Seven Churches

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There is one church on my morning trip to work, and six on the way back.
In the morning, a new day has dawned, and I am ready to be a part of it. The Nancy Creek Primitive Baptist Church is the only holy facility I pass. One of the oldest churches in DeKalb County, NCPBC is a graceful little building next door to a sheetrock plant.
In the afternoon, I am tired, cranky and ready to be in my safe space at home. One of the issues I think about when my body chemistry tells me I am unhappy is religion.
The first faith facility of the ride home is the Church of the Redeemer. I haven’t decided what denomination they are…with that name, maybe green stamps are a sacrament. They have a stealth cell phone tower in their yard, which looks like a very tall fake Christmas tree. I drove by this thing for over a year before I noticed it.
Down the hill and across Nancy Creek is the soccer fields. In my memory this was a place where horses stayed. Across from this playground is an Independent Conservative Baptist Church.
This place gets on my nerves. They have a message board in front, and I really find it to be too much information. Today it was one of my less favorite quotes from the Bible

…” Jesus said I am the way the truth and the light”.

Some scholars dispute that Jesus ever said that. If he did, it is a powerful reason to stay away. Anyone who would say something like that is a hopeless egomaniac. The second part of this quote…

“no one can come to the father except through me”…

 says that all other religions are wrong, and he is right. Some people find this to be an inspiring quote. I beg to differ.
Going up the hill from Nancy Creek, you pass into DeKalb County and Lynwood Park. This is the oldest Black neighborhood in the county, and is rapidly being gentrified out of existence. There is a storefront “Holiness” Church on Osborne Road, in front of the corner where the drug dealers did business. A bit on down Windsor Parkway is another Church, with a large parking lot and a message board. I have driven by there, feeling tired and depressed, and seen the sign that says Jesus Loves You. But I know in my heart that Jesus Hates Me, and do not appreciate that church saying otherwise.
Soon you take a right, and drive by the back of Oglethorpe University, with its Gothic buildings made of granite. Across from the campus is the Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church.
OPC is the only one of these buildings I ever attended a service in. They sponsored my cub scout troop, and one Sunday a year we all went to the service there. I helped a friend clean up there for a couple of years in my early twenties…get to bed by five, up at 830 to go clean the church. Good times.
Up on Peachtree by the funeral home is the Brookhaven Christian Church. I went to a wedding there once, and they don’t call any unwelcome attention to themselves.


Life and Taxes

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One of the radio whiners was talking about taxes today. ( That sentence could get a lot of use). There was some kind of economist guest, and the consensus was that lower taxes stimulated the economy.
The thought occurred to this reporter…why have taxes at all?
If lower taxes would stimulate the economy, then what about no taxes at all?
Now, I am no economist, but I suspect this would not work. To begin with, we have to pay the interest of the debt we already have.
If we don’t pay this interest, then no one will loan us any more.
Second, we have the War in Babylon to consider. Our Government tried to pay for this war with a tax cut before the invasion. The budget deficit went over 400 billion bucks a year. The economy was stimulated, though, and there was regime change in Baghdad.
Our army was not greeted as liberators, though. However, the tax cut was greeted as a liberator in certain circles here.
It would seem to this slack Georgia Blogger that the issue is not whether or not to have taxes, but how to assess them, and and what rates.
I have written a few times about the “Fair tax”. These can be found hither dither and yon. I think the FT has the potential to work, but there are a lot of doubts remaining. And no, I have not read the book. I did read “Barry” Obama’s speech about race, and feel much the same about it. “The speech”has the potential to work, but there are a lot of doubts remaining. At least Neal Boortz does not talk about his grandmother.
Getting back to the matter of how to set the tax rates. It is a mess. Tax deductions and Tax write offs have produced many jobs and done much good work. The powerhouse economy of the last seventy years has been a product of many factors, with the combination of deficit spending, a print happy federal reserve, and baffling tax laws important components. Should we throw the baby out with the bathwater?
Maybe we can go back to an emphasis on tariffs to raise money. This would have the dual effect of bringing in money and protecting what the industries that have not gone south of the border. Nevermind this was a minor cause of the war between the states.
A tax on the rich would bring in revenue, and is a crowd pleaser at election time. However, some of these people are entrepreneurs who create jobs. Besides, they give political contributions, and are protected. ( Never throw away your dead tree dictionary. I screwed up the spelling of entrepreneur so bad that spell check did not know what I had written)
Maybe we could tax political contributions, and other forms of prostitution. Legalizing certain controlled substances would add to the tax digest.
In short, I don’t have a clue. I am just a slack georgia blogger who doesn’t get campaign contributions.
That’s right, I was talking about tax rates, and I was about to go back on the clock. Gotta go earn some more money, so we can kill terrorists over there before they kill us here.


