Gnarlene Widget

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on May 20, 2008

Gnarlene Widget had been enjoying the day until her husband Poovis came home. That was when the trouble started.
Did you hear the latest from Barack Obama? He is such a dynamic man.
No, what did he say now?
It was about the dwindling resources of the world. We can’t drive our SUVs…
hold on right there. I don’t feel safe if I don’t have my SUV
you just don’t like that because he is black
I am not a racist. I just like to feel safe when I drive.
The way you drive, you wouldn’t be safe in a Sherman tank.
And who are you to talk? I bet you are seeing Anita McDoosh again.Don’t lie to me Poovis Widget, and you seeing that tramp again?
no dear, I am not. Besides, what Mr. Obama said was important. Americans have been using too many of the world’s resources, and we need to scale back. We cannot eat as much…
DO YOU THINK I AM FAT? WAAAAAAH. He thinks I am fat. I know I am not as skinny as that Anita McDoosh, but you didn’t have to say I was fat.

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