No Shortcut

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on May 22, 2008

It has been another day. The high point of the morning was listening to Lois Rietzes announcing that today was the birthday of Richard Wagner, born today in Leipzig, in the year 1813.
”It is fair to say that he was a megalomaniac” I cranked the radio up until the cab was vibrating to the overture to “Die Meistersinger.” Life is good.
So I got through the day, and made it home. The computer is on a new desk, and the all the parts are not working. Tonight it was the speakers that didn’t want to work without a lot of unplugging and plugging. I am tired of those speakers, I am going to walk to wal mart and get some new ones.
Wally didn’t have what I needed, so the next step is the yard sales.
Leaving the evil empire outpost, I saw a sidewalk back away from the front of the store, towards the Clairmont Road bridge. Hoping to find a shortcut, I started to walk.
At the end of the parking lot was a eight foot concrete circle, and the end of the sidewalk. Proceeding along the backs of the buildings on Peachtree Road, the path ended in a tangle of impassable briers.
Not to be deterred, I continued under the Clairmont Road extension.
Being a native, I remember when Clairmont ended at New Peachtree. To get to Peachtree Industrial required a left turn at the light, a rail crossing over a bridge made of telephone poles, and a shortcut through the Krystal parking lot. The “wonderful bridge” is a vast improvement.
Onward under bridge, over the large chunks of granite covered with kudzu. Finally, there was a place where I could jump over a creek, climb a kudzu covered hill, and come out behind the waffle house. The rail tunnel nearby had been painted over, with a new generation of graffiti adorning it.
It would have been much easier to walk out the front of the parking lot to the street.

And now for something completely different. This is from an Iraqi blog called Kassakhoon:

Wisam Ali Ouda, a 32-year old cameraman for Afaq TV channel, was shot to dead Wednesday in Baghdad’s eastern Obaidi district by U.S. soldiers, according to the station’s spokeswoman.

“We confirm one of our employees was killed by an American sniper,” Bushra Abdul-Amir, head of public relations at the station told Reuters, citing testimonies given by witnesses to the station’s managers.
It is an accusation echoed by Hadi Jalu, deputy director of NGO Iraq’s Journalistic Freedoms Observatory. “They all said an American soldier killed him,” he said.
U.S. army denied any civilians had been killed during military operations in Obaidi on Wednesday.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
kassakhoon- kassandra
Obaidi- obsidian, braiding
Rietzes- Pretzels, parietals, varietals, Nietzsche
reuters- refuters, neuters, routers, renters
wal- awl, weal, wail, wall, wale, walk, gal, pal, calc

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