A dog and a plastic bag

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So, I am almost home. It is Thursday afternoon, I am tired and feeling horrible. My knee hurts, my job is a nuisance, and Jesus Hates Me.
I stop the car in front of the house so I can back in the driveway. There is a lady with a little dog in the front yard. As the woman is staring at me, the dog defecates.

Can I help you with something?

Something is coming out of the dog

I’m going to clean it up

The last thing I want is a confrontation with a dog owner. Dog owners can be so demanding and selfish about their precious little pooch. I back up the driveway, turn off the engine, and gather my things.
The lady is walking up the driveway. She is holding a plastic bag, which probably has dog product in it, but I cannot be sure.
I stay in the car for a minute. I do not want to talk to this woman.
Finally I get out.

I own three dogs. I would never let my dog poop in someone else’s yard. That is why I carry a plastic bag.
I said nothing.


Gnarly Bald Headed Man

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The blog battle is on hold.
After being banned by a slew of Jesus Worship blogs, I have been mostly out of combat. Except for a skirmish with AtlMalcontent about Amnesty International, the western front has been quiet.
Renegade Evolution recently alerted me to the seven deadly sins test. I left a comment, and her initial reply started
“chamblee54 who the f*** are you”.

The complete comment, my reply, and Ren’s counter reply are all there.
I am a touch disappointed in the counter reply. I mentioned I was a recovering Baptist, and Ren said

The Baptist and the Jew experience are very different. I decided a long time ago I didn’t agree with what went on in church, and was no longer a Baptist. My mother converted as a teenager, and recruited my dad a few years later. There is no long family history, no Seders with relatives, almost no ritual…just a noisy fascination with life after death.
Jews, on the other hand, have a long history, and many families have been on the program a long,long time. I don’t know if you are really ever an ex Jew, whether or not you are observant. I also am not familiar with Ren’s story…what people mean when they say they are Jewish changes from person to person.
As for Renegade Evolution…it is well written, and has some great stories. I read a description of a porn movie shoot that was highly entertaining. She is focused on the sex worker point of view, which is her right as a blogger. It is also my right as a reader to get tired of reading about it.
I have always found the feminist anti pornography attitude to be a bit mysterious. I imagine this is a function of being a gay man, from a culture which celebrates smut.
Yes that is the sound of one hand clapping…the other hand is busy.
Most gay porn is cooperative, that is, both men are equals and everyone has a squirting good time. I think a certain percentage of str8 movies are not. I have a str8 tape in my collection where this gnarly baldheaded guy says mean things to the woman. I find it tough to believe that guys are turned on by this, but apparently some are. I can see why some women object to this “entertainment”.
I am glad that Ren is standing up for the rights of people like her ( and that we live in a country that permits this). I also question how much I really want to read about it.

Back to the Seven Deadly Sins. This is a very old fashioned list, perhaps even obsolete. Listening to the well defended Jeremiah Wright, it is clear that wrath, pride, and envy are on their way to being cardinal virtues.
With today’s prosperity gospel, Envy and Greed are no longer in disrepute.
From the look of many waistlines in the modern church, gluttony is a favored pastime.
That leaves sloth and lust. Good old lust, that always did have a special place in the hearts of Jesus Worshipers.
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ren- reno, en, rn, re, sen, ten, den, gen, pen, men, hen, fen, yen, zee, sun
seders- seeders, senders, seers, ceders, severs, sewers

What the General Says

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Please, no betray us jokes this time. That gave the warmongers a good distraction last fall.
General David Petraeus spoke to the press recently.
He said victory in Babylon would occur when there is:

 “an Iraq that is at peace with itself, at peace with its neighbors, that has a government that is representative of — and responsive to — its citizenry and is a contributing member of the global community.”

