Two Daughters

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I knew we were in for the strangest election ever when I saw this video.

But I had no idea. This is the first youtube presidential election. From Larry Sinclair to the Snowman, we are in uncharted territory. Maybe this is the uncharted terrorist.
The Demos have a clear lead in the follies. The repubs still think it is 1952, and are looking for a dog named Checkers. This video is typical of the Gross Old Perverts:

There is satire. These make the New Yorker cover look like a boring still cartoon. It extends Chris Crocker’s fame all the way to sixteen minutes. Which is not bad for someone who acts like he is nine.
(Warning: This video has bad language.) ( This video is courtesy of a link to JoemyGod. It is not on youtube that I know, and I don’t know how to embed it. Maybe I really am a Republican after all.)

And then there was JibJab. The sound you hear is Bob Dylan rolling in his…wait, he is still alive.

On a more serious note, another disturbing trend has been spotted by your slack blogger here. Three Presidents in recent memory have had two daughters, one wife, and no sons. This is the combination achieved by BHO. It is one wife fewer than JSM.

The other recent Presidents with two daughters were Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush. Somehow, I don’t think you are going to hear this from the BHO campaign.
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D.O.T. Presentation

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There is this really neat blog called D***CoolPics. I like to have a no profanity blog. Even though the D word is borderline, I prefer to err on the side of caution.
Back when “Gone with the Wind” was made, there was some hand wringing about the use of the D word. In those days, Hollywood flicks were heavily censored. Cooler heads prevailed, and when Rhett Butler told Scarlett O’Hara what he thought about her future, he said the D word.
When you give a D***, do you gift wrap it?
Back to DCP. I don’t know who the perp is, but this is a remarkable selection of images. As some of you know, images are a bottomless pit. I have several hundred images in the que for inclusion in my blog, and that doesn’t include the tsunami of shots from around the internet.
Today, the subject is funny road signs. I suspect photoshop is the true source of some, but they are still fun.
And, as a bonus, there is the sand hotel. It is in Great Britain, has no ceiling, and will last until the next rainstorm. At $21 a night, it is a bargain. And, there is no flashing neon sign.

u u bang bang bang

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We know a bit more about Jim D. Adkisson. Allegedly, he put a shotgun in a guitar case, and went to a performance of “Annie” at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. Three shots later, two people are dead and a few more are in bad shape.
Knox News is a source for much of this feature.
It seems like Mr. Adkisson left a note behind about his hatred of “the liberal movement”. He is apparently a follower of Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity, all of whom preach hatred of liberals on a daily basis.
In an ironic touch, Mr. Adkisson owned a book by Mr. Savage,Liberalism is a Mental Health Disorder“.
Some say that the evil triumphs is when good men do nothing. The same could be said when a bad man does something.
In the inevitable “He was a nice guy” article, a neighbor recalls Mr. Adkisson talking about his parents forcing him to go to church. Mr. Adkisson seemed to have a lot of anger regarding religion.

Some say that a person with a weapon could have prevented the slaughter. Lets review this step by step.
Mr. Adkisson entered the auditorium from the back and started shooting. Many in the crowd thought the first shot was a part of the play.
Lets say that someone in the crowd did have a pistol. Lets also assume he was watching the play and not the door.
The first this person would have known, about a gunman, was when he heard the shots. By the time he retrieved his weapon and aimed, Mr. Adkisson would have had time for a second shot. Mr. Adkisson fired three times. In a best case scenario, the armed audience member could have prevented the third shot.
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adkisson-dissonance, caisson, admission
Hannity- hannie, hannibal, humanity

Plug in the Cords

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PG just can’t make it through the weekend without trouble of some kind.
The man doesn’t like to watch TV, but makes some exceptions. Today there were some projects to work on, and a video in the background would fit right in. He chose “The Best of the Johnny Carson show“, and it was great. Ed Ames threw the tomahawk at the cardboard indian, Dom DeLouise made a spectacle of himself, and Ed McMahon laughed. The problems started when PG had to take his brother to the train station. He put the tape on pause, instead of hitting stop. When he got back the tape was ruined.

On the way back from MARTA, PG stopped at a yard sale. Two dollars and a lot of talk later, PG took home 4 videos ( Williard, Free Jack, Fatal Attraction, and Apollo13), a cd carry case, and a gaudy silver plated icon. The lady said it was her grandfather’s house, and they did not want to pack anything.
When he got home, PG discovered the damage to Johnny, and put in “Midnight Cowboy“. Just when Joe Buck was about to hook up with Sylvia Miles, PG decided to turn up the sound. The box went quiet. After a few minutes of experiments, PG decided the vcr was toast.

