Providence Canyon

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on May 31, 2008

PG arrived to get DD at 8:02 . This was two minutes after he had planned to arrive, which is pretty punctual. Going through L5P and the Krog tunnel, they arrived at the Flap palace at 8:34. Dr. B and the resident were there, waiting for Dr. C. He was taking MARTA, and delayed at the Lindbergh Station. There was a phone call at 9am. Flap went to the Inman Park station to get Dr. C, while PG, DD, and Dr. B proceeded in the black Jetta. The plan was to go down Moreland to I285, and on down to Providence Canyon. The Hiram two would meet them at the park.
The turn onto I185 was missed. PG had a map, and saw a highway that would connect them onto the correct interstate with little time lost. The rest of the trip down was spent playing roadkill bingo and driving funny around trailer parks.
Finally  the players arrived at the park and made an emergency visit to the first available restroom. The Hiram two made the trip from Atlabama in good time , and had been waiting a half hour. The first item on the agenda was the white trail. This was a three mile trail at the top of the canyon, and was different from the seven mile red trail. Nobody had a permit for the red trail, so the white trail was the way to go.
It was a hot early summer day in Middle Georgia, with lots of direct sun and humidity. PG was glistening as he trailed behind the others going up the hill to the other side of the canyon. There was a sign imploring hikers to use good judgment while enjoying the park. The sign made a deep impression on Dr. C.
There was a homestead on the site of Providence Canyon once. Some vehicles were abandoned, and left behind. Dr. C. took a close look at the vehicles, after his experience on MARTA. There did seem to be a problem with taking delivery of the vehicles, not to mention none of them having a motor.
The red trail ended at the parking lot, not far from the initial pitstop. At first the crew was walking back on the road to the cars and food, but cooler heads prevailed. It was noted that, on a previous trip to the canyon, PG had walked on the floor of the canyon. The rim trail was a good workout, and the trees were pretty, but had few knockout views of the canyon.
There was a group of ladies resting on a bench. The hikers discussed the situation with the ladies, and one of whom had a map of the park. A decision was made to go down the hill and walk in the creekbed until the hikers reached the floor of the canyons. The ladies also took a group picture of the hikers.
The floor of the canyons yielded some spectacular sights. The canyon is the result of shaky land management. The land was cleared for farming, and started to erode when it rained. The gullies grew to 150 feet deep, revealing many colors. The site is sometimes called Georgia”s Little Grand Canyon. Indeed, there are more pine trees there than in the Arizona Canyon.
After a few minutes exploring this glorious natural disaster, the hikers went back up the hill, and got water from the cooler. They got in the vehicles, went to the covered picnic table, and had lunch.

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  1. Dr. Bill said, on May 31, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    Had a Wonderful time with great fellowship. It was wonderful to be out to the city with a new place and great new people to spend time with. Make the trip, it is worth it.


  2. Mikey & David said, on June 1, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    The “Hiram Two” (from Dallas actually ;o>) had a great time. Wonderful group of guys that we hope to have future outs with soon. Fun time, good conversation, GREAT people and good food. Lotta laughs.

    Forwarding on my pics from the even to you all…… feel free to add to your site.


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