Body Parts

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The Liver:
1. Produces 13,000 chemicals per day
2. Is responsible for making components for 55,000 enzyme systems.
3. It weighs 4.4 lbs. or 2.2 kilos.
4. Has the ability to re-generate itself
5. All toxins including those that are inhaled are processed by and through the liver
6. Runs through the Basal Metabolic Rate which is controlled by the Thyroid Gland so in theory, the thyroid gland controls the pace of the liver
7. The liver controls the flow of blood throughout the entire body
8. All Hemorrhoid issues are caused by an overloaded liver
9. All Menstrual problems are directly caused by the liver
10. Does the majority of its work the minute we go to bed (11 pm – 1 am)

1. A specially lined organ that is designed to hold bile
2. Bile is manufactured by the liver
3. Bile is considered to be the most corrosive substance in the human body
4. Bile is released each and every time we eat
5. Court physicians during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1542) healed every illness through the gallbladder. They said the gallbladder was “the opening to God”
6. Does the majority of its work between 1 am and 3 pm
7. Is directly responsible for indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and bloated ness

Ileo Cecal Valve:
1. 2 inches to the right of the navel and 2 inches down
2. Doorway between medium intestine and large intestine
3. Susceptible to stress
4. When malfunctioning, it allows toxins from the large intestine to pass backwards into the medium intestine where they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream
5. This causes the Liver to refrain from releasing as much toxins as it normally would
6. And in turn causes the lymphatic system which is bringing toxins to the liver to become sluggish and congested

The above information is from Philip Princetta. Dr. Princetta works within Integrated Healing Arts. For more information write:

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