False Sense Of Freedom

Posted in Commodity Wisdom by chamblee54 on July 7, 2012

“Elephants make me feel like I’m the right size,” – Newt Gingrich ~ Matt is too loud, and a bit distorted. Bill is not loud enough. This can be worked out. ~ five syllables here seven more syllables there are you happy now? ~ re: strippers, they are displaying their body parts in front of liquored up horndogs. The judgment challenged audience gives them money. I would say the objectification is mutual, with consent on both sides. (fb) ~ This helped me focus better during my meditation today. “Being mindful means that we suspend judgment for a time, set aside our immediate goals for the future, and take in the present moment as it is rather than as we would like it to be. It’s a way of shifting from doing to being so that we take in all the information that an experience offers us before we act.”-The Mindful Way Through Depression (and also impatience and restlessness) (fb) ~ AstroNuttCaseSpace:I love being kicked in the balls! I love having my penis burned with cigarettes! I love drinking piss! I live in NY and can travel or pay for your travel plus PAY you! If interested send an IM and be sure to ask about my really twisted fantasy! PICS IN PROFILE! ~ All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. ― Siddhārtha Gautama (fb) ~ ‏@tejucole In San Jose, Orr and Baker, and in Cleveland, Hunter, respectively, racing motorcyles, entered the everlasting brightness. (tw) ~ @tejucole Someone tossed an empty bottle from the Ulster & Delaware train. Clement, walking by the tracks, caught it with his skull. (tw) ~ @tejucole Perhaps Joseph “English Joe” Middleton, of West 20th Street, wasn’t a thief as Mrs Roe insisted. But he’s certainly a murderer now. (tw) ~ @tejucole Mary Hall died at Croton Hall. Zanza, Guista, Cona, Cali, Di Marro, and Di Marro, did it, and will take turns sitting in the electric chair. (tw) ~ ‏@tejucole Last Thursday, $800 went missing in Harlem, as did William Murphy, in whose pocket the money was. (tw) ~ Yeah I fingered her in the crowd and the dj saw it and gave me props over the speakers. I got so many high fives. (tln) ~She face-timed me on the toilet. My dick is never going to recover from that. (tln) ~I feel as though sleeping all day due to the effects of prescription painkillers paid for by union insurance made this the most American day ever for me (tln) ~Remember camping when you drank 36 beers to yourself in one day and puked in your tent? Ready for round 2? (tln) ~Boobs are also good for catching the vodka gummy bears that miss my mouth (tln) ~I will take a blow job from a dude that kinda looks like a girl at this point (tln) ~The night went downhill when he lit her purse on fire and tried putting it out with vodka (tln) ~ “Perhaps then in the final analysis, faith, dogmatically understood, must be traded for love. Doubts are the burden that believers must carry to keep their eyes opened to the suffering of others.” ~Richard Beck, from The Authenticity of Faith: The Varieties and Illusions of Religious Experience (fb) ~ I used to tell a lot of religious jokes. Not any more…. I’m a registered sects offender. (fb) ~ Patty Liverance, Grand Rapids, MI Betsy Replogle, Nichols Hills, OK Lisa Kluber, San Francisco, CA Andrew Allingham, Fairfax, VA Marvin Veto, Greensboro, NC Donna P. Titus, Freeland, PA D. Drake Daggett, Omro, WI ~ Happy times. It is good to see people still fighting the good fight. It is odd to think of you as a Christian, since I found this through the comments at Renegade Evolution. ~ 1- As long as racism as seen as being a white people’s problem, it is going to get worse. 2- To have a conversation, you need to have listening. 3-The expression “People of color” needs to be abandoned. If you have to have a label for African Americans, you can do better than that. When an Indian claims the privilege to speak “as a POC”, something is very wrong. Your typical Georgia redneck has more in common with black people than an Indian. Using correct gender pronoun does not help. ~ If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution. -Emma Goldman (fb) ~ “As we open and empty ourselves, we come to experience an interconnectedness, the realization that all things are joined and conditioned in an interdependent arising. Each experience and event contains all others.” ~ Jack Kornfield, “A Path With Heart” (fb) ~ Happy False Sense of Freedom While Pretending to be Patriotic as You Burn Shyt on a Grill Before You or Your Idiot Neighbors Shoot The Tools of So-Called Freedom Up in the Air Where They Fall Back To Earth and Ends Someone Elses Freedom Day. (fb) ~ Yeah… I still gave her a hug because I felt really bad though. I mentioned that my boyfriends grandma just died too, just to reinforce that I’m straight afterwards. (tln) ~I beat my mom’s friend’s boyfriend in a vodka chugging competition. Our generation FTW. (tln) ~ Taking shots of gin by myself out of TMNT glasses and chasing with bites of chocolate cake. AMERICA. (tln) ~@tejucole Every life is precious. Nevertheless, a body, unidentified, was placed, by persons unknown, on the elevated track at 123rd Street. (tw) ~ @tejucole At a mill in Waterbury, a splinter from the plank Frank sawed flew into his