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What Denomination Are You?

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The fbf put up a link to an internet quiz, What Christian Denomination Should You Actually Be a Part Of? As the reader(s) of this blog might discern, PG is an acknowledged non christian. His favorite denomination is the twenty. They are easier to spend than fifties and hundreds.

The first question is “What is the source of your beliefs?” The choices include scripture, uncertainty, conscience, and people who talk about scripture. This question presupposes the omnipotence of the belief paradigm. In other words, not everyone feels that what you believe is a big deal.

PG has three “fundamental” beliefs regarding xtianity. G-d does not write books. Jesus has nothing to do with life after death. It is none of your business. Are these concepts an allergic reaction to years of christian noise, both joyful and joyless? Is it a weary soul talking common sense? Who came first, the chicken, or the egg? Do you really need to know?

The second question is “how is one “saved?”” This is a big deal to Jesus worshipers. The xtian obsession with life after death makes PG want to run screaming. The seldom heard option offered here is “I don’t know/no opinion.”

One concept is that what happens to the dead is none of the living’s business. Maybe, if you have faith in G-d, things will turn out ok. When you devote every sunday morning to screaming about so called salvation, you advertise a lack of faith in G-d.

Third is “what are your opinions on war?” This is one of those contradictions. You just have to understand. An abortion is bloody murder. When Israel shells a school housing refugees, it is justifiable self defense. The reconciliation of beliefs and practices is a source of brain damage. This is not a spiritually uplifting practice.

In many questions, you must choose the least bad answer. This is typical. For what type of worship suits you, being home churched is not an option. For what definition of the trinity best describes your belief, there are no good answers. PG feels that the concept of a triune G-d is a grotesque violation of the First commandment.

The first commandment says to have no other G-d before you. In Jesus worship, this one G-d expands to at least six: G-d, Jesus, Holy Ghost, The Bible, Satan, and Salvation.

There are a few more questions. There is a Catholic slant to this quiz, with emphasis on the Virgin Mary. There is the concept that authority in today’s church was passed down from the disciples. Hopefully, Judas was not included. Finally, there is a question about Gay marriage. Maybe this quiz was designed by a Catholic divorce lawyer.

The answer was probably as good as could be expected. “You should really be Non-Denominational! You’ve never understood why people get so caught up with labels, creeds, and institutions. For you, faith is what matters. You have a personal relationship with God and you’re not so worried about being a member of any specific group or sect. You enjoy Bible study, casual gatherings, and a church where everyone is welcome regardless of theological labels.”

Whatever. Why study a book that teaches people to hate you? Maybe the advertisers at this quiz are getting a spiritual return on their investment. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








Israeli Public Relations Machine

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Israel is having problems. Rockets are going from Gaza into Israel. In response, a well armed, sophisticated army is attacking Gaza. There are lots of casualties, mostly civilians in Gaza.

There is another front to this conflict. The United States supports Israel. The weapons that kill children in Gaza are paid for by the American economy. Unless you make campaign contributions to politicians, your opinion does not matter.

Part of the American front is a campaign by the Israeli public relations machine. The IPRM is almost as well equipped as the IDF. The opinions of the non politician supporting Americans are meaningless. This does not stop the IPRM from mounting an American offensive. The word offensive is both a noun, and an adjective.

One of the fronts in this offensive is facebook. The supporters of Israel are posting memes and videos. Many of the points they make are easily taken apart by logical arguments. A meme is not a logical affair. It is the use of graphic images to influence emotions. They are usually posted by people who don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

This is a lovely mid summer sunday morning. People have the freedom to do what they want. If you want to go to church, no one is stopping you. If you want to drink coffee and look at the internet, that is your privilege. It is a time to have peace of mind.

This peace of mind was disturbed today. There was a meme. The picture shows the world trade center on fire. The words say: “America Remember this? Israel is fighting the same terrorists.”

This is ridiculous. The children being slaughtered in Gaza were not born in 2001. The 911 actors were primarily from Saudi Arabia, a country with close ties to Israel. Saudi Arabia, and the other Arab countries, are exploiting the plight of the Palestinians for it’s own advantage. To say that the children of Gaza are the “same terrorists” is a sick joke.

There are many things you can say about the current conflict. Amnesty International has investigated the affair, and issued a report. A.I. is leery of claims about human shields, and Israeli warnings to civilians. There are reports of Israel using vile anti personnel weapons. These weapons would have little impact on tunnels and rockets, and could only serve to hurt people.

PG participates in the American economy. He buys gasoline. The profits from the sale of oil possibly go to help Gaza buy rockets. Other parts of the American economy support Israel. This is the big government that so-called conservatives complain about.

America is going to support both sides of this brutal conflict, whether PG likes it or not. What he does not have to do is to let Israel take away his peace of mind. Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









The End Of Racism

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One of the touted TED talks in the weekly email is Color blind or color brave? It is by Mellody Hobson, a POC in the investment business. It is the standard call to talk more about race. Talk, talk, talk, and talk some more. The word listen is not used.

