Check Out Time

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I found a site called “Dead or Alive“. The concept was to show a list of famous people, whether the lines were flat or wiggling, and the date of the passage.
There was one obvious name to check into. The site supports the notion that Elvis Presley is dead.
There was a list of people who had died in the last six months. The surprises here were The Fabulous Moolah, Earl Butz, and Robert Goulet.
Once, Elvis was watching TV when Robert Goulet came on. He said
” I can’t stand this” took a pistol and shot the picture tube out.
Mr. Goulet and Ms. Moolah were part of a phenomenon.These are people who I don’t know if they are dead or alive, until I hear that they have died. Other examples would be Anita Loos and Lowell Thomas.
And now, Albert Hoffman. The man who first synthesized LSD, he was 102. He credited eating a raw egg everyday for his longevity.
He seemed to have mixed feelings about his discovery. He deplored the excesses, but did not support criminalization.
The sixties would not have been the same with it.
I had a high school geometry teacher who took part in some of the army LSD experiments. She said a good shot of whiskey would do more for you.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
moolah- molar, mullah, moloch, mole, monolith, moles
goulet-goblet, goaded
loos- loops, loose,looks,lois.laos, loons, loots, logos, lobos

Crowded under the bus

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Typically at Six AM the radio goes off, and my day begins. With NPR, you get new age muzak, the list of the foundations that give money , and the headlines. Today, the big story was Jeremiah Wright at the National Press Club. He said that an attack on him was an attack on the black church.
What a way to start the day.
The comment is not as outrageous as it might seem. The shouting and the egomaniac preacher are all too typical of the Jesus Worship Church.
Jesus may never get this mud off his face. Maybe Pontius Pilate can loan him the hand soap.
The radio whiners are having a big time with this today. There is a report that a Hillary supporter at the National Press Club was behind the invitation. The usual comments about Mr. Obama and his relationship with Mr. Wright are being dusted off and re-used. At a time when Mr. Obama should be wrapping up the nomination…with the ham fisted help of the North Carolina Republicans… he is once again in a no win situation.

Later on in the day, Senator BHO denounced Mr. Wright. After the incident with the fund raiser last week, and that business with his grandmother, this is not surprising.
There is no word on whether the Senator stood up for Jesus.   G-d in human form has been reduced to a scheme for life after death, and any exploitation is OK.
The story I linked to about the Obama outrage does have a bit of poetry to it. Below the story line are two ads. “Teeth Whiteners Exposed” and “Lose 30 Pounds-No Diet”. Mr. Obama is seeking to lose a lot more than 30 pounds, all while his teeth whiteners are exposed.
HT to AtlMalcontent for that link.

Too Extreme Part Two

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There is an irony in the North Carolina Republicans using Jeremiah Wright as an example of “too extreme”. While on the surface their messages are different, on an emotional level they are similar.
Both are more concerned with “energizing the base”. The people cheering on Mr. Wright are already converted. They enjoy being screamed at on Sunday Morning. It makes them feel better.
The North Carolina Republicans have focus groups about their ads. They know that the people who are repulsed by their rhetoric are unlikely to vote Republican. The people who are entertained by that message will be more likely to give the party money after watching the ad. There is a call for donations at the beginning and end of that commercial, just like the passing the offering plate is the seminal ritual in Jesus Worship.
A frequent theme of preaching to the converted/energizing the base is trashing bogeymen. Liberals, Gays, Immigrants, and Muslims are frequent targets for badmouthing. Apparently the Jesus Worshipers/Republicans feel that the energizing of their base offsets the ill will created by this emotional terrorism.
There is another thing about the Jeremiah Wright coverage that concerns me. He is universally called “Pastor Wright”. Maybe I didn’t get the memo, but I thought Pastor was a job description. Saying Pastor Wright is like saying Plumber Jones or Accountant Smith.

