BHO really black? Yes, he has dark skin. Yes, he has a “black identity”, nurtured from his days as a community organizer in Chicago, and worshiping with Jeremiah Wright.

The fact also remains that he had a white mother. (If Ann Dunham had been Jewish, BHO would be a Jew) His father was a scholar from Kenya. BHO is not the descendant of slaves. His ancestors did not have to go to the back of the bus. His grandfather did not live with the wretched discrimination of pre civil rights America.

Health care reform and the wars abroad are critical issues that affect the ability of America to survive. When you label those with whom you disagree “racist”, you avoid dealing with their objections. BHO seems to know this, and appears ready to move on. The question is, will his supporters follow?





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