The Healey Building

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 20, 2012

A local blog recently had a feature about the Healey Building. PG worked at 57 Forsyth Street for five years, between 1991 and 1995. This is a good excuse to write some text, and upload some pictures.

PG represented Redo Blue in an architect’s office on the fourteenth floor. His printroom was the third window from the north end, on the third floor from the top. There was a large window, on the west side overlooking Woodruff Park. A surprising amount of attention was captured by the gold dome of the State Capitol. At street level was Broad Street, home to a constantly changing array of merchants.

There were some sights coming in that window. On the coldest winter day in 1993, a music video was filmed on top of the Church’s Fried Chicken on Broad Street. On the week before the Super Bowl, The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders kicked field goals in the park, along with Martin Mull. When PG left town that Friday, a large, inflated rendering of Izzy, the Olympic mascot, was resting in the park.

It was not completely happy times. In April of 1992, a jury in California delivered an unpopular verdict. The next day, the streets downtown erupted. People in Rosa’s Pizza got a broken window to go with their calzones. The next day, a notions shop on the Forsyth Street side had a sign in the window, “Black owned business”.

William T. Healey opened his office building in 1914. There were sixteen stories, taking the entire block between Broad, Walton, Forsyth and Poplar Streets. The firm of Morgan and Dillon designed the building. The original plan was to have twin towers, with the rotunda, and arcade, in the middle. World War One, and the death of Mr. Healey, put a stop to those plans.

The tower stood on the edge of the Fairlie-Poplar district. In photos of downtown, the Healey building, and the Candler building, serve as easily recognized landmarks. For many years, many bus lines ended on Walton Street, at the south end of the building. Hundreds of people waited there to change buses.

The Healey Building has many features that are no longer seen, The terra cotta details are too fancy for today’s buildings. The stairwells had a garbage chute. You could go to the garbage hole on any floor, and throw your trash to a receptacle down below. The building does not have a loading dock. A freight elevator pops up from behind a steel plate on the Forsyth Street sidewalk. This takes deliveries into the sub basement, where they are transferred onto the freight elevator.

Since 2001, the building has been a condo residence..

Pictures today are from Wendy Darling, The Healey Building, ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”, and Chamblee54.

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  1. Cal Gough said, on February 21, 2012 at 7:41 am

    I’ve always loved this building, and was so glad it didn’t get torn down, like so many other downtown buildings did. I remember lots of times walking down Forsyth from the Central (formerly Carnegie) Library where I worked for so many years and going through the building to the other side, just to have an excuse to enjoy the rotunda and the intersesting way the lobby is laid out. Thanks for highlighting some of the building’s other details – I’m glad you got to work there for awhile!

  2. 04-30-92 « Chamblee54 said, on April 30, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    [...] years ago today. There was a riot downtown. Mr. Richards had a bad night. PG was working in the Healey building that day. He ran an RMS, or reprographic management service, in an architects office. He had a [...]

  3. 04-30-92 | Chamblee54 said, on May 1, 2014 at 4:34 am

    […] years ago today. There was a riot downtown. Mr. Richards had a bad night. PG was working in the Healey building that day. He ran an RMS, or reprographic management service, in an architects office. He had a […]

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