Shock and Awe Day

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 18, 2008

This is turning into a dandy holiday week.
Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day.
Tomorrow is Shock and Awe Day (SAD)…the anniversary of the invasion of Babylon.
Today, we had a presidential candidate, standing in front of four U.S. flags, saying that his preacher is a racist nutcase, which is why he wants to be president of our racist nutcase country,which he loves.
And this weekend we have a grand slam…Good Friday, Dead Saturday, Easter Sunday and the Spring Equinox.
This time, let’s put two boulders in front of the cave.

The best place to focus now is Shock and Awe Day. SAD is the initials.
The war is over. We achieved regime change, at least in Babylon. The occupation is what is going on now, and it just might be the death of this country.
Yes, there is less sectarian violence now. Al Queda is not as prevalent as it once was. Of course, it is still more active than when Saddam was in power.
Turkey has invaded Kurdistan, but just a little bit. Iran has not invaded Babylon, yet. The Saudi regime has not fallen, and they have a lot more money to finance terrorism.
The US economy is in trouble. Maybe we would be in this mess without a few trillion more in debt, and the healthcare bills for thousands of wounded soldiers coming due. Maybe we could build more levees if we weren’t paying the concerned local citizens of Iraq to help us fight Al Queda. We will never know.
It should be noted the the presidential candidate mentioned above has long stated his opposition to “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. Just what he will do about it, should he get elected, is another good question.


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