The Perfect Church

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on August 8, 2012

This time in 2008, The Perfect Church was hit by lightning. PG thought it would be fun to check out how they were doing four years later.

The Perfect Church still has a website. When you log in, you are greeted with an auto start music player, with no way to turn it off. The history of the church does not mention the lightning strike. The Perfect Church is on McDaniel Street in SW Atlanta, a few blocks away from the  location of the Jack city video.

Some feel that it is not appropriate for a church of people to call themselves perfect. There are numerous Bible verses to support this, as well as common sense observations. No less an authority than Dear Abby says
“A church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.”
A visit to the clinic of Dr. Google has a few observations. A young man took a group from his church to paint a lady’s house. On the way to the site, the passed The Perfect Church.
“I saw this as a teaching moment and told my young adults that the label was only true on a day like that day…when the parking lot was empty!” One quote in the lesson that follows is quotable: “WHAT IF instead of exhausting our finances on church ski trips we wore holes in our pants on church knee trips?”
In Avondale Estates, across town from Jack City, you will find A Perfect Wedding Chapel. They have an auto start video, which is embedded above. The site says
“A wedding ceremony only requires two people.” The gender of the participants was not specified.
Ed Stetzer has a picture of Perfect Alternative Baptist Church. Here is his commentary:
“It you are tired of your stale and carnal church, it appears there is a perfect alternative– though if it were really perfect, why did they use commas on the date? It appears they are such a personal alternative that they need a chain link fence to keep the people out. If that is not enough for you, it turns out that there is actually a Perfect Church — and it’s in Atlanta, of course.”
Perfect Alternative Baptist Church. is in Bayou La Batre AL. The auto start music player features Kirk Franklin. PG suspects a lot of buildings in that neighborhood have chain link fences.

A comment at the Ed Stetzer site mentions that The Perfect Church, in Atlanta, is supported by The Beautiful Restaurant. There is no auto start music player.
“The Beautiful Restaurant was founded in 1979. “Beautiful” came from the scripture “Acts 3:2.” The concept of the Restaurant was and still is, founded on religious principles giving love, consideration and concern for the customers, as well as the preparation of the food. The Beautiful Restaurant has been featured in many magazines, publications and films. The lastest being “The Rise of The Southern Biscuit” released in the summer of 2005, and shown on the PBS television channel.”
Pictures are from The Library of Congress. This was written like Dan Brown.

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