By now, it was time to go to the chamblee library. There were five cd’s due back in two days. After an experience at the brookhaven library, PG knew to get a check in receipt for the cd’s.
Two years ago, PG took some cd’s home from the brookhaven library. A couple of weeks after he took them back, he got a call from the library system saying he needed to return “Shake your Booty“. It seems like the clerk checking in the cd’s overlooked that one. Why that embarrassing title was the one at issue is a mystery. At any rate, PG went to the library, found “Shake your Booty“, and all was well.

Today, at the Chamblee library, PG found a novel by Carl Hiassen that he had not read. This is like finding a twenty dollar bill in an old pair of pants. On his way home, he went back to the yard sale, and found a vcr. This old man had appeared, and would not take less than three dollars for the vcr. PG and the old man had a delightful chat about the neighborhood. The old man bought a house near there for $66 a month in 1951, and wondered how he would be able to make the payments.

PG met a friend for dinner at the Piccadilly Cafeteria. While waiting in front, a car with a handicap sticker pulled up, and had to discharge passengers and go park. The three handicap parking places were full.
Returning home, PG plugged in the recently purchased vcr and turned it on. Nothing happened. Again, there was a search for a fuse, it was plugged into a different outlet, a useless old tape was forced into the box. Still, nothing happened. PG was dismayed.

He looked at the vcr that had broken down earlier that day. There was this place to plug in patch cords, to connect the audio portion of the box to a stereo. PG found an old patch cord, plugged the vcr in to the tv, with the audio portion playing to the stereo. He put in a tape of Jimi Hendrix, and had music coming out of the stereo.
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1988 was tough

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There is a fine mp3 site called The Aquarium Drunkard. Today he put up some selections from a man I saw once, Roy Buchanan. His name had the dread phrase “the late” in front of it.
This is news to me, twenty years after the fact. It seems like August 14, 1988, his substance abuse issues got him locked up. A few hours later, he was found hanging by his shirt .
Mr. Buchanan opened for the Jefferson Starship at the Omni in 1976. He was a technical virtuoso, making sounds out of his guitar that were not supposed to be made. He was always on the verge of superstardom, but never seemed to get into the upper circles of fame. Meanwhile, Gracie Slick spent too much time at the hospitality table, and gave a poor performance.

At this time, I would look on the index page of New Yorker magazine at newstands. There is a list of cartoonists who had cartoons in that issue, in the order of appearance. I would look for Charles Addams, and see if I could find his cartoon.
Charles Addams drew the cartoons that were the basis for the Addams Family. He liked to say that he modeled Uncle Fester on himself. Many,many stories are told about him.
Sometime in the late eighties, I noticed that he no longer had cartoons in the magazine. I continued to look until about 1991, when I found a book about him. The reason I didn’t see cartoons anymore was that Mr. Addams died September 29, 1988.

Cynthia Ann McKinney

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Going up to Kennesaw this afternoon, I was greatly amused to hear a guest on the Mike Gallagher Show. The visitor was my former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney.
Miss McKinney is running for president as the candidate of the Green Party. She is following in the footsteps of Zell “Zig Zag” Miller, who abandoned the Democratic Party to shill for Republicans. On the radio today, she said that the Greens were an international party, that has had a tough time getting on the ballot in Georgia.

I enjoy the convenience and innuendo of referring to Presidential hopefuls by their initials. There is a slight problem with Cynthia Ann McKinney. CAM is the first syllable of my middle name, and was chosen as my given name. I still employ it for this purpose. The bottom line is, I will refer to Cynthia Ann McKinney as Miss McKinney. She was married at one time to Mr. Coy Grandison (with whom she had a son, Coy McKinney, born in 1987). The various websites promoting her and her candidacy do not provide much personal information.
This could be a plus, IMO. I am tired of candidates running their long suffering families into the public eye. A woman who is unashamedly not married would be an political innovation .
Miss McKinney has a reputation as a loose cannon. Her visit on the Gallagher show was highly entertaining. He asked her about the incident where she slapped a security guard at the U. S. Capitol, and she refused to answer. She said what she wanted to say, including saying that the democrats and republicans were both complicit in war crimes in Babylon.
Her strong stand against the War in Babylon is most appealing. She is probably no more capable of dealing with the mess there than BHO or JSM. If you want to make a protest vote against the killing, she is your lady.
Her vice presidential candidate is Rosa Clemente. Miss Clemente is a “hip hop activist”. When questioned by Mr. Gallagher about the seamier aspects of hip hop culture, Miss McKinney replied that he was thinking about corporate hip hop.
Cynthia Ann McKinney does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected. The most she can hope to do is siphon votes away from one of the two corporate candidates. To her credit, she seems to have a new hairdo. Gone is the Alfalfa looks, replaced by a more conservative look. As far as the hair issue goes, she is a clear winner over BHO and JSM.
If you want to help her retire Miss McKinney retire her congressional campaign debt , go here.
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zell- ell, sell, tell, cell, dell, hell, bell, yell, fell, well,zee

