What the General Says

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 24, 2008

Please, no betray us jokes this time. That gave the warmongers a good distraction last fall.
General David Petraeus spoke to the press recently.
He said victory in Babylon would occur when there is:

 “an Iraq that is at peace with itself, at peace with its neighbors, that has a government that is representative of — and responsive to — its citizenry and is a contributing member of the global community.”

 There are a lot of differences between the United States and Iraq. The USA has 160k troops in Iraq. Iraq recently won a major soccer tournament.
One has to wonder, though, how the USA does at meeting the standards it sets for Iraq.
an Iraq that is at peace with itself
Last week, the major news story was an important minority bashing America from the pulpits of it’s churches. It’s just the way it is in the black church, you don’t understand.
at peace with its neighbors
Despite all the political noise the rightwing can produce, the border with Mexico is wide open. The effects of a poor country on the border of a “wealthy” country do not stop.
a government that is representative of — and responsive to — its citizenry
This depends on who you talk to. It seems like everyone has a gripe, from the right wing ( social issues, immigration) to the left wing ( the war, the environment, the rich-poor gap, health care). There are plenty in the middle who are tired of the whining, but essentially agree with both sides of the spectrum.
is a contributing member of the global community
In all fairness, we are contributing to the global community. We contribute carbon emissions to the atmosphere. We contribute interest to the Asians who are financing our debt. We contribute cluster bombs and depleted uranium to Babylon.
One of our presidential hopefuls was quoted recently as saying we might be in Iraq for 100 more years. Somehow, I don’t think the problems in our own country will be solved by then.


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