albino ferret

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on March 3, 2008

01-taxi29a.jpg02awillburg66.jpgLunch Lunch was really dull today. The usual sites lost interest quickly, and I found myself looking at the Georgia blog carnival. The GBC does link to me, albeit at my old site.
What caught my eye was a piece about a lost albino ferret.
I had some roommates once who had animals. A bunch of snakes, a cat, and a ferret named Tara. I was ok with the critter as long as Tim and Cheryl has a bathroom they could keep Tara in. The problems started when we moved to another place with only one bathroom. I objected to sharing it with a weasel.
A ferret is a weasel. When I found that out the whole thing became a lot less appealing.
Tara was not an albino. I doubt that it would have helped.
That was about this time 26 years ago. The weasel in the bathroom became an issue. I was out of the new place in less than a month.
This was the early days of MTV, when they played videos. Cheryl’s favorite band was Journey, and whenever they were on this South Georgia voice squeals “turn it up turn it up”.
A couple of years ago I was going to this place outside Gainesville. As I passed a trailer park, the radio played “ Don’t stop believing”.


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