MARTA Dance Show

Posted in Music by chamblee54 on July 11, 2012

PG heard facebook rumors about a series of dance performances. The one closest to Brookhaven was the Lindbergh MARTA station. The walls of the house were caving in, so PG decided to go see things.

The turf of the Lindbergh Station is the story of Atlanta in a nutshell. Lindbergh Drive was named for aviator Charles Lindbergh. The Lindy Hop was possibly incorporated into the performance.

When PG was a kid, he saw the cartoon 101 Dalmatians at the drive in movie theater there. In the late sixties, a department store named Arlan’s was built on the site. When it went belly up, the first indoor fleamarket in the area went in it’s place. The MARTA facility came in the eighties, and the surrounding land was largely vacant for years. Lately, that has changed. The blocks around the station are totally rebuilt, with office buildings and condos.

At one point, the parking garage started to charge. The deal is, you can get your ticket validated inside the train station, and not have to pay. By the time PG figured this all out, it was too late to back out, and he wound up having to pay to park. Otherwise, it would have been a free show.

The train station is an open air affair, with gates and fences surrounding a downstairs area where the trains pull up. There are two such enclosures, with a plaza in between. When PG arrived, he went to the south part of the station, and did not see any dance action. The bf of a dancer told PG that the talent was downstairs, and would be coming up soon. He did not know where the performance would be.

After a few minutes, a crowd gathered around the north platform. PG walked around, until he found a good spot to look in. Three dancers were performing, while the rest of the troupe stood in a double file line. All this time, the rush hour crowd poured out of the train platform below. This was a seamless performance, with everyone on site a part of the show. The train passengers, the police, the crowd, the photographers, and the dancers all played a role.

Soon, the players danced through a turnstile. Three went north, followed by PG, who took lots of pictures and felt like a stalker. The dancers never lost concentration, or gave in to the temptation to slap that dern fool with the camera.

The company soon reunited in the plaza between the platforms. They would run in circles, and break into groups to dance little dramas. The lady that PG stalked went around the crowd giving away origami. She was the last one to leave the plaza.

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