W.M.D. made in the U.S.A.

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In March of 1988, Iraq used poison gas to kill a lot of people in Halabja (ha lahb jah). A largely Kurdish town near the Iranian border, Halabja was the scene of much resistance to the War that Iraq and Iran were waging.
The United States was “tilting” towards Iraq in this conflict. When Iraq invaded Iran ( probably with the encouragement of the United States), Iran was holding Americans hostage at the embassy in Tehran. This was a source of much anger towards Iran, and would be reason for America to support Iraq.
The support for Iraq took the form of financial aid, shared intelligence, and a blind eye to Iraqi use of weapons of mass destruction. After the massacre in Halabja, The United States blamed Iran.
There is also the question of where Iraq got the poison gas. Saddam was executed before he could go to trial on charges related to Halabja.
There is also evidence that Iran was involved. According to
“On 13 March 1988 chemical bombs were dropped on Halabja. No Pasdaran nor Peshmargan were killed. The Iranian soldiers had left on the day before or on the morning of the massacre. The Peshmargan continued to surround the city. Some had gas masks.”

Survivors said the gas smelled like sweet apples. Many thousands died at once, most of them women and children. Many more died in the years to come of the effects of the gas.
The International Herald Tribune has an excellent piece on the massacre. A key quote:
“Some of those who engineered the tilt today are back in power in the Bush administration. They have yet to account for their judgment that it was Iran, not Iraq, that posed the primary threat to the Gulf; for building up Iraq so that it thought it could invade Kuwait and get away with it; for encouraging Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction programs by giving the regime a de facto green light on chemical weapons use; and for turning a blind eye to Iraq’s worst atrocities, and then lying about it.
It is well known the the W.M.D. program was the excuse for the war in Iraq, not the reason. It is also known that Iraq DID use chemical weapons in the war with Iran. The questions of where these weapons came from, and where they went, have not been answered.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Halabja- Calabash, Alabama, Malabar, Salable, Halalled
Pasdaran- Paranoid, Adlefaran. Jacranda
Peshmergan- Freshman, margarine, Margaret, Englishman
de- ed , ode, ade, die, doe, due, den, dew

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