 There are a lot of differences between the United States and Iraq. The USA has 160k troops in Iraq. Iraq recently won a major soccer tournament.
One has to wonder, though, how the USA does at meeting the standards it sets for Iraq.
an Iraq that is at peace with itself
Last week, the major news story was an important minority bashing America from the pulpits of it’s churches. It’s just the way it is in the black church, you don’t understand.
at peace with its neighbors
Despite all the political noise the rightwing can produce, the border with Mexico is wide open. The effects of a poor country on the border of a “wealthy” country do not stop.
a government that is representative of — and responsive to — its citizenry
This depends on who you talk to. It seems like everyone has a gripe, from the right wing ( social issues, immigration) to the left wing ( the war, the environment, the rich-poor gap, health care). There are plenty in the middle who are tired of the whining, but essentially agree with both sides of the spectrum.
is a contributing member of the global community
In all fairness, we are contributing to the global community. We contribute carbon emissions to the atmosphere. We contribute interest to the Asians who are financing our debt. We contribute cluster bombs and depleted uranium to Babylon.
One of our presidential hopefuls was quoted recently as saying we might be in Iraq for 100 more years. Somehow, I don’t think the problems in our own country will be solved by then.


Seven Deadly Sins Test

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Whatever you think about them, on line quizzes are here to stay.
They are not always accurate. I know a person who hasn’t drank in 19 years who rated 82% alcoholic.
The good news is, they are easy post fodder. Just take the quiz, observe the results, copy the code, and give credit to the person who directed you to it.
Today’s quiz is how I rate on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Your sin has been measured. You have committed many sins, but Lust is the mortal sin that has done you in. Just below, discover your full sinful breakdown and learn what it is about you that condemns you to hell.
Greed: Medium__Gluttony: Medium__ Wrath: Low
Sloth: High___Envy: Very Low__Lust: Very High__Pride: Low

The HT for this goes to Renegade Evolution, who stole it from Daisy. On the all important Lust issue, Ren scored (?) very high, and Daisy registered very low.
There is a bit of irony in finding this today. It is Easter Sunday. In the Jesus Worship tradition, this is the day Jesus rose from the dead, and in the process forgave our sins. ( I don’t see the connection)
In other words, my sins will not condemn me to hell.
The JW church uses the promise of life after death to justify verbal abuse.
I have my ideas about life after death, and I may share them with the internet someday. Suffice to say today that it has nothing to do with my opinions about Jesus.
This has been a bad week for Jesus. Jeremiah Wright has been much discussed. Mr. Obama made a speech. Very few people are looking out for Jesus.


Greed: Medium
Gluttony: Medium
Wrath: Low
Sloth: High
Envy: Very Low
Lust: Very High
Pride: Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on

Blogswarm against Theocracy Easter 2008

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This is connected to the Easter blogswarm, about the notion that church and state ought to be separate.
The current drama involving Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright is a good example of why this wall of separation is beneficial to both church and state.
Anything that makes a Presidential Candidate throw his grandmother under the bus to excuse the rantings of a preacher is not good.
Senator BHO has gone from being a closet radical Muslim to the open admirer of a lunatic. The warmonger crowd has replaced communists with Muslims in their hierarchy of enemies. Since communism has been described as a G-dless religion, this is not as much of a shift as you might imagine.
And, considering the weakness of his opponent for the Democratic nomination, BHO may be the nominee. If this happens, then the November election will be more about Religion than the guns and butter issues that are so important today.
Much angry rhetoric has surfaced lately. Speaking as someone who is profoundly alienated from Jesus, this noise is very discouraging.
I wonder if anyone is going to be “Saved” as a result of all this mess.
I also wonder who is looking out for Jesus. This squabbling does not speak well for him. While a separation of church and state is helpful for the state, it is essential for Jesus.

There is a story involving Jesus which might shed light on this subject.
One day, Jesus saw some moneylenders working in the temple. He caused a ruckus, said “This is my father’s house”, and evicted them from the premises.
The leaders of the day were not pleased. This is one of the reasons why the Roman soldiers felt they had to murder him.
Now, lets fast forward a couple of millennium, and move to a tawdry business in Atlanta GA. There is an employee of this business who insists on conducting a ministry on company time. It occurs to another employee that this is what Jesus was talking about…about the appropriate place for an activity.
The moneylenders in Jerusalem were conducting business in a place of worship. The employee in Atlanta was conducting worship in a place of business. Is one activity any worse than the other?
There is one difference to these scenarios. The moneylenders were not being paid to worship, but the employee was being paid to conduct business. He took this time and money, and devoted his energies to conducting a ministry. Some would say he was stealing from his employer.
Now, some might ask, what does this have to do with the separation of church and state? It is not much of a leap to go from conducting a ministry in a business, to bible thumping in government.
It is about conducting an activity in an appropriate place. It is about doing what you are paid to do, rather than what you want to do.


