Hair Spray

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It has been a lively weekend. A Triple Crown race was run without a fatality. Mike Huckabee said something foolish. I found a blog called Easybakecoven.
This piece is from Mattilda at Nobody Passes:

Oh, no — apparently soon I can get gay married, but the company that sells my Fresh Botanicals Hairspray has discontinued the product!!!!!!! What the hell am I going to do? I’ve used that *product* for 10 or 15 years, and it works like glue — without alcohol! And without destroying my life from an allergy attack! I asked the person on the line why they discontinued it — she says I don’t know, we’ve always gotten a fair number of orders for it, especially from people in prison — prisoners loved it!
Turns out that prison officials generally confiscate anything with alcohol as an ingredient, so it looks like I’m not the only one who’s looking for a replacement…

JoemyGod sent a link to this article. A reporter went to Iraq to see what life was like for Gay people. The last line of the story was that they had it better when Saddam ran the show. This quote stuck with me:

“Having completed my difficult journey to the Red Zone, of course I hoped that my Iraqi contacts had arrived at our meeting place as well. But I had also come to recognize by this point that no one was in more danger than the Iraqis with whom I interacted. Rahim explained that insurgents are so ubiquitously on the lookout to kill collaborators that even to speak English on a cell phone in public in Baghdad could mark someone for instant death.”
The more I hear from Babylon, the more absurd talk about “liberation” and “war on islamic terrorism” seems.

For sheer crass entertainment, the ads on Craigs List are tough to beat.
…My friends tell me I’m one of the most genuine people they’ve ever met. … love to throw a backpack on my back and hike through the woods, canoe on a river, explore a cave, repel up a cliff, or spread a blanket by the campfire, sip Merlot, and make love in the moonlight and under the twinkling stars….. . You needn’t be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but nor do I wish to deprive a village somewhere of its idiot. Physically, I am attracted to masculine/butch, SLENDER, smooth to moderately hairy, younger men age 22-35, handsome, clean-cut, professional or preppy types, THIN to athletic build, and clean shaven. Sorry, and no offense, but I’m not attracted to fats, femmes, Asians, Blacks, Pacific Islanders, Filipinos, chainsaw murderers, convicted felons, stalkers, bears, bald men, or men with long hair, pony tails, tattoos, or piercings. …If you are a Republican, a lawyer, a workaholic, an alcoholic, are confrontational or argumentative, a circuit or party boy, a lounge lizard, a druggie, a drama queen, OR are promiscuous and have had sex with more than two partners in the past year, please don’t bother to respond. As for the rest of you fine and upstanding young men life isn’t forever, take a chance, there are only so many tomorrows!

I sent him a note, saying “I think you might have better luck repelling up a cliff”. I got this reply:

hi there and thanks for your response!
i’m in a bit of hurry to work at the moment. unfortunately I cannot
send e-mails there cause my boss has blocked it. I have an account
here though
my name on the site is xyzdef. it doesn’t cost anything to sign
up so don’t worry.
have a look at my profile and pictures and I’ll respond to you as soon as I can.
looking forward to getting to know you =)

Brookhaven Bolt

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Today was the Brookhaven Bolt. It was a fun run and stroller push to raise money for the school, and create warm fuzzies for the Sembler company. Sembler is currently building a supercenter on the site of the Peachtree Garden Apartments. PGA is fondly remembered by many of those who have lived here awhile.

Sembler tore up my neighborhood and all I got was this T shirt

I used to not know the difference between nuts and bolts. Then I looked in the dictionary and learned to think of a bolt of lightening. That is the shape that is the bolt.

The lady in the front running corvette said
Isn’t it exciting that we have a race to benefit the school? no you have your olympic hat on.

There was parking in front of the house. Some people saw the need to park on the opposite side of the road from other parked cars. This created a tight squeeze that was not needed.

This weekend started at 11pm last night when I got up from a nap. At 1am I was writing my bio for this blog. At the same time I was listening to a web broadcast featuring a guy from Alabama who likes to get run over by motorcycles. Life is good.

