Too Extreme Part Two

Posted in Religion, Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 26, 2008

There is an irony in the North Carolina Republicans using Jeremiah Wright as an example of “too extreme”. While on the surface their messages are different, on an emotional level they are similar.
Both are more concerned with “energizing the base”. The people cheering on Mr. Wright are already converted. They enjoy being screamed at on Sunday Morning. It makes them feel better.
The North Carolina Republicans have focus groups about their ads. They know that the people who are repulsed by their rhetoric are unlikely to vote Republican. The people who are entertained by that message will be more likely to give the party money after watching the ad. There is a call for donations at the beginning and end of that commercial, just like the passing the offering plate is the seminal ritual in Jesus Worship.
A frequent theme of preaching to the converted/energizing the base is trashing bogeymen. Liberals, Gays, Immigrants, and Muslims are frequent targets for badmouthing. Apparently the Jesus Worshipers/Republicans feel that the energizing of their base offsets the ill will created by this emotional terrorism.
There is another thing about the Jeremiah Wright coverage that concerns me. He is universally called “Pastor Wright”. Maybe I didn’t get the memo, but I thought Pastor was a job description. Saying Pastor Wright is like saying Plumber Jones or Accountant Smith.

Speaking of terrorism, something interesting is going on with Mr. Obama. A few days ago it was reported that a man named Hatem El-Hady was a fundraiser for Mr. Obama. Mr. El-Hady was affiliated with some groups that were considered terrorists by our Government.
Today, if you go to the “dedicated page” of Mr. El-Hady on MyBarackObama, you will find the message that
“The Profile URL you have entered does not exist.” I don’t know quite what to make of this. It could be that the feds were correct, that Mr. El-Hady was a terrorist fundraiser. It could mean that Mr. Obama doesn’t need the controversy, and threw Mr. El-Hady under the bus. This would be the same bus he threw his grandmother under . Or, it could be that with Sixty Dollars in funds raised, Mr. El-Hady does not rate a dedicated page. There is no word on whether Mr. Obama has returned the sixty dollars.
There are still some thoughts provoked by this. With the petrodollars flooding Wahhabi land, why would there be a need for stateside fundraising? The Feds need to be seen making an effort against terrorism, and capitalism makes hunting the money trail politically correct. Still, one wonders if this has any impact on the fight to make us safer, and whether legitimate charities have been tarred with the terrorist brush.
Then there is the Wesley Snipes affair. Mr. Snipes was sentenced to prison recently for tax issues. It was pointed out on the Mike Gallagher show Friday that Mr. Snipes is a tax protester, and this may be the real reason he was sent to the big house. (Or, maybe it was for playing a drag queen in that movie with Patrick Swayze). It occurred to me while listening to Mr. Gallagher discuss the power of government to selectively prosecute those with unpopular opinions, that the same thing was happening to Muslim Charities.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Hatem- hate, harem, Hate em
Hady- handy, hardy, hay, had,lady, Hedy, shady
Wahhabi- washable, cohabit, habits, habitue’
Swayze- Swayer, sway, seaway, someway, sideway

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