Another shot in the arm

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Originally this was going to be about May 6. On this day 54 years ago I arrived at Georgia Baptist Hospital. The plan was to go to Wikipedia, list famous people who were born or died on this day, and chronicle some events from this day.
The State of Georgia is ready to add another event to the list.
The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that lethal injection was a constitutionally approved method for offing condemned criminals. While the matter was being debated, no executions took place here.
And now Georgia is set to be the first to “process” a convicted man.

Semantic timeout. While hung, shot, or beheaded are obvious verbs for more archaic means of execution, what is the expression for “executed by lethal injection”?
When you discuss the electric chair “fried” or “electrocuted” had obvious meanings. What do you call the process where a Doctor forgets his Hippocratic oath and shoots up a person with substances that will cause his or her demise? Juiced? Injecticide? Upshot?

Back to the business at hand. It is 6:59 as I write this, so the deed will be done soon. Unless Governor Sonny makes a phone call, which I somehow doubt will happen.
I have serious mixed feelings about the death penalty. Plenty of these folks deserve what they are getting, and William Earl Lynd Lynd may well be one of them. On the other hand, how much of a deterrent is executing a man for a crime committed 20 years ago? Most people have forgotten the case…those that were aware of it to begin with.
And with all the corruption, lawyers, and rampant egomania in the justice business, how can the death penalty ever be administered fairly?
I wrote a piece at my old blog on the subject ” Is life sacred”? Here is an excerpt:

Capital Punishment is pretty muddy also. There are some cases where it is appropriate. It is not always used in these cases, and is used at other times when it should not be.
Capital Punishment is strong stuff. It is “Playing G-d”. I simply don’t think our justice system is fair or wise enough to use this strong medicine in a beneficial manner. We would be better off as a society without it.

In case you missed it, here is the last meal…two pepper jack barbecue burgers with crisp onions; two baked potatoes with sour cream, bacon and cheese; one large strawberry milkshake.

Walking the Dog

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It had been a slack sunday from the start. It was getting almost too late when the phone call came. Something about taking the dog to Chastain Park, meet me there in a few minutes by the swimming pool.
Turning off Roswell onto West Wieuca, there was a bit of drama at the carwash. The kid bumped into a bmw, driving the black SUV with the McCain sticker. The SUV owner saw this and was not pleased.
Do you think that is really an urban legend about Wieuca Road? The story is that this developer had three daughters named Wilma, Eugenia, and Catherine.
Turning into the park, there are cars everywhere. I get to the parking spot, alongside the torn up swimming pool.
The beer truck beside the amphitheater caught my eye. Where was the Dom Perignon truck that was called for?
Down that road behind the stands, which is so empty now that there is no performers. Yes, 1690 am is a great station, isn’t that the old Air America?
A friend has an interesting take on Randi Rhodes. He got married to a woman with a temper, and stuck around long enough to have a kid. He says there is nothing entertaining about listening to an angry woman, he has done too much of that already.
Yes, america is in trouble. Spending a few trillion dollars on a war we cannot win, and about to elect another republican. You know, Obama just did what he had to do…he gave that preacher a second chance, and then when he got screwed again he dumped him.
After my experience with a loudmouth preacher at that job, there is nothing funny about Jeremiah Wright.
I went to a rally in Woodruff Park a few weeks before the 92 election. Al and Tipper and Hillary were there. Tipper Gore said that Hillary was just as warm and friendly in private as she was in person. Those are not the exact words, but that is the gist of it.
I don’t think i am going to go for extended good byes today. I am just going to get in the car and go home.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
chastain- chastity, chastise, chasten
wieuca- eucalypti, zwieback,
bmw- bow
ampetheatre- amphitheater, theatrical, theatergoer
Perignon- Peignoir, mignonne, perigee, hyperion

22 words six times

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The May Day parade was cancelled due to lack of communists. Beltane will take its place in a colorful way… There is a blog called twentytwowords. Whatever needs saying takes 22 words or less. He must do a lot of counting...The yellow line will be difficult to read. If you cannot say anything nice about someone don’t say anything at all…Telegrams and want ads value verbal efficiency. The Internet has no limits on the number of words, but maybe it should…Prayer is talking to G-d and meditation is listening. We need a week of meditation to compensate for a day of prayer… Jeremiah Wright says an attack on him is an attack on the black church. I thought it was G-d’s church. Excuse me.