Unwise Warfare

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The radio whiner discussing the piece said the Republicans were going to get whipped this fall because they abandoned their principals. The truth is, they are true to their principals, and people are seeing where it is going.
The Repubs stand for telling the people what they want to hear, and then doing whatever they want in office.
There are two parts of the contract on america that I remember. That is a balanced budget amendment and term limits. Newt Gingrich, who had been in Congress for 18 years when he proposed term limits, led this movement.
The balanced budget amendment is another item that was quietly forgotten when the GOP took over congress. The borrow and spend Elephant heads didn’t want to stop. They even passed a tax cut a few years ago, knowing that we were about to go to war.
That is another principal of the Repubs, warmongering. For years and years they made noise about the Soviet threat, which was very good for the armaments industry here. Once the Soviet Union rotted and died (In large part because of an unwise war in Afghanistan), the right wing was without an enemy. Liberals in the press just are not as much fun.
After 911, the Muslim world was a dream of an enemy. The war in Babylon ensued just as soon as a tax cut was made to pay for it. We now have 160k troops in a conflict eight time zones away…. and a republican party that says it believes in mediumer government. They never said they practice it, just that they believe it.
That is the guiding principal of the Republican party…to believe one thing and do another. They have held fast to this, and the voters are tired.

And now for something completely different.
It has been suggested that I update the “about” page on my blog. This scares me. It is like that dreaded part of a job interview, “tell me about yourself”.
There are quite a few things I could say, and more than a couple that will stay behind these glasses. I got started on the chore yesterday, and started to just list potential categories.

Body Parts

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The Liver:
1. Produces 13,000 chemicals per day
2. Is responsible for making components for 55,000 enzyme systems.
3. It weighs 4.4 lbs. or 2.2 kilos.
4. Has the ability to re-generate itself
5. All toxins including those that are inhaled are processed by and through the liver
6. Runs through the Basal Metabolic Rate which is controlled by the Thyroid Gland so in theory, the thyroid gland controls the pace of the liver
7. The liver controls the flow of blood throughout the entire body
8. All Hemorrhoid issues are caused by an overloaded liver
9. All Menstrual problems are directly caused by the liver
10. Does the majority of its work the minute we go to bed (11 pm – 1 am)

1. A specially lined organ that is designed to hold bile
2. Bile is manufactured by the liver
3. Bile is considered to be the most corrosive substance in the human body
4. Bile is released each and every time we eat
5. Court physicians during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1542) healed every illness through the gallbladder. They said the gallbladder was “the opening to God”
6. Does the majority of its work between 1 am and 3 pm
7. Is directly responsible for indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and bloated ness

Ileo Cecal Valve:
1. 2 inches to the right of the navel and 2 inches down
2. Doorway between medium intestine and large intestine
3. Susceptible to stress
4. When malfunctioning, it allows toxins from the large intestine to pass backwards into the medium intestine where they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream
5. This causes the Liver to refrain from releasing as much toxins as it normally would
6. And in turn causes the lymphatic system which is bringing toxins to the liver to become sluggish and congested

The above information is from Philip Princetta. Dr. Princetta works within Integrated Healing Arts. For more information write:

Bullet Points

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I have been using wordpress for a few months now. I am waiting for the time when a post goes through with no hassles.
Tonight will not be the night.
I didn’t have much to say. I decided to copy a letter from a friend about the liver and gall bladder. There is nothing wrong with sharing knowledge, especially when you believe what is said to be true.
The letter used bullet points. I suspect this at the root of the issue.
I edited the letter, and marked it up with HTML. This is how I get font colors.
When I added it to the dashboard, the font colors did not show up. Also, the pictures were placed in a skewed order.
I tried a different browser, with the same results.
I am going to post this without the bullet points.
When you add text to a window, you should use the window “html” and not the window “visual”.

