Haircut Weekend

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on May 10, 2008

This is haircut weekend.
Like many men of my degenerationgeneration, I have had long hair. The problem is, with a Georgiawhiteboi like me, hair turns into worms after about three centimeters. It is way too much work to take care of.So I bought a pair of clippers.The modern version of letting my freak flag fly…
Once, I was in the church’s fried chicken on broad street downtown. The two drag queens were in front of me in line.They got their food and left. When I stepped to the counter, I heard this girl say to her friend”Her hayyer is so preeiitee”…Some say that hair is the last human link to the animal past. This was said by a bald headed teacher who never seemed to shut up. If my job was teaching Georgia History to a bunch of eighth graders, I might be weird myself…Tallulah Bankhead was making a movie, “Lifeboat”, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Some of the other actors commented that Miss Bankhead was not wearing panties. Mr. Hitchcock wondered if this was a matter for wardrobe or a matter for hairdressing…Did Mohawks really shave their heads except for a stripe of hair in the middle? That would seem to be a lot of trouble for pre modern men living in upstate New York. A Mohawk haircut is high maintenance,just like many who display them. …Dolly Parton always wears wigs in public. When asked how long it takes to do her hair, she replies. “I don’t know I am not there”

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