democratic bike race

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 25, 2008

04-northripple68.jpg05-oldgeorgia291.jpg In bicycle races, the winner does not race in front of the pack. The team will send a racer to lead the way, while the rest of the team rides around the lead racer for much of the race. (I don’t know the technical terms for this. In fact, I don’t know much at all about the strategy of bike races). At an appropriate time, the lead racer will break out of the pack, and sprint for the finish line, hopefully in front of the lead racer from the other teams.
I suspect this is what is going on with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Does anyone really want that woman (to use her hubby’s tactful phrase) in the oval office? Slick Willie enjoyed the company of another “that woman” in the oval office.
As I see it, the role of Hillary is like the front runner in a bike race. She is the flack catcher, taking the heat from the right wing loudmouths. Meanwhile, Mr. O is charming the country with his personality, and moving into position to make his charge to the finish line.
Now that Mr. O is in the lead, the nutcase accusers are coming forward. Larry Sinclair has already shown deception in a polygraph. Does anyone think an ambitious State Senator would fool around with him?


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