Speaking of terrorism, something interesting is going on with Mr. Obama. A few days ago it was reported that a man named Hatem El-Hady was a fundraiser for Mr. Obama. Mr. El-Hady was affiliated with some groups that were considered terrorists by our Government.
Today, if you go to the “dedicated page” of Mr. El-Hady on MyBarackObama, you will find the message that
“The Profile URL you have entered does not exist.” I don’t know quite what to make of this. It could be that the feds were correct, that Mr. El-Hady was a terrorist fundraiser. It could mean that Mr. Obama doesn’t need the controversy, and threw Mr. El-Hady under the bus. This would be the same bus he threw his grandmother under . Or, it could be that with Sixty Dollars in funds raised, Mr. El-Hady does not rate a dedicated page. There is no word on whether Mr. Obama has returned the sixty dollars.
There are still some thoughts provoked by this. With the petrodollars flooding Wahhabi land, why would there be a need for stateside fundraising? The Feds need to be seen making an effort against terrorism, and capitalism makes hunting the money trail politically correct. Still, one wonders if this has any impact on the fight to make us safer, and whether legitimate charities have been tarred with the terrorist brush.
Then there is the Wesley Snipes affair. Mr. Snipes was sentenced to prison recently for tax issues. It was pointed out on the Mike Gallagher show Friday that Mr. Snipes is a tax protester, and this may be the real reason he was sent to the big house. (Or, maybe it was for playing a drag queen in that movie with Patrick Swayze). It occurred to me while listening to Mr. Gallagher discuss the power of government to selectively prosecute those with unpopular opinions, that the same thing was happening to Muslim Charities.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Hatem- hate, harem, Hate em
Hady- handy, hardy, hay, had,lady, Hedy, shady
Wahhabi- washable, cohabit, habits, habitue’
Swayze- Swayer, sway, seaway, someway, sideway

Too Extreme

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John McCain has done it again. He condemned an ad by North Carolina Republicans, and gave the ad a lot of publicity in the bargain.
What a deal.
The ad shows Jeremiah Wright screaming, and says that Barack Obama enabled his screaming for twenty years. We all knew this. It gets creepy at this point. It seems as though Richard Moore and Beverly Perdue are Democrats running for North Carolina Governor, and they have endorsed Mr. Obama. This makes them “Too Extreme for North Carolina”.
When I heard this ad ( on radio, without the visuals) It made me sick, and more than a bit sad. This ad is mean and sleazy. It says more about the party that runs it than it does about the two candidates for governor.
Ms. Perdue has been endorsed by Andy Griffin. Barney just put the bullet in his revolver.
Back to the ad. This ad is the kind of pointless negative advertising that makes people replulsed by politics. Ads like this make me dread elections. Mr. McCain is correct in denouncing it.
What has been the most interesting part of this little squabble is the reaction of talk radio. Laura Ingraham was having convulsions…we can’t have fun trashing people, and we won’t support you later because of this. You took our toy away. WAAAAAAA.
Mike Gallagher said there was nothing wrong with the ad, that it was the truth.
Just because it is the truth doesn’t mean you have to say it. Just because it is the truth doesn’t make it any less distasteful.
I get the impression that many conservatives are amused by this sort of guilt by association ad. Sad. And they wonder why many people think they are a bunch of jerks.
Just because you don’t like some things that “liberals” do, that does not make ads like this any less repulsive. Two wrongs do not make a right. Somebody needs to be the better person, not merely the loudest or most aggresive.
The North Carolina Republicans would be doing themselves a favor to take down the ad. It says more about them than it does the Democratic Candidates. It also is giving name recognition to the two Democrats.
Someday politicians will learn to be smart and quit offending voters. I am not holding my breath.

Sixty Dollars

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Neal Boortz was discussing a man who raises funds for Barack Obama today.
The man in question is Hatem El-Hady. He was involved with an organization called “Kindhearts“. Mr. El-Hady says his group provides assistance to those in need. The U.S. Government says he is a fund raiser for terrorism, and shut down the group.
Mr. El-Hady has a “dedicated page on Barack Obama’s official website”. I clicked on the link to this page, and saw where Mr. El-Hady has raised $60 for the campaign.
Sixty Dollars.
A few thoughts are in order:
1- Mr. Boortz is quick to mock government when it involves education or the environment. However, when it suits his needs, he believes what they say without question.
A regular feature on his show is the “Government Outrage of the Day”. To this reporter, the biggest outrage in recent memory is the deployment of 160k troops eight time zones away. This is destroying our economy and has rendered us more vulnerable to terrorism.
2- Those who condemn Islamic Terrorism seldom make the distinction between Sunni and Shiite. This division is real and important. Al Queda is Sunni, and considers Shia to be more of an enemy than the United States.
Could it be that a Shia rival of Kindhearts ratted them out as terrorists?
3- In the wake of 9-11, the Government went into full terror hunt mode. Is it possible that legitimate charities were swept into this dragnet?
4- To be totally fair, it is possible that the Government is telling the truth and that Mr. El-Hady is a terrible person. In this case Mr. Obama should return the Sixty Dollars.

The Void

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Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are two of the most basic elements of the Bill of Rights. The combination of the two on roadside message boards was not foreseen by the founding fathers.
There is a little church on Fairground Street in Marietta that I pass by sometimes. Their message these days is “Let Christ fill the void”. The first time I saw that, I was tired and my body chemistry was telling me to be unhappy. It was as if a photo program selected the words and pasted them into my field of view. I am grateful I did not run into anyone.
My first thought was that I don’t have a void, and how dare those Jesus Worshipers assume that I do. My second thought was that I would rather have a void than the pain Jesus has caused me.
So today, I was driving on South Cobb Drive, by the Air Force Base, when an old Buick drove by. With white shoe polish, the words ” Have Jesus John 3:16″ were on the back window. Like injecting a dead virus will inoculate you from a disease, that served to alert me to ignore the Jesus messages for a while. When I went by the “Void” church, It didn’t have any effect on me.

