Thurston Howell The Turd

Posted in Politics, Race, Uncategorized by chamblee54 on September 18, 2012

Chamblee54 tries to be a tasteful, family oriented publication. Ok, maybe if you are Gomez and Morticia. Sometimes, however, the use of profanity is too much fun to pass up. The title of this post is an example. It refers to Willard Mitt Romney. Apologies are extended to any unit of animal waste that is offended by the comparison.

Many of you have heard about the video. It was made at a fund raiser, and WMR says things that will get him in trouble. This is not surprising. Many of  us already know that WMR is a jerk.

What goes around comes around. Four years ago, BHO was secretly taped at a fundraiser. He said that bitter people were clinging to their guns and bibles, or something to that effect. A few said that it was tacky to secretly record a fundraising party like that. And it probably is. Especially when you know something like this could happen, and you fall into the trap.

Georgia is assumed to be sending it’s electoral votes to WMR. The white voters of Georgia must be so red that they glow. Lets take a look at the math.

For purposes of this discussion, lets make a few assumptions. PG is not a political scientist, (oxymoron alert) just a slack blogger that doesn’t know any better. Lets say one million votes will be cast in Georgia in November. Thirty percent, or 300k, of those voters are black. Lets go a step further and guess that ninety percent of those black votes will go to BHO.

That means that BHO has 270k votes. To get to 500k and win, BHO needs 230k out of the remaining 700k. This is 32 percent of the non-black vote. He probably won’t get it. If BHO wins Georgia, the election is over. Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. The spell check suggestions for WMR are WAR and WM.

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