A visit to 1956

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In 1994 I was working in downtown Atlanta. I represented my company in a customer’s office, and there was often time with nothing to do. At the very least, there was no timeclock and an hour lunch could slip into overtime with few consequences.
There was an issue in the news in 1994, along with some claims made that I simply did not believe. One day, I went to the library, and sat down with the microfilms of the Atlanta Constitution (Covers Dixie Like the Dew) for the Winter of 1956.
One of the fun things about doing research is the things you were not looking for, but see anyway. Elvis Presley made a personal appearance at the Fox Theatre. There was a lot of speculation about whether Dwight Eisenhower would have a different Vice President in the next election. Mr. President had a heart attack the previous year, and many did not want Richard Nixon to be President.
This was 20 years after Mr. Nixon resigned the Presidency in disgrace. You wonder how things might have been different if someone had acted on those concerns.
This was two years after Brown vs. The Board of Education, and many were concerned about school desegregation. A bill was proposed in the legislature that year to make it a felony to advocate integration.
The Governor at the time was Marvin Griffin. Georgia Tech played Pittsburgh in the Sugar Bowl that year, in spite of the fact that Pittsburgh had a black player. The Governor strongly objected, but was overruled, and the game was played without incident.
The State of Georgia changed the state flag that year. The new flag had the state seal on a blue stripe next to the St. Andrews Cross. This cross was the battle flag of the Confederate States of America.
In 1994 many wanted to change that flag. Some said that it was a symbol of slavery and oppression; others said it was a reminder of battlefield valor. A native southerner, I could understand both points of view, and was neutral regarding a change of the flag.
One thing that I did not understand was an argument made for changing the flag. The line in those days…first expressed by Governor Zell Miller and endlessly repeated by the local fishwrapper media, was that the flag had been changed as a protest against desegregation.
I did not believe that for a minute. The legislature in 1956 was not that smart. They were a bunch of white males who were racist, alcoholic crooks. (There were exceptions to this) If someone had suggested a flag change as a stand of defiance against desegregation, they might have thought it a good idea, but I somehow doubt that anyone thought like that.
After all, this was 1956. The sixties, where protest became the new national pastime, were a few years away.
After a few minutes of searching through the department store ads and sports pages, I found what I was looking for.
I found the article announcing the flag change. There was no mention of a protest against desegregation. They announced it as a way of honoring the Confederacy. This is in keeping with the times. Georgia in 1956 was still recovering from the War, and the Cult of Honoring the Confederacy was strong.
The flag was eventually changed under the leadership of Governor Roy Barnes. The new flag was even uglier than the old one, which I did not think was possible. Sonny Perdue defeated Mr. Barnes in his bid for reelection, in no small part because he proposed a referendum on the flag. He forgot his promise as soon as he got into office, but the flag was changed once again.
Time to go back to work.

Jean D. McKinnon

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The first picture in this episode is a family portrait of the Quin family in Washington Georgia. The nine surviving children of Hugh Pharr Quin are sitting for the camera. Mr. Quin had joined the Georgia State Troops of the Army of the Confederacy at the age of 16, and after the war went to Washington to live with his sister. Mr. Quin was in the church choir of the First Methodist Church when he met the organist, Betty Lou DuBose. They were married January 22, 1879.
The original name of Mrs. Quin was Louisa Toombs DuBose. She was the daughter of James Rembert DuBose. His brother in law was Robert Toombs, the Secretary of State of the Confederacy, and a man of whom many stories are told.
In this picture, Mrs. Quin is holding the hand of her second youngest daughter so she will not run away. This is Mattie Vance Quin. She is my grandmother.
After The Great War, Mattie Vance Quin was living in Memphis Tennessee, where she met Arthur Dunaway. Mr. Dunaway was a veteran of the war, and was from Paragould, Arkansas. On July 23, 1922 her first Daughter, Jean, was born. This is my mother.
Mr. Dunaway died in 1930, shortly after the birth of his son Arthur. There were hard times and upheaval after this, with the family settling in Atlanta. There her third child Helen Ann Moffat was born on December 12, 1933. This is my Aunt Helen and my mother’s best friend.

