Linda Lisa Seaborne

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on June 7, 2008

Georgia executed Curtis Osborne this week.
The story is here. The murders took place in 1990.
Executions are set to become routine. The Supreme Court has ruled that lethal injection is an acceptable method for offing convicts.
As live apartment fire notes:

The Department of Corrections tries to have at least one media witness to every execution. There’s a print reporter from middle Georgia who witnessed dozens of them. It seems a distasteful assignment. We once saw an AJC reporter leave the Jackson prison grounds in tears after witnessing an execution.
It’s also an important assignment (in spite of increasing media disinterest– WAGA covered the execution with a 25 second reader). The blunt-instrument power of government is on no greater display than when it puts a human being to death. Eyewitness accounts ultimately led to the demise of the electric chair. Pieces like the one written by Cook will keep lethal injection under legitimate scrutiny as well.

One wonders about the deterrent value of an execution eighteen years after the crime. When the crime occurred, the Braves were in last place, Daddy Bush was President, and Saddam Hussein was preparing to invade Kuwait.
The execution did not bring the victims back.
Mr. Osborne alledgedly killed Arthur Jones because Mr. Osborne did not want to hand over $400 he had made selling the victim’s motorcycle. Linda Lisa Seaborne was there at a bad time.
The reports do not say what happened to the motorcycle.

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