Sound And Face

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on September 12, 2012

PG recently participated in a Heart weaving workshop. The leader of the production asked for written instructions for the games that were invented. PG saw this as an opportunity to write something to go between the pictures. These pictures are from The Library of Congress.

These instructions should be easy to follow. This was invented for a type of group where physical contact is welcomed. Other groups using this game might not be comfortable with this. Instructions 2 & 4 are optional. It is also a good idea to mention, before you start, that any person not comfortable with this game is encouraged to not participate.

1- For purposes of this explanation, the person starting the game is person one. The person on the left is person two. The next person to be involved will be person three.
2- Arrange the group in a circle. This is done sitting down, although standing up might work.
3- There should be physical contact between neighbors. Put your left hand somewhere on your next neighbor, and your right hand on your right neighbor. This should only be done with consent.

4- Person one turns to the person two.
5- Person one makes eye contact with person two.
6- Person one makes a sound, and a face. It should not be a “real” word or words. Person two will repeat this sound, and imitate the face.

7- Eye contact should be maintained throughout this exchange.
8- Person two will make the same sound, and face as person one.
9- Person two will turn to person three.

10- Person two will turn to person three. Person two will make eye contact with person three. Person two and make a sound, and a face. It can be a variation on the first sound and face, or it can be something new. Person three will imitate the sound, and face, made by person two.
11- Person three will turn to person four, and repeat steps 5 – 9.

12- If this is done in a circle of more than twenty people, then a second round of exchanges can take place. When the exchanges are at the opposite end of the circle from person one, it is time to start a new exchange. This is optional.
13- The touching and eye contact are optional. If the group is not comfortable with these elements, then they don’t have to be used.
14- Laughter is encouraged. If you think the sound and face is funny, laugh first, then repeat the sound and face to your neighbor. Whenever possible, eye contact should be maintained.

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