At the 3:13 mark, Mrs. Hobson makes a remarkable statement. “Now I know there are people out there who will say that the election of Barack Obama meant that it was the end of racial discrimination for all eternity, right?” It is possible that someone has said that. There are also people who say the earth is flat.

PG asked Mr. Google about this. The top two results are about the TED talk. The third result is an article in Forbes magazine, Racism In America Is Over. It is written by John McWhorter, one of the “black guys at” Dr. McWhorter does say racism is over, sort of. The problems that remain are a lot worse. Too much food for thought, for a population with intellectual bulimia.

There is a quote in the Forbes article that is pure gold.
“When decrying racism opens no door and teaches no skill, it becomes a schoolroom tattletale affair. It is unworthy of all of us: “He’s just a racist” intoned like “nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!””
There are a lot more results. PG is getting tired of looking. If you want to see for yourself, google “the election of Barack Obama meant that it was the end of racial discrimination for all eternity.” Except for a rogue title editor at Forbes, almost nobody has said that. Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.











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Maybe there is one for internet test taker. The fbf posted a link to a test, Which Jung Archetype Best Describes You? PG thought he would investigate the archetype concept before diving in.

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) (pronunciation) wrote a few books. The Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious is where he introduced the concept of archetypes. One definition: “archetypes are inborn tendencies which shape the human behavior.” If you want to read more, you can use the links.

As online tests go, this one is good. Many online test questions have no good answer, and one is left to choose the least bad option. Most of the questions here have a good answer available. Question three even has the option of “other/ none of these.”

Numver four is a favorite of motivators … is the glass half empty or half full? This is more a quirk of the english language than an indicator of personality. There are three options: half empty, half full, who drank the other half? If there had been a “who cares” option, PG would have chosen it.

The answer: “The Caregiver You’re the caregiver! Jung identified this archetype in many goddesses and female role models throughout history. You’re the mother figure: the selfless caregiver and helper. Everyone comes to you for advice. You truly love others as yourself and your greatest fear is selfishness and ingratitude. You manifest compassion and generosity. A Jungian psychologist would tell you to be careful not to be taken advantage of and never let yourself play the martyr.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.











How Southern Are You?

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There is yet another internet quiz, How Southern Are You? When you get your score, you are invited to post the results on facebook. Do you add, or subtract, points for that?

There are ten multiple choice questions. The first one is “1. Which refreshing drink would you reach for on a hot summer day? Coca-Cola Sprite Sweet Tea Beer” If you are a retired drunk, who likes unsweet tea, it is ok to lie here. You have to keep up appearances. The same goes for question 2. The fact that the nearest Piggly Wiggly is one hundred miles away is of no concern.

Questions 5 and 8 are about language. Yes, the phrase “Bless your heart” means “I think you are ignorant,” but only if you are very polite. Number 8 is about Y’all, the word. The quiz only asks if you use it. It does not ask if you only use Y’all as a plural.

The first time around, PG got “You are 100% Southern.” Then he wanted to see if number 5 said “Bless your heart” or “Bless her heart.” You are probably more southern if you say the latter.

On this round, PG tried to be as unsouthern as possible. He knows better than to think a pig pickin’ is where you check out fat girls. Still, you have to do your research. On this round, the result was 3% Southern. “Well bless your heart! You don’t know the first thing about what it means to be Southern!”

Pictures are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Football Player Flotus

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PG is an old fogie. An example might be last night. He stayed home, listening to stuff on the internet, and working on pictures. Facebook can bring a sample of the real world into a boring life.

just another night of queens, fags and a 6 person lesbian restroom fight that resulted in a trash can catching on fire(?), shutting the bar down(?) leaving everyone to fight for their life and escape just in time to see a misplaced hetero trying to conceal the fact that he is puking his guts out in front of everyone with his beer still in his hand. …I feel so PG…

While this was going on, PG was listening to a podcast. Allan Gurganus was on yet another radio show, promoting yet another book. At 13:25 in the show, Mr. Gurganus says “I’m not an ironist. That’s why I’m worth reading.”

Twitter to the rescue. Retweeted by thefieldnegro HoodiesUpMusicLoud™ ‏@MrMilitantNegro This is what racist dumbfuckery looks like: Was Michelle Obama really born as a man?

People in the spotlight are the target of rumors. It is part of the game. Some of them are far fetched. When the FLOTUS is a WOC, this nonsense becomes “racist.”

Here is the story: Shocking New Revelation about Michelle Obama: A Must Read, Christwire Exclusive. The story was in Christwire. CW is a satirical website, sort of like the Onion on crystal meth. A lot of people don’t get the joke.

The current edition of Christwire has a story, One Hit Wonder Cher Once a Peace Activist Now Promotes Hate & Violence. There is a picture. It shows what Cher might look like today, without the plastic surgery. She could have a new career in horror movies.