When I got home, I turned on the computer and looked at the sites in my “frequent” folder. Mostly Media had the helpful suggestion for South Carolina to try succession again.
It seems like a church there has a sign that says ” Obama Osama Hmm Are they Brothers?”. Now, Barrack Sr. got around, so this can not be dismissed so quickly.
Senator BHO has a tough time with religion. First the pesky Muslim rumors, then those repulsive snippets from the man who introduced him to Jesus. And now this guy in South Carolina.Maybe he should stick to Bowling.
My father was from Eastern North Carolina, just north of South of the Border. When I was a kid we used to go to the farm. This was in the days before interstate highways and air conditioned cars. South Carolina is the biggest, hottest place on earth.

Words always true

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It is a feminist saying that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. Only, she did it backwards and wearing high heels.
What they don’t say is that she rehearsed her routines backwards and in high heels. That was dancing to her. If she had to lead in flat shoes she would have been lost.
I saw Ginger Rogers make a personal appearance once. I was working on the mall maintenance crew at Northlake Mall. Ms. Rogers made an appearance to promote Gaymode Panty hose. Fred Astaire was not there to lead, and she did not speak backwards.
Someone asked how old she was, and the inevitable answer was
“That is none of your business”.

What a great, honest answer. To me, the high point of this wretched political mudbath was when someone revealed his lack of class by asking Chelsea Clinton about her daddy’s bimbo problem. To which the former (and possibly future) first daughter replied
“That is none of your business”.

There is one other saying that is appropriate for all occasions. The story goes that a Persian king asked his men what he could say that would always be so. The wise men thought and drank and fought, consulted sages and prostitutes, and finally gave the king his message.
These things too shall pass away.

Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day ya’ll.
To me, it is just another working day. I drive a white truck around town, pumping lots of CO2 into the air. I suspect that this is damaging the overall balance of the atmosphere, but we are living in Babylon ( while fighting a war in Babylon, but that is a somewhat connected story).
Lets just say that my feelings about global warming are similar to my ideas about G-d. I suspect both exist, but cannot prove it. In the case of GW, the naysayers are close to convincing me that GW is real. Every time I hear Neal Boortz mock GW, I believe Al Gore a bit more.
 I was on my way to the King Building, and Mr. Boortz was saying that environmentalists were anti capitalists who didn’t have communism to shelter them anymore. Or something to that effect, I turned off the radio before too long. When I get to the King Building, the driveway to the front is blocked, because of an earth day celebration. I have to park in the deck, tote my stuff upstairs, and then decide to check out the festivities.
It is morning, and the tables are still setting up. A truck from WSB radio is there, and I told the man that Neal Boortz ( who plays on that station) was trashing the environmental movement.”

The next table was a lady who recycles cell phone batteries. She was happy to talk to someone. She gave me a pamphlet, a lanyard, and an ink pen. I bent back the clip on the ink pen and broke it off.
The next table gave me a chicobag. A reusable shopping bag, with its own stuff sack, the chicobag is a marvel of petrochemical indulgence.
At this point I decided to take no more freebies unless forced to. Georgia Power company had a folder of information on how to save energy, but the man did not force me to take it.
Before long, it was time to go get the truck out of the deck. This deck, like so many others, is a lot easier to get into than to get out of. Is gasoline wasted by the endless wandering that parking decks entail?
Today, I tried a different route, and was out after only one ramp down, one flat ramp, and a ramp up. Back out into the sunshine and aggressive speeding vehicles on i285.

Profanity or Hannity

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The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
Created by OnePlusYou

It is monday after work, and slack rules. What energy I had is long gone.
I started a nifty post about Truman Capote at lunch, but don’t feel like finishing it.
Not to worry, Renegade Evolution has the answer. She displayed something called the blog&website Cuss-o-meter. Ren copped a 34.5% rating, which is not surprising for a sex worker.
Holy Cow, I got a 0% rating. Dad Gum, by Jingoes.Gee.
The first question to arise is, what do they call cussing? The seven words of Carlin? Anything referring to excretion, reproduction, or the eternal destination of your soul?
The funny thing is, I am not terribly offended by most profanity. I try not to use it, because it takes attention away from your overall message.
Profanity is a social issue rather than a moral one. Certain words are not right or wrong, but when you use one inappropriately you betray a lack of respect for the listeners.
There are words that offend me…like Jesus…that many see as their moral duty to say as often as possible. And this eagerness to profane a sacred name is a violation of the third commandment. ( That is, the eagerness of Jesus Worshipers to scream his name as often and loudly as possible).
It is a matter of perception. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but ugly uses all five senses.


