Forever Stamps

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on May 24, 2008

PG wrote the checks for his bills, and took off on bicycle for the post office in chamblee.
He had gone to the dedication of this post office in 1964. He was ten years old, and he talked to a congressmen named Charles Weltner. This was his year to be excited by politics, and he asked Mr. Weltner if he was going to the Democratic Convention.
“Yes, I am going to speak” . Two years later Mr. Weltner resigned his seat rather than run on the same ticket as Lester Maddox.
The post office was horrible. What was once a simple matter…buying stamps from a machine…has become a complicated ordeal. PG was not sure what the current cost of postage was, and finally bought the 42 cent stamps and hopes they work. The stamps say forever, so they should be good.
Leaving the post office, and past the inevitable antique shops, PG came to the Woody Malone underpass. A mural had recently landed on the east wall of this facility. At first it was clouds and a jagged edge. Then an airplane flew in, which is fitting for the home of camp carroll and pdk. Then same the smiling multi hued children, which is surprising to PG. He remembers how redneck Chamblee was when he was a kid. It is hoped that the mural is complete, before King Kong starts harassing the smiling multi hued children

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