Unwise Warfare

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on May 16, 2008

The radio whiner discussing the piece said the Republicans were going to get whipped this fall because they abandoned their principals. The truth is, they are true to their principals, and people are seeing where it is going.
The Repubs stand for telling the people what they want to hear, and then doing whatever they want in office.
There are two parts of the contract on america that I remember. That is a balanced budget amendment and term limits. Newt Gingrich, who had been in Congress for 18 years when he proposed term limits, led this movement.
The balanced budget amendment is another item that was quietly forgotten when the GOP took over congress. The borrow and spend Elephant heads didn’t want to stop. They even passed a tax cut a few years ago, knowing that we were about to go to war.
That is another principal of the Repubs, warmongering. For years and years they made noise about the Soviet threat, which was very good for the armaments industry here. Once the Soviet Union rotted and died (In large part because of an unwise war in Afghanistan), the right wing was without an enemy. Liberals in the press just are not as much fun.
After 911, the Muslim world was a dream of an enemy. The war in Babylon ensued just as soon as a tax cut was made to pay for it. We now have 160k troops in a conflict eight time zones away…. and a republican party that says it believes in mediumer government. They never said they practice it, just that they believe it.
That is the guiding principal of the Republican party…to believe one thing and do another. They have held fast to this, and the voters are tired.

And now for something completely different.
It has been suggested that I update the “about” page on my blog. This scares me. It is like that dreaded part of a job interview, “tell me about yourself”.
There are quite a few things I could say, and more than a couple that will stay behind these glasses. I got started on the chore yesterday, and started to just list potential categories.

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