Play with Fire

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on May 21, 2008

There is a gentleman in Iran now who is protesting the Islamic regime there by burning Quran . This would not seem to be good for his general health, unless he enjoys getting an aerial view of Tehran from a crane with a rope around his neck.
In Catharsis, Abbas points out that the approved method of disposing of a tattered Quran is to burn it.
This brings to mind the controversies stateside about burning the flag. It is the proper method for disposal of an old flag to respectfully burn it. In both cases the motive behind the fire is key.
Flag burning was popular at Vietnam era protests, and was forgotten for many years. Then, about 1989 or so, a case went to the Supreme Court, and the Supremes ruled that it was legal to burn a flag. An instant controversy ensued, with many patriots raging long and loud about burning flags. This shows how much trouble can be caused when lawyers get involved with something.
(I suspect the same factor is at work in the current firestorm over Gay Marriage. Do people really want this, or are a bunch of lawsuit happy attorneys bringing this down on us?)

There is also the matter of a fast flaming fire, and the slow cooking of the sun. Flags, and Flag stickers, are routinely left out in direct sunlight. The sun will take out those colors quickly, with red going out before blue. (Is that a lesson for Democrats and Republicans?)
A co worker of mine had a sticker on her van in the early nineties. The sticker had a flag, and the slogan “Try burning this one”. She parked the van in direct sunlight.

In the commentaries about Quran, I notice that no one ever says “The Quran”. This is unusual to me, because the holy book of our culture is the Bible. The B word almost never appears without The. But then, THE is the most commonly used word in the English Language.
I am not sure of the Arabic language and how it works. Do they routinely use devices like THE to specify objects?
One thing about use of THE with the Bible. Bible worshipers have this idea that their book is THE word of G-d. Not a book of G-d, or a book about G-d. The word of G-d, the only one. This idea…which is rarely challenged by believers…is ridiculous to this reporter. G-d does not write books…and that applies to Quran as well.

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