Jean lived for many years with her mother and sister at 939 Piedmont, among other locations. She joined the First Baptist Church and sang in the choir. She got a job with the C&S bank, and was working at the Tenth Street Branch when she met Luther McKinnon. He was a native of Rowland, North Carolina. They were married October 6, 1951.
They moved into the Skyland Apartments, which in those days was out in the country. Mom told a story about Dad taking her home from Choir practice, and going home on the two lane Buford Hiway. There was a man who went to the restaurants to get scraps to feed his pigs, and his truck was always in front of them. This was a serious matter in the summer without air conditioning.
Soon, they moved into a house, and Luther junior was born on May 6, 1954. This is me. Malcolm was born May 10, 1956, which did it for the children. Neither of us had children, so that is where that ends.
The fifties were spent on Wimberly Road, a street of always pregnant women just outside Brookhaven. It was a great place to be a little kid.
In 1960, we moved to Parkridge Drive, to the house where my brother and I stay today. The note payment was $88 a month. Ashford Park School is a short walk away…the lady who sold us the house said ” you slap you kid on the fanny and he is at school”.
In 1962, our family followed the choir director from First Baptist to Briarcliff Baptist, which is where my parents remained.
In 1964, Mom went back to work. She ran the drive in window at Lenox Square for the Trust Company of Georgia until it was time to retire. She became a talk radio fan when RING radio started, and was a friend of her customer Ludlow Porch. She gave dog biscuits to customers with dogs.
During this era of change, Mom taught me that all people were good people, be they black or white. This was rare in the south. She later became disgusted with the War in Vietnam, and liked to quote a man she heard on the radio. “How will we get out of Vietnam?”” By ship and by plane”.
Eventually, it was time to retire. Her and Dad did the requisite traveling, until Dad got sick and passed away February 7,1992. Mom stuck around for a few more years, until her time came December 18, 1998.

Haircut Weekend

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This is haircut weekend.
Like many men of my degenerationgeneration, I have had long hair. The problem is, with a Georgiawhiteboi like me, hair turns into worms after about three centimeters. It is way too much work to take care of.So I bought a pair of clippers.The modern version of letting my freak flag fly…
Once, I was in the church’s fried chicken on broad street downtown. The two drag queens were in front of me in line.They got their food and left. When I stepped to the counter, I heard this girl say to her friend”Her hayyer is so preeiitee”…Some say that hair is the last human link to the animal past. This was said by a bald headed teacher who never seemed to shut up. If my job was teaching Georgia History to a bunch of eighth graders, I might be weird myself…Tallulah Bankhead was making a movie, “Lifeboat”, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Some of the other actors commented that Miss Bankhead was not wearing panties. Mr. Hitchcock wondered if this was a matter for wardrobe or a matter for hairdressing…Did Mohawks really shave their heads except for a stripe of hair in the middle? That would seem to be a lot of trouble for pre modern men living in upstate New York. A Mohawk haircut is high maintenance,just like many who display them. …Dolly Parton always wears wigs in public. When asked how long it takes to do her hair, she replies. “I don’t know I am not there”

Sacred or Profane?

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There is a Jesus Worship blog called Pyromaniacs, which is facilitated by Phil Johnson. Chamblee54 is banned from commenting there.
In a recent comment thread, Mr. Johnson made the following statement:

“We don’t delete anyone merely for disagreeing with us, even if they are insulting. The only comments we have ever deleted on a large scale (“dozens of times”) are those that are deliberately profane or smutty.”
In the times that I commented at Pyro, I did not cuss. While I was sometimes disagreeable, deliberately smutty is not my style. I wrote Mr. Johnson to mention this. I then received this message:“Look up the definition of profane, I think you’ll see you often qualified. However I don’t remember deleting any of your posts―certainly you weren’t deleted on any wide scale.”

I had always thought of profane as a precursor of profanity. Upon consultation of a dictionary, I learned that it is also a synonym for secular…that is, something that is not holy. I recalled hearing the phrase the sacred and the profane.
Which leads to the next part of our discussion…were my comments at Pyromaniacs profane?
Here is a list of the times I appeared there. If you have something better to do than look at these, I totally understand. The pictures are always there to look at.
The thread I have chosen to comment on tonight involves preaching at funerals. For many non Jesus Worshipers, a funeral is the closest we get to a church service. To many of us, preaching is offensive. I have heard about Jesus all my life, and made the painful decision that I did not agree with that way of thinking. To force a grieving person who is alienated from Jesus to listen to a pitch for “salvation” is a grotesque act of disrespect. It creates ill will for Jesus and is a violation of the third commandment.
“Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain”
This was the message that I presented in this comment thread. I was the only person to feel this way. At least one other person made the incredible statement that a funeral presentation was the first time a person had heard about Jesus. ( How could anyone in our Jesus mad culture not have heard about Jesus?)
Is the presentation of the Jesus message at a funeral sacred or profane? I know how I feel.
And no, confane is not the opposite of profane. It is a nonsense word.

