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this test uses a slogan, that is a copyrighted trademark….this speaker i heard once used to call his routine the same thing, and i have a post i want to write about him
that is strange
and what are you going to write
well, the slogan is c**** u* f*** t** n*** u*//// just about his speech, it was 95 percent bs but there were a couple of good comments
he was a right wing a.h., and that turned me off to him big

time…made a snide comment about ted kennedy and mary jo kopechne that i thought was way out of bounds
yea…he was a neighbor of one of the shops at a company i worked for…we traded some printing for his speech
i can’t stand narrowminded people
some people see motivational speakers as being entertaining, but it sets off my bs detector
lol i feel the same way

Back when I was at redo blue, we traded some printing for a motivational speech.
The man was D. J. Harrington. He came on stage with a telephone handset, which he used to show how to answer the telephone. There were a lot of statistics, like you get 50 percent more information when you use your left ear. ( This is a made up example, not a quote. I don’t remember any of his examples) It reminded me of something a teacher said once…:
” The best way to win an argument is to use statistics. The best way to get statistics is to make them up”
On the all important issue of what to say when you answer the squawk box, he suggested
“How may I direct your call?” Now, I like to identify the company and myself as briefly as possible, and quit wasting the customer’s time. The customer knows why he called. HMIDYC is seven unnecessary syllables that do your customer no good.
As some of you know, I have a sensitive BS detector. This gets in the way of being “motivated”. When confronted with a entertainer motivational speaker, I try to glean one or two worthwhile tidbits. I give D.J.H. credit, he did make one comment I remembered.
“You must sell yourself first, your company second, and your product third” There are some idea mongers who feel that I owe them my trust. I beg to differ.
Mr. Harrington used to call his dog and pony show “C*** U* F*** T** N*** U*.That phrase is currently a registered trademark of the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario and may be used with permission only.
Redo Blue was a diverse company. I suspect D.J.H. toned down some of the good ole boy touches from his presentation. Towards the end, he described a speech he gave in a medium town in Oklahoma.
“The only Catholics they have ever seen are Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne” He proceeded to tell a tasteless story about the Catholic Church. I was almost motivated to walk out.

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