The Void

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on April 24, 2008

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are two of the most basic elements of the Bill of Rights. The combination of the two on roadside message boards was not foreseen by the founding fathers.
There is a little church on Fairground Street in Marietta that I pass by sometimes. Their message these days is “Let Christ fill the void”. The first time I saw that, I was tired and my body chemistry was telling me to be unhappy. It was as if a photo program selected the words and pasted them into my field of view. I am grateful I did not run into anyone.
My first thought was that I don’t have a void, and how dare those Jesus Worshipers assume that I do. My second thought was that I would rather have a void than the pain Jesus has caused me.
So today, I was driving on South Cobb Drive, by the Air Force Base, when an old Buick drove by. With white shoe polish, the words ” Have Jesus John 3:16″ were on the back window. Like injecting a dead virus will inoculate you from a disease, that served to alert me to ignore the Jesus messages for a while. When I went by the “Void” church, It didn’t have any effect on me.

When I got home, I turned on the computer and looked at the sites in my “frequent” folder. Mostly Media had the helpful suggestion for South Carolina to try succession again.
It seems like a church there has a sign that says ” Obama Osama Hmm Are they Brothers?”. Now, Barrack Sr. got around, so this can not be dismissed so quickly.
Senator BHO has a tough time with religion. First the pesky Muslim rumors, then those repulsive snippets from the man who introduced him to Jesus. And now this guy in South Carolina.Maybe he should stick to Bowling.
My father was from Eastern North Carolina, just north of South of the Border. When I was a kid we used to go to the farm. This was in the days before interstate highways and air conditioned cars. South Carolina is the biggest, hottest place on earth.

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