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Ok,I finished reading this thingie about Kerouac, and now I have 19 minutes to go on my lunch hourj. I can write my addendum in that time.
I got my copy of “on the road” from a used bookstore in Cocoa Beach Florida. I was staying overnight at a house of a friend, while on my way back from Key West.
The owner of the house was an activist named Nichols. I saw a book in the living room, signed with the inscription,” i saw away the posts to which others tether their lives”, or something like that.
Back to Kerouac. I did read On the Road, and found it entertaining but not life changing. I get the sense that Kerouac and Cassidy could be real jerks if it was too their advantage, and that the printed page was the best way to know them.
Oh, and I have to throw this in. Truman Capote said of Jack Kerouac’s books, thats not writing that is typing. Capote is another archetype of our generation, or is that degeneration.
Another story I like about Kerouac is the time he was in a bar in New York with John Coltrane and a jazz producer named Orrin Keepnews. Kerouac said to Keepnews, the problem with you is that you don’t like jazz. John Coltrane busted up laughing, the only time Keepnews ever saw this happen.
Keepnews produced “Stories to Tell” by Flora Purim. At 21 I thought this was the greatest record ever made. Today I don’t own a copy.
Nine minutes to go, and I have already run out of things to say about Kerouac. The man is really famous for being famous. The fifties were the kettle that these fish were cooked in, and I know little about it. OTR was published in 1957, when I was three years old and living on a street of always pregnant stay at home moms. Whether or not the world of the sixties and beyond would have appeared without the likes of Kerouac and Ginsberg is beside the point. I suspect that if Jack Kerouac had not written his books that someone else would have, and maybe survived fame in better shape.
I know one more story. At one time, Kerouac was staying with Neal Cassidy ( his uncredited co author) and his family. Mr. Cassidy thought that Mr. Keruac was smoking too much marijuana.

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  1. deadonthes0fa said, on September 22, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    this was a good read. regarding kerouac, while he probably wasn’t the greatest of all times i have yet to come across another writer who can put into words his love for life with such passion and ease. i stumbled upon this post by clicking on the “related posts” thingy at my blog. have you read any other kerouac books since?

    • chamblee54 said, on September 22, 2009 at 4:58 pm

      No, I have not read any more of Mr. Kerouac’s work. After participating in nanowrimo, and writing 58k words without a plot, I have decided that stream of consciousness is more fun to write than to read.

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