Mannequin Depression

Posted in Book Reports by chamblee54 on August 9, 2012

Don’t call on me tonight, I’m quivering from fright
For tomorrow I will have…Rectal Anesthesia

Though this may sound Astonishing.
I have a little pricky sting,
And I’m suffering from my Rectal Anesthesia.

No never will I have to cry,
From my suppository’s sigh.
For it rids me of this Rectal Anesthesia.

Please quit, turn out the light!
I have to use a baby wipe
To clear up this …Rectal Anesthesia.

I can’t digest lactic juice
It makes me always have to poop
Because of my Rectal Anesthesia.

I must go off to surgery of defecation,
And soon to my obituary classification.
Don’t laugh when you read of my deadly ……Rectal Anesthesia.

Originally posted on August 8, 2012 by clotildajamcracker

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