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There was this image on the computer at work. I had worked on it off and on since October, and finally decided to bring it home. A weekend later, it is ready to go. There is no substitute for having your belly against the keyboard/drawing board…spending time on a project, be it manual or digital, verbal or visual, musical or hard core.
The image was two heads, who were not enjoying the company of the other. It was encased in a border made of “s” tiles. By the time I went to bed Saturday the S had become a Z. This is also known as liberal and conservative…if the bottom of the tile goes right, it is conservative. If the bottom of the tile goes left, it is liberal. When I go into final production, most of my work is done on a reverse reading image, where liberal lines define a conservative image. There is a poetic statement about current events in that.

Oh, and happy 420 y’all Even though I am three years plus into detox, it is that day. With the combination of a full moon last night and the day of tragic magic numbers today, which add up to 6 no matter how many zeros you use. Except if you add 08 or 2008, in which case it is 14 or 16, which is a happy sum when you consider all those zeros.
So my friend calls, and says lets go do dinner at the Picadilly on Peachtree Industrial. When I get there, I see that the street address is 5647. If they had moved the four to the front, it would have been 5467. Only problem with that is the building is in the 5600 block, and if it was 4500 it would have been a little ways east, where it is Peachtree Road instead of Peachtree Industrial.

Getting back to the picture, there is a motif here that unifies the image and gives a positive meaning to a word I have always disliked. The three tiles in four corners are partitioned off by a curvy line. I started calling that combination a widget, and even began thinking that the picture had been widgetized.
I used to work for a man, who said I had a negative attitude. He would go to these management seminars where they would talk about widgets. At the time, widget was an imaginary unit of production, which was handy for managers and bean counters but confusing to a production person. At the time, I was operating a blueline machine, complete with ammonia, cranky customers , and ornery associates. The originals were uneven in size, condition and material, and I was supposed to deliver a usable product in time. It was not “ shoving widgets”.
It occurs to me that this is one reason American industry is in trouble. The producers are not respected, and the managers see a profitable chore as “shoving widgets”. It betrays a great lack of understanding of how those convention golf tournaments are paid for.
Me and the man parted company, only to be reunited by a merger. He was still talking about widgets. One day, a sales rep walked up to me, and said with a smile
“shoving widgets”. My reply was “ I have never shoved a widget in my life”.

Two Rallies

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The story of the two campaign rallies says a lot about the two elections.
In February 1992, Bill Clinton was the little known Governor of Arkansas running for President. I had a little baby sitting job in a Downtown Atlanta office. Mr. Clinton had a rally at the CNN center, and I walked the five blocks to attend. A few years before this, the CNN center site had been some empty air over the railroad tracks. Some things never change.
When you got there, you saw crowds, bands, and the reality that this was the designated candidate of the party machinery. After the introduction by
Governor Zell Miller , the tape of the theme song “Twist and Shout” was heard, and the candidate took the stage.
I was unimpressed. Ross Perot split the Repub vote and Slick Willie was elected. He even won Georgia.
Fast forward 16 years, and there was an announcement that Mr. Clinton would be speaking at Kennesaw State University on the Friday before the Georgia Primary.
Instead of a five block walk to attend, it would be a twenty five mile drive through heavy traffic.
Instead of the fresh faced unknown, it was the wife of a President who had been denounced as much as any public figure in recent years. Some of the anger was justified.
A great deal of the mud aimed at the former President had stuck to his wife. Dynasty fatigue was a reality.
Not only did I not want to drive twenty five miles in horrid traffic, I was no longer interested in Slick Willie.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Zell- Zeal, fell, sell
Repub- repel, repay, repot, brewpub, Reuben, rape, ripe

Breakfast chatter

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bacon sandwich
so, ungreg, what cholesterol-laden breakfast are you cooking us today? :-)
bacon and eggs
what? no sausage and hashbrowns ?
come to think of it, isnt all breakfast food cholesterol laden?
honey pie
cereals aren’t
hot or cold
coffee isn’t
except the butter you add to your grits
well, you dislike lots of the stuff I eat :-)
does the whole wheat bread help?
steel cut oats make better oatmeal if you want to try them
I dont eat breakfast, period
me either
I can’t survive without breakfast, comma
ramen noodles with leftover salsa here
my stomach can’t take that at this hour
but it can take a chatroom
always the iconoclast, mr piers
breakfast is best served at a decent hour
say around noon
well, the chatroom doesn’t give me ulcers
yeah like 6 pm
that would be brunch
or 2 am drunk and at the waffle house