thigh. Slowly, sadly, his story ends. (tw) ~ This six seconds just made my day. If you are not totally burned out about racial discussions, the entire discussion is of value. The sound is horrible. ~ I’m rotating out of the chairmanship at the end of the summer. It can’t be soon enough for me. Dealing with the couple of wacko colleagues in our department has been unadulterated misery. Everything lands on my desk and although I’ve read numerous books on conflict resolution, there’s just no fixing what ails these folks. ~ Were you better at spelling, I might take your arguments more seriously. ~ I have mixed feelings. When I see you, it is usually in group settings, and there is not much of a chance for one on one communication. I sometimes enjoy your commentary online, and sometimes I am annoyed by it. In any event, it is easy to ignore when I don’t like it. As for the flame wars, the truth is that a lot of these people are wounded, and are acting accordingly. Maybe they really are that mean. Just because others have hurt you, or your people, that does not give you the right to hurt others. ~ 1-I started to write about this, and quickly ran out of steam. Maybe a running list will do. Taking your own advice is dangerous. 2-If something is not fun, you should not do it, unless you have to. 3- The racism jihad has created collateral damage. 4- When I see you, it is usually in group settings, and there is not much of a chance for one on one communication. 5- I enjoy having my own corner of the innertube when the urge to share is overwhelming. 6- Andrew Sullivan, bless his heart, says the worst thing you can do to a blogger is ignore her. 7- The facebook fad is fading. 8- You might qualify as a “POC”. 9- Most top ten lists should stop at nine. ~Greetings From Mr Joe Bob. I work in bank In West Africa,Burkina faso .I have a business transaction for you. In my department we discovered an abandoned sum of $10.5 Million US Dollars .In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer who died along with his entire family in car bomb in Iraq. Since his supposed next of kin died along side with him at the Bomb blast,there is nobody to claim the left over balance in the account.It is therefore upon this discovery that I and other officials in my department decided to seek your assistance and present you to the bank as his Next of kin.If you accept i would give you the guide lines of how we can achieve this transfer of the balance (10.5Million Dollars) to your account.and we will shear the money 50-50%. I expect that you will give me your telephone and fax numbers for easy communication with you and for more details. ~ I don’t have just a bad case of ennui; I have a rancid truckload. No food seems good, no book seems good, no movie, no art idea. I dressed for running this morning, got to the door, and couldn’t think of any route that seemed attractive, so I changed out of my running stuff and got back in bed and read the 1927 Sears catalog. I am listless and enervated and possibly neurasthenic and lord knows what else. (fb) ~ @historyweird c.1070: To cure impotence, Constantine suggests making pills from the brains of 30 male sparrows, fried in the kidney fat of a billy goat. (tw) ~ ‏@historyweird 1555: Della Casa condemns those who blow their nose & look inside the handkerchief – “as if pearls or rubies have descended from the brain”. (tw) ~ @historyweird 1602: Dutch explorer Pieter de Marees notes the men of Guinea all have “a great privy member” but are afflicted with worms “in their cods”. (tw) ~@NPRdeabs: “You’re only as needy as your unmet needs”-Amir Levine #AspenIdeas So true… (tw) ~ @darrwest Seems wrong that I luxuriate at #aifestival while 800,000 in @DC have no power or AC. As sign of solidarity, I will turn off my AC. (tw) ~ @KBAndersen One reason to come to the Aspen Ideas Festival: you’re @AnneKreamer, you wear your Tory Burch dress, & @toryburch says you look great in it. (tw) ~ But I think it’s more specific attitudes that people disrespect, not the body that attitude’s coming out of. A man being inappropriately assertive may give the “bossed up” impression to some, but probably elicits a similar “what a bitch” impression as well. Similarly, an assertive woman might get the “what a bitch” response from something she says or does, but there are going to be just as many people who are sympathetic to her POV and will give her the “you go girl” encouragement we so often see. Yes, there’s sexism and racism in our society, but we’re an incredibly diverse society – so much so that neither prejudice nor support really overwhelm one another. If you go looking for support, you’ll find it. Go looking for criticism, you’ll certainly find it. Her “you have to be…everything” schpiel isn’t so much an indication of sexism as it is an indication of unrealistic expectations – which men are subjected to just as much as women. (fb) ~ These visits to alternative reality are from a variety of sources. Included are Facebook (fb), twitter (tw), Futility Closet (fc), All Aphorisms, All The Time (Aph), Texts From Last Night (tln) , and Overheard in New York (ony). Attempts to maintain a no profanity blog were  suspended for this post. ~ Selah

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