Microbes that Produce Oil

Posted in Religion, Undogegorized by chamblee54 on June 17, 2008

This morning, I was driving into work and listening to radio whiners. This was the first day of going in at 1030, and the whine tasting was in full bloom.
Laura Ingraham has been out of action for a while. Her replacement was more annoying, which I did not think possible. The lady was talking about gay marriage, and made chicken little look like an optimist.
Neal Boortz laughs at those who are apoplectic about California Marriage. He was talking about a genetically engineered microbe. This faux bug will eat waste matter, and excrete petroleum. The thought occurred that a whiner screeching about gay marriage is very similar to a microbe that produces crude oil….though not as useful

Now comes word the the Eat More Chikin cow will be leading fans in the tomahawk chop. This brings back memories of the Braves’s first mascot in Atlanta.
In 1966, the carpetbaggers Braves moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee. They built a teepee in the outfield, and installed a man in it ( he may or may not have been a native American). Chief Knock a Homa would come out of the teepee and dance when the home team hit a home run.
After the novelty wore off, and the Braves settled into last place, rumors spread that the Chief was enjoying firewater in the teepee during the games. When the home team is losing 100 games a year, this is to be expected.
In 1982, the Braves put a good team together and made it to first place. In August, the teepee was taken down. There were football bleachers in the outfield, and a teepee got in the way. After the Knockahoma palace was taken down for the season, the Braves lost 19 of 21 games. They still finished the year in first place, only to get clobbered in the N.C.L.S.

The other day I published a feature titled ” Painted Like Cows”. The search engines sent me a lot of traffic that day.
Atlanta is hometown to a fast food chain. Their ad mascot is a cow, which does not know how to spell.
So, on the Judge’s website , there were pictures of naked women painted to look like cows. Were they holding up signs that said “Eat more Chikin”?

Yahoo and CNN put together a list of ways to increase gas mileage. Most are common sense, like don’t drive too fast or tailgate. But then, horse sense went out of fashion with the buggies.
CNN has a lot of cell phone companies that advertise, and they did delete one item from the list. A study has shown that cell phone usage while driving lowers your gas mileage. It has something to do with the satellite signals going into the cell phone interfering with the electronic devices in your vehicle.

There is a blog called twentytwo words that I read. The concept of saying things with few words is to be admired. The trouble with saying things every day, though, is that sooner or later you will say something that I don’t agree with.
I have an issue with the emphasis on life after death in Jesus Worship. What happens to you after death is simply not a good focus for a spiritual discipline.
And so we find this post:

“5 observations about hell from Revelation 14:9-11—1. It’s eternal…2. It involves the suffering of those who are there…3. It is conscious suffering..4. It is God-inflicted suffering…5. It is righteous.”
And in the comment thread, there is this: ”I think this is what makes the Gospel and salvation so sweet.” So, lets understand what is being said here. A “kind and Loving” G-d is going to inflict eternal suffering on his children, because they don’t agree with the ideas of one religion. And this eternal suffering (for others) is what makes this one religion so sweet.
That does not work for me.

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  1. atlmalcontent said, on June 17, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    The Chief was a legit Native American, Levi Walker. He left in the mid-80s after salary dispute, but tried to return in ’91.

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