Not in worship songs

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My newest frequentfolder blog is twentytwowords. He posted a thingie today called

“10 things we don’t mention in worship songs, but that I’m happy God saved me from”

1- Jesus Worship
2- Getting caught driving DUI
3- republican politics
4- pre arthroscopy knee surgery
5- believing the doctor who told me to get spine surgery
6- The Unification Church
7- confusing G-d for my father
8- Living anywhere except Georgia
9- cable television
10-Making complete lists

Smell the Flowers

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I recently exchanged emails with someone. He is the Big Dog at a Jesus Worship blog where I am banned from commenting. He invited me to peruse the definition of profane, and said that some of my comments were indeed profane.
Now, a matter like that is a semantic goldmine. It should give me the seed of at least one post, and I was going to tackle it without delay. However, my experience this morning put that post on hold. It will be ok.

A popular Atlanta radio whiner had just had knee reconstruction surgery, and was high on pain pills. One of his golf partners was married to a Republican spokeswoman, and they got onto the Republican plan for America. Fist, we were going to lower taxes and make government smaller (All while borrowing money from China to keep 160k troops in Babylon). Next, we were going to de fund planned parenthood because they promote abortions.
The whiner…a spell check suggestion for his name is abort…went off the medicated edge. Yes, we are going to make government smaller, but use the force of the police state to tell a woman what to do with her womb. This is the reason the Republicans are going to lose so badly. It went on for several highly entertaining minutes, until I reached my destination and had to go inside.

This was in Drugless County, a once rural stretch of neo Alabama off i20. I like to explore, to see places that I have not seen before and probably will not again. It is one thing about this business of making local deliveries that I enjoy.
On the way back to “civilization” I passed Jolly Wally’s Superette, and stopped at a Texaco. The truck runs a lot better when you put gasoline in the tank on a regular basis. There was a bearded man fueling his pickup truck at the next pump.
After I got the receipt, I went inside the gas station to find a men’s room. When you and your water bottle drive long distances, this cannot happen soon enough. Alas, the restroom was out of order.

I went in back of the place, and found a path leading through the weeds. After making my way far back enough to camouflage my activity, I added some fluids to the mix. And it hit me…this is the Georgia that I know and love. Everywhere you look is greenery, most of it weeds. Many of these weeds had serious briars, and must be negotiated with caution. Some of the rest were in May bloom, and the air was full of the perfume. The earth had probably been bulldozed a while back, and these plants were the ones to fight their way into existence. It was as if I was surrounded by G-d.
When I got back to the truck, the bearded man was scratching his lottery ticket.
Sometimes you have to stop and smell the flowers, and appreciate whatever it was that led you to them.

Directions and Female Comedy

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Maybe I am not a real man. I once asked for directions.
I don’t think that jokes about asking directions are very funny.
It is a rule that female comedians cannot perform without telling at least one joke about men not asking for directions.
Never mind that when you ask for directions, you are asking for trouble. Many directions from strangers will leave you more lost than you already were.
With GPS systems coming into popularity, the female comedian is an endangered species.That is, unless she marries a Cuban bandleader, cries a lot, and dyes her hair red.
Did the Three Stooges ever ask for directions?
Why did Moses wander in the desert for forty years? He wouldn’t ask for directions.
Mapquest is not a perfect solution. It can steer you into wild goose land just as surely as that toothless man at the gas station.
One I had to take something to a place outside Gainesville. My boss gave me the mapquest directions he had used before, and said that he got lost using them.
I called the lady I would be taking the product to. She gave me directions to the place, and I found it without a problem. ( Sometimes people give good instructions). I mentioned that her directions were good, and she said that they were the same ones she gave my boss.
Mapquest is a good tool, but is not the final word. A map book is your friend, even if it is not perfect. Urban Legend has it that cartographers will insert nonexistent streets into their product as a method of copywriting.
Maybe female comedians can make jokes about that.