The FLOTUS story was picked up by the popup ad happy Examiner. In the best internet tradition, the comments are better than the story. “The First Yeti’s look is uncanny ~ Many wonder if she is a tranny ~ Perhaps she’s got a knack ~ To tuck her gear back ~ And carry it in her fanny?

Pictures by “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.









Search Engine Terms

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The Problem With 18 Things

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A link keeps turning up on facebook. It is for an item, 18 Things White People Should Know/Do Before Discussing Racism. It was posted at The Frisky | Celebrity Gossip, Relationship Advice, Beauty and Fashion Tips. The facility has a series of suggested posts at the top of the page. The first one you see is BLOWJOB TECHNIQUES YOU NEED TO TRY.

18 Things is supposed to be educational. PG was encouraged to read the piece two weeks ago, and found it lacking. The link today was from a combination facebook friend/ facebook unfriend. Maybe 18 Things deserves another look.

18 Things is garbage. Take a look at number one. “1. It is uncomfortable to talk about racism. It is more uncomfortable to live it.” You would never know this from the number of people who seem to enjoy talking about racism. The louder you talk, and the more passion you display, the more truth your words have. Maybe what is uncomfortable is to quit talking, and listen.

Is the idea is for everyone to talk at once? Here is item 16: “16. Silence does nothing. Blank stares and silence do not further this difficult but necessary conversation.” If you are going to listen to someone, it is very helpful to keep your mouth shut.

“2. “Colorblindness” is a cop-out. The statements “but I don’t see color” or “I never care about color” do not help to build a case against systemic racism. Try being the only White person in an environment. You will notice color then.” This is a curious paragraph. Sentence one has little to do with sentences two, three, and four.

Sentences three and four are connected. The author assumes that the PWOC reading this piece has never been the only pale face in an enviornment. Actually, it is probably more common to be the only white person in the room, than to be the only black person in a room full of whites.

“3. Oprah’s success does not mean the end of racism. The singular success of a Black man or woman (i.e. Oprah, or Tiger Woods, or President Obama) is never a valid argument against the existence of racism. By this logic, the success of Frederick Douglass or Amanda America Dickson during the 19th century would be grounds for disproving slavery.”

Has anyone ever said that the success of Oprah Winfrey is the end of racism? Do you have a link for that? Ok, and even if they did say that, it would be wildly untrue. But it gets better. If you agree with this statement that very few people have made, that is like saying that the success of Frederick Douglass disproves slavery. This is ridiculous.

The rest of the piece is not much better. Items 4, 5, 9, 14, and 15, can be summed up with the five words … there is racism in America. You are encouraged to use google to educate yourself. This can go in different directions. Maybe you could google “logical fallacy,” or “critical thinking.”

The article you are reading should not be taken as denying the existence of a race problem in America. (The words racism/racist are problematic.) People should be treated with kindness and respect. Opportunities should be available to all people. The police should not target racially defined populations. Celebrities should not say tacky things.

The question arises … what value do articles like 18 Things have? Do they inform people who need to learn? Are they preaching to the choir? (Frisky has a header ad for Red Bull. Do articles like this sell power energy drinks?)

There are other possibilities. Do articles like 18 Things trivialize racial problems? Maybe the constant promotion of nonsense like 18 Things will lead people to believe that there really isn’t a race problem in America. People who uncritically praise articles like this are doing more harm than good. Those who claim to educate should be held to some sort of standard. Posting nonsense on the internet is not the same thing as working for equality and justice.

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Which Poet Are You?

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It was another day. The outing of the afternoon was a ride to walmart. A bottle of liquid soap was purchased. On the way home, PG noticed the bike making a strange noise when braking. When he got home, he saw a liquid puddle under the bike. The top had come off the bottle of soap, and the cleaning product was everywhere.

After a bit of clean up, and a car trip to walmart customer service, PG got back into life. Eventually, he made another bike trip. This time ended without incident. The internet chipped in. A friend had taken a quiz, Which Poet Are You? The friend got Charles Bukowski. The friend is better looking than Mr. Bukowski. This is known as setting the bar low.

The quiz is a series of jaypegs, which means the text is not to be copied. Retyping all the questions might prove to be too much work. The first question is “Where do you like to write?”

The third question is “What muse speaks to you?” There is a picture of a bronze Buddha, wearing a Prussian army helmet. This is a hard hat with a rhino spear rising out of the top. It is most phallic, and totally impractical in the nuclear age. This is more appealing than the bar sign, or the jazz musician.

The rest of the questions were stupid. You should pick a rhyme, like creep/sleep. The world ends with darkness. The best kind of poem, and almost the only one PG recognized, was the prose poem.

“Which Poet Are You? You got: Edgar Allen Poe. Your dark side is your best side. You excel at noticing the weird, the macabre, and the eerie. While others are frightened by darkness and strange, you feel right at home in it. As Poe would say, you are insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

What is so cool about a bird that says nevermore? Pictures today are from “The Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library”.








Sticks And Stones

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Is Sarah Silverman Funny?

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