Does Mitt Romney Wear A Wig?

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on August 10, 2012

Tweeter activist Rob Delaney made a couple of comments recently about presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. @robdelaney “Are you ready, my silken warrior ?” – Mitt Romney to his hair before a speech ~ ~ @robdelaney @MittRomney If you won’t release your tax returns, at least tell us what conditioner you use!! #sheen #lustre #body.

The greatest asset WMR may have in his run for the White House may be his hair. There have been exceptions. In the runup to the Iowa Caucuses, WMR was photographed with a few strands in disarray. Perhaps it is no coincidence that well groomed Rick Santorum won in Iowa.

Hair has been a factor in national elections since Dwight Eisenhower took his bald Republican head back to the golf course. John Kennedy and Bill Clinton gave an advantage to the Democrats in this issue. Republicans idolize the prematurely orange Ronald Reagan. In recent years. George W. Bush outgroomed Al Gore and John Kerry. It will be interesting to see how the current trans racial hair conflict will play out in November.

It is only *natural* for some naysayers to wonder if that always perfect hair is real. WMR even said, on the David Letterman show, “It’s a hairpiece”. When yahoo answers posed the question Does Mitt Romney wear a wig?, Politically Moderate Troll answered “Yes, its called a toupee, he admitted it on Letterman.”

Most of the google results to the wig question turn out to be about Donald Trump. There was one story, Rick Perry Reveals That He Has Documented Proof That Mitt Romney Wears A Toupee. Just because the site is called “The Spoof” does not mean that this story is any less truthy.

Rick Perry spoke backstage with Pico de Gallo and informed him that he was giving him an exclusive. He told him that he has documented proof that Mitt Romney’s hair is not really his own. De Gallo asked, “You mean that…” “Yes, that’s right my friend.” Perry interrupted him, “Mitt Romney wears a hairpiece, a toupee.” De Gallo asked him how he knew this to be a fact.

Governor Perry told him that he had personally interviewed six (6) of the 17 illegal aliens who installed Romney’s pool and all six of them signed a notarized document stating that they had seen Mitt Romney sitting in the kitchen of his Boston mansion chowing down on a peanut butter and clam sandwich and that he was completely bald. De Gallo asked Perry for the names of the six illegal aliens. The Texas governor replied that he could not reveal their names but that the six were currently sitting in a jail in Laredo awaiting extradition back to Mexico.

Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. Most of these pictures were taken during a sanitation workers strike in 1970. The photographer is Tom Coffin.

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