Waving His Arm

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on June 30, 2008

AtlMalcontent links to a feature at the Daily Kos about JSM( He called the diarist a cretin). It is a picture of him waving at reporters on his return from ‘Nam. The problem here is that Bill “You Bet” Bennett says JSM can’t raise his arms above his shoulders.
As in many algorenet adventures, the goodies are in the comment thread. We see the unedited picture, which has Carol McCain smiling behind him. She is the first wife, who stayed married to him while he was in captivity. You are going to hear that story again, even though she is supportive of JSM today.
There is lots of back and forth in this thread. The consensus is that there are many reasons to fuss at JSM, but whining about his war record is below the belt.
I tend to agree, with one caveat. Vietnam Vet John Kerry was swiftboated, while Alabama National Guard Vet George Bush won a second term. What goes around comes around. Max Cleland might have something to say about this.
There was one comment in the thread I would like to see some backup on. It comes from David Kroning, and it goes like this:
“I don’t think this is fair… He’s a lot older now than in that picture. And, McCain has already said he is not a war “hero.” In fact, he said very clearly in an interview with 60-Minutes in the 1980s that he considered himself to be a war “criminal” for “having dropped napalm an innocent women and children.”Why?”
This is a problem I have had with JSM for a while. On Super Tuesday, my choices were JSM and BHO, and I got to thinking about whether JSM was a hero. The thought occurred to me that he had dropped napalm on North Vietnam. While his record as a POW is admirable, those women and children are not going to come back.
So, I copied that quote, and entered it in Google. The only thing the G beast came up with was the same Daily Kos comment thread.

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  1. atlmalcontent said, on July 1, 2008 at 1:27 am

    If you want to see the Cleland smear repeated, I have to ask: Were you offended by the Chambliss commercial because you’re an American and a soldier was dishonored or because you were a Democrat and your candiate was denigrated?

    The two wrongs making a right line of thinking has helped create our toxic divide. Simple declarative sentence: It’s wrong to attack a candidate’s honorable military record. The guy was a POW, and people are trying to question his loyalty. That’s really sick. Aravosis has got to be one the biggest slimeballs I’ve ever read. How does one let themselves sink to such a level?

    I was appalled by the commercial used against Cleland, just as I find questions against McCain’s service disgusting. It’s sad when people can’t agree about basic decency.

  2. CHAMBLEE54 said, on July 1, 2008 at 9:31 am

    I agree that two wrongs do not make a right. I would hope that this campaign can rise above that. JSM and BHO seem to be heading in that direction, but both have supporters who are out of control, and seem to enjoy mud slinging.
    Mr. Chambliss was scoring cheap political points against a disabled veteran. This is wrong.
    As I said in the commentary, I find JSM’s record as a POW to be admirable, and should not be attacked for political gain. I do, however, have an issue with someone who drops napalm on civilians. I do not find that to be honorable.
    I was listening to someone on the radio say that terrorists should be killed, not imprisoned. If North Vietnam had played by those rules, JSM would have died 41 years ago.

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