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Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on June 20, 2008

Your Language Arts Grade: 81%

You’re getting warmer. Remember, possessive pronouns don’t have apostrophes but contractions do. Oh, and word processing grammar checkers often lie.

Are You Gooder at Grammar?
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When there is nothing else to write about, you can always take an online test.
There are two in this feature. The first is “Are you gooder at grammar?”
I am embarrassed to admit that I only got 81% on this. Maybe I should whine about trick questions.
This one is heavy on the words that sound alike, but are spelled different. Whose/who’s, your/you’re, and its/it’s are prominently featured. I should know that one is possessive and one is an contraction using a verb. One complaint is the lack of an answer page. This prevents one from learning from mistakes.

What Religion Would Accept You

Your Result: Buddhism

Enlightenment will be yours, devout Buddhist. You will achieve transcendence through meditation and Kung Fu. You have a deep and abiding respect and knowledge of the balance of nature and all living things. Cool.

You like a ninja…only magical. :O

Obscure Cult
Cristianity, Casual
Christianity, Firebrand
What Religion Would Accept You
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The second half of this double feature is “What religion would accept you?” Some of the available options were better here. Like question 3: 3. What created the universe? a god /some gods /big bang/ beats me When did it become such a sin to admit that you don’t know?
As some of you know, I am a recovering Baptist. I have numerous issues with the business of Jesus Worship. However, I am too occidental to be a Buddhist.
So guess which religion this test assigns me? Yea, up there with half of Asia. Couldn’t I just settle for an occasional dim sum?
A problem with many online quizzes is the multiple choice format. You wind up making the least wrong choice, or the Lester of the four evils. I was amused by this option:
11. Do you live as you were raised? Of course, everyone else EATS their children/ Largely/ People do that?? There was a cartoon once. There was a meeting of the Adult Children of Normal People. There was one person in the auditorium. So I should be a Buddhist. What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
gooder- guider, golder, gooier, goober, go oder

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