Like a Bearskin Rug

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on May 30, 2008

P.G. was driving down a road in Marietta when he passed a bar. The sign in front advertised “KY Jelly Wrestling”.
The implications were clear and slippery.
A bar in Marietta was involved in a spectacular DUI case a few years back. A patron was driving home when his pickup truck swerved off the road, and went under the guy wire of a telephone pole. His passenger had his head stuck out the window, where it was separated from his body by the guy wire. The driver continued home. He went to bed without changing his clothes.
P.G. thinks it was the same bar, but would not want to say something like that in black and white…or whatever color he choses to print this.

His thoughts were distracted a few minutes later by some radio nonsense. A whiner, who is an attorney, was saying that
” a statement is not a lie unless you knew it was false when you said it”. While technically true, this does not absolve the person who spreads falsehoods of responsibility.
The whiner at law was referring to remarks by President Bush before the War in Babylon. Mr. Bush may have felt that Iraq did indeed have weapons of mass destruction. There is reason to believe that Saddam bought poison gas from The United States when he was our ally…and Daddy Bush was Vice President. Bush the Younger is reported to have demanded the CIA give him “evidence” of WMD’s in Iraq, so that he could justify his war lust. When people told him what he wanted to hear, he did not dig deeply to make sure it was true.
His lips were moving when he said it.
Technically it was not a lie. Nor was it telling the truth.
Finally, before the weekend gets started, here is a minstrel show.
A clergyman from the Roman Pedophile Church was speaking at the Trinity United Church of Christ. You know, the one that Barack Obama went to for twenty years, but never heard the preacher say anything really bad.
This pasty white goes to a black church and carries on like a true soul brother. I wonder if he talks like that when he is talking to a white audience.
As for his claim that Hillary thought she deserved the nomination because she was white…what color were the other Democrats that sought the nomination?

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  1. mikel said, on September 2, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    good video

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