Gnarly Bald Headed Man

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on March 25, 2008

The blog battle is on hold.
After being banned by a slew of Jesus Worship blogs, I have been mostly out of combat. Except for a skirmish with AtlMalcontent about Amnesty International, the western front has been quiet.
Renegade Evolution recently alerted me to the seven deadly sins test. I left a comment, and her initial reply started
“chamblee54 who the f*** are you”.

The complete comment, my reply, and Ren’s counter reply are all there.
I am a touch disappointed in the counter reply. I mentioned I was a recovering Baptist, and Ren said

The Baptist and the Jew experience are very different. I decided a long time ago I didn’t agree with what went on in church, and was no longer a Baptist. My mother converted as a teenager, and recruited my dad a few years later. There is no long family history, no Seders with relatives, almost no ritual…just a noisy fascination with life after death.
Jews, on the other hand, have a long history, and many families have been on the program a long,long time. I don’t know if you are really ever an ex Jew, whether or not you are observant. I also am not familiar with Ren’s story…what people mean when they say they are Jewish changes from person to person.
As for Renegade Evolution…it is well written, and has some great stories. I read a description of a porn movie shoot that was highly entertaining. She is focused on the sex worker point of view, which is her right as a blogger. It is also my right as a reader to get tired of reading about it.
I have always found the feminist anti pornography attitude to be a bit mysterious. I imagine this is a function of being a gay man, from a culture which celebrates smut.
Yes that is the sound of one hand clapping…the other hand is busy.
Most gay porn is cooperative, that is, both men are equals and everyone has a squirting good time. I think a certain percentage of str8 movies are not. I have a str8 tape in my collection where this gnarly baldheaded guy says mean things to the woman. I find it tough to believe that guys are turned on by this, but apparently some are. I can see why some women object to this “entertainment”.
I am glad that Ren is standing up for the rights of people like her ( and that we live in a country that permits this). I also question how much I really want to read about it.

Back to the Seven Deadly Sins. This is a very old fashioned list, perhaps even obsolete. Listening to the well defended Jeremiah Wright, it is clear that wrath, pride, and envy are on their way to being cardinal virtues.
With today’s prosperity gospel, Envy and Greed are no longer in disrepute.
From the look of many waistlines in the modern church, gluttony is a favored pastime.
That leaves sloth and lust. Good old lust, that always did have a special place in the hearts of Jesus Worshipers.
 Spell check suggestions for this feature: counterrevolutionary, revolutionariness, counterrevolution
ren’s- rene’s, reno’s, rn’s, re’s, ten’s, den’s, men’s, pen’s, hen’s,yen’s, ken’s
ren- reno, en, rn, re, sen, ten, den, gen, pen, men, hen, fen, yen, zee, sun
seders- seeders, senders, seers, ceders, severs, sewers

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  1. Renegade Evolution said, on March 25, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    I’m a recovering Jew. And the egads thing was meant as humor. Oh, and I say fuck a lot, in general. But ya probably know that. Eh, if all my porno/sex work talk bores ya, don’t know what to say. Obviously, it’s a hot button issue for me. If you happen to be an NFL fan, stop back around football season. Or sometimes I go into history mode, which is highly educational. Shrug.

  2. CHAMBLEE54 said, on March 26, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    Thank you for stopping by.
    When as you do the work of putting up a blog, the content is your business. The more reader friendly you are, the better you will be at communicating your ideas.
    The original title of this post was The seven deadly Rens.

  3. RenegadeEvolution said, on March 27, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    LOL good title, now, if I could just clone myself….


    to the batcave!

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