Cynic Swamp

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There was a post at neo prodigy yesterday that got me thinking. It starts with a famous quote,

 “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. Micro minds discuss the color of people. “

 I added the last part of that.
Now for the fallout of this. I may get motivated later to see if I can determine the author of that gem, but for now I do not know. For all we know, it is the same bartender who came up with the gem
” We are born naked, and everything after that is drag”.

I don’t know if what is going to follow is wisdom fatigue, thinking too much, or wallowing in a cynic’s swamp. As Oscar Wilde observed,
” A cynic is someone who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing”.
The point of all this ( besides providing text to go between some pictures) is that many well worded sayings turn out to be nonsense upon close examination.
Take today’s headline quote, about great, average, and small minds. The discourse that followed that platitude was a commentary on the folly of gossip. Now, I agree that in a perfect world people would not gossip. Adding the phrase
“bless his heart” does not make it any better. ( Any Yankee who reads this can ask a Southerner for an explanation )
May those who never gossip throw the first pebble. Yea, I thought so, lots of folks are hiding. The truth is, gossip is about as human as lying and pretending. I imagine there is a study of chimpanzees where we see them talking about how mangy their neighbors fur is getting.
Another thing is that not all ideas are good ideas. ( I am going to use a favorite rhetorical stunt here, the Hitler argument ) Adolph Hitler talked about ideas all the time. And a few million folks died as a result. More recently, Jeremiah Wright talks about ideas. At the top of his lungs, and available on dvd.
I dare say the philosophers and thinkers of our time took an interest in the affairs of their neighbors. To think otherwise is to deny their humanity. “Great minds”…or the owners… have other shortcomings. I have heard too many stories about people who get a famous person to come to their party, only to get drunk and make a fool of himself.
There are other platitudes that sound good, but don’t hold up.
“ I work to live, I don’t live to work” “ A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything” “youth is wasted on the young”.
Maybe the test of a mind is the ability to tell the difference between wisdom and a bunch of sweet sounding words.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
neo- neon, no, Leo, Geo, net, neg, new , Zee
dvd- did, dad, dud


Happy SAD!!

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So I was coming in on I-75, and listening to Glenn Beck. He was talking about the economy, and it was not pretty.
I don’t believe everything he said, but to hear him tell it, the dollar is about to become a worthless piece of green paper. The world economy is tied to this dollar, and this would make the world economy go into convulsions.
This is shock and awe day (SAD)…the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Babylon. The war ended quickly, but putting humpty dumpty together has proved to be a challenge. One of the effects of this war is vast amounts of capital leaving the country into the desert sands. Much has been lost to corruption, and more is being paid to “concerned local citizens” to fight Al Queda.
The latter effort is paying some benefits, and Al Queda is almost down to the level of pre war Iraq.
Getting back to the dollar, and the connection to our economy. One of the more bizarre features of this enterprise is having a tax cut before an expensive government program is going to start. This has created vast budget deficits, and huge interest payments that will continue for a long time.
Now, with the money to armor troops and buy smart bombs, there is a lot less money available for day to day life here. And when there is an emergency here, like a cajun hurricane or a New York broker banker gone bust, the government has to crank up the printing press and make more green paper. And the more this happens, the less the green paper is worth.

Maybe green is not such a great color anymore. Those environmental wackos have totally spoiled it.
So, Mr. Beck was crying about the dollar, while ignoring the effect of the enterprise in Babylon. After all, he is a conservative, who wants both a smaller government and 160k troops stationed eight time zones away. And, if we didn’t go into Babylon, then Al Queda wouldn’t be there for us to fight, and we have to fight them there rather than here.
Meanwhile, I looked up at the traffic. An 18 wheeler decided that the car in front was not driving fast enough. The big truck swerved into the next lane, and missed the little car by a couple of feet.
Happy SAD y’all!!


Shock and Awe Day

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This is turning into a dandy holiday week.
Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day.
Tomorrow is Shock and Awe Day (SAD)…the anniversary of the invasion of Babylon.
Today, we had a presidential candidate, standing in front of four U.S. flags, saying that his preacher is a racist nutcase, which is why he wants to be president of our racist nutcase country,which he loves.
And this weekend we have a grand slam…Good Friday, Dead Saturday, Easter Sunday and the Spring Equinox.
This time, let’s put two boulders in front of the cave.

The best place to focus now is Shock and Awe Day. SAD is the initials.
The war is over. We achieved regime change, at least in Babylon. The occupation is what is going on now, and it just might be the death of this country.
Yes, there is less sectarian violence now. Al Queda is not as prevalent as it once was. Of course, it is still more active than when Saddam was in power.
Turkey has invaded Kurdistan, but just a little bit. Iran has not invaded Babylon, yet. The Saudi regime has not fallen, and they have a lot more money to finance terrorism.
The US economy is in trouble. Maybe we would be in this mess without a few trillion more in debt, and the healthcare bills for thousands of wounded soldiers coming due. Maybe we could build more levees if we weren’t paying the concerned local citizens of Iraq to help us fight Al Queda. We will never know.
It should be noted the the presidential candidate mentioned above has long stated his opposition to “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Just what he will do about it, should he get elected, is another good question.



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Ok,I finished reading this thingie about Kerouac, and now I have 19 minutes to go on my lunch hourj. I can write my addendum in that time.
I got my copy of “on the road” from a used bookstore in Cocoa Beach Florida. I was staying overnight at a house of a friend, while on my way back from Key West.
The owner of the house was an activist named Nichols. I saw a book in the living room, signed with the inscription,” i saw away the posts to which others tether their lives”, or something like that.
Back to Kerouac. I did read On the Road, and found it entertaining but not life changing. I get the sense that Kerouac and Cassidy could be real jerks if it was too their advantage, and that the printed page was the best way to know them.
Oh, and I have to throw this in. Truman Capote said of Jack Kerouac’s books, thats not writing that is typing. Capote is another archetype of our generation, or is that degeneration.
Another story I like about Kerouac is the time he was in a bar in New York with John Coltrane and a jazz producer named Orrin Keepnews. Kerouac said to Keepnews, the problem with you is that you don’t like jazz. John Coltrane busted up laughing, the only time Keepnews ever saw this happen.
Keepnews produced “Stories to Tell” by Flora Purim. At 21 I thought this was the greatest record ever made. Today I don’t own a copy.
Nine minutes to go, and I have already run out of things to say about Kerouac. The man is really famous for being famous. The fifties were the kettle that these fish were cooked in, and I know little about it. OTR was published in 1957, when I was three years old and living on a street of always pregnant stay at home moms. Whether or not the world of the sixties and beyond would have appeared without the likes of Kerouac and Ginsberg is beside the point. I suspect that if Jack Kerouac had not written his books that someone else would have, and maybe survived fame in better shape.
I know one more story. At one time, Kerouac was staying with Neal Cassidy ( his uncredited co author) and his family. Mr. Cassidy thought that Mr. Keruac was smoking too much marijuana.

words you cannot say

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Is George Carlin really that funny?
I saw a link to a routine about euphemisms at AtlMalcontent. I suspect that Malcontent is a euphemism, but who knows.
So, I have too much time, and I click on the link. Mr. C makes a bunch of obvious jokes about the evasion procedures we conduct with the King’s english. There is a link here somewhere, and maybe an embedded screen if I can get that gizmo to work.
One night, Lenny Bruce was performing in Chicago, when the police decided to review the show. Mr. Bruce was taken prisoner by the fuzz. The authorities decided to make the audience members show ID to get out, and one man loudly objected, and was arrested. The man was George Carlin.
Mr. C began to be poopular about the time I was about to graduate from High School. I heard the album about the Seven Words you cannot say on television once, which is enough. They all refer to body parts and body functions, and it does say something about our culture that these words are demonized like they are.
At this point, a look at wikipedia is in order. I was wondering if Mr. C was alive, or if I somehow missed something.
He is from New York.
His real name is Carlin.
He was the first guest host on Saturday Night Live.
In 1961, he married Brenda Hosbrook. The couple was together until her death in 1997.