Condescending Nasty

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Mr. Malcontent
has a feature today about the August cover for Vanity Fair. It shows JSM and the heiress bride doing a little fist bump.
The cover is an obvious takeoff on a New Yorker cover that featured BHO and his proud wife. Lots of feathers were ruffled by that cover, mostly by the humor challenged. The current VF cover will likely result in whining about Liberal Bias.
New Yorker and Vanity Fair are both produced by Conde-Nast. The corporate name is rumored to be short for condescending nasty. There is no word on whether Vogue or Conde Nast Traveler will have political satire cartoons on the cover. Maybe Vogue could get fashion icon Nancy Reagan to do a fist bump with her husband’s tombstone.
Malcontent supplied a link to a column by Leonard Pitts in the Miami Herald. Mr. Pitts opined that as a nation we were
“ignorant, irony-impaired and petrified.”
The most recent effort by Mr. Pitts was ” You Think Slavery Ended in 1865?”. It is good reading, especially for those who enjoy talk of the good old days.
One good thing did come out of chasing the link to Mr. Pitts. A bit of backtracking on the Herald page showed the list of communists columnists. The other editorial columnist on the payroll there is one of my heroes, Carl Hiaasen. If irony is going away on a cruise, then Carl Hiaasen is throwing one helluva Bon Voyage party.
The latest effort by Mr. Hiaasen (does anyone know how to pronounce that?) is about the folly of trying to solve the oil price explosion by domestic offshore drilling. This is a favorite topic for the whiners on the radio today, but a bit of research shows a bit of putrification. For instance, the drilling off the Florida coast is most likely to produce natural gas, which is not what your SUV runs on.
The fact remains that no matter how much we drill, we are going to run out of oil someday. Another source of energy is needed. The oil companies will have to find an honest way to make a living.
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pitts- pits, mitts, putts, pints, pitas, piths
carl- carol, car, earl, marl, surl, care, call, cart, card, carp
hiaasen- baseness, unbiased, ashien, absentia
Leonard- leotard, leopard
conde- clyde, coned, code, condo,cone
nast- nat, east, last, cast, mast, past, bast, fast, vast, nasty
putrification- purification, petrification

Talk is Cheap

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Todays adventure in digitilogy started a couple of weeks ago. Word came in that Rush Limbaugh had signed a contract for $400 million. That kind of money will buy a lot of painkillers.
I did question whether Rush was a good investment for that sort of coinage. His popularity seems to have peaked about the time of the Gingrich revolution. Even if he is at fourteen minutes and counting, someone thinks the last thirty seconds of his fame is worth nine digits of loot.

Then, one of the other radio whiners…probably Mike Gallagher…got jealous over another person getting a big contract. I didn’t catch the name right away, but soon found out that it was Sean Hannity.
I stalked Sean Hannity one afternoon. In the early nineties, I was working in a job downtown with lots of free time. Mr. H was a celebrity guest in a sparsely attended parade…probably veterans day. I followed his car for a couple of blocks, staring at him with a blank look, like I wasn’t too connected to the planet. Finally, he looked at me and said
“are we having fun yet?”
But that wasn’t the best part of my search party. A technorati looksee for Sean Hannity yielded a bunch of stories about Micheal Savage.

Mr. Savage is not from the south. His former last name is Wiener. And he is like a kid who shouts cuss words at dinner, and loves the attention that he gets.
He has outdone himself lately. He was talking about autism. He should know that people know how to transcribe what he says.

” I’ll tell you what autism is. In 99 percent of the cases, it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out. That’s what autism is. What do you mean they scream and they’re silent? They don’t have a father around to tell them, ‘Don’t act like a moron. You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don’t sit there crying and screaming, idiot. ”

I can’t spill too many details, but I know a bit about mental illness. I have sat in on many “what can we do”conversations. There are a lot of unknowns, and perhaps some things could be handled better. But that does not excuse a man, who should know better, for trashing a lot of decent families.
Of course, some people still don’t get it. A conservative blog posted a piece called ”
This is why Michael Savage is the most hated conservative in America.” And someone left this in the comment thread: ” cant believe no one believes in free speech anymore… all of you so called conservatives have played directly into “Media Matters” trap! …good job”

Afghans in July

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Afghanistan stays in the news. A major source of opiates, Afghanistan is one of the wildest places on earth. Guarding the historic trade routes between Europe and India, The Hindu Kush is home to some of the fiercest soldiers on the planet.
In 1979, the Soviet Union decided that it wanted a war with Afghanistan This conflict lasted ten years, and the Mighty Soviets lost. This was during the Cold War,and the United States wanted to do everything it could to hurt the Soviets, whom it considered an enemy. The Afghani forces fighting the Soviets received much aid from the United States, which was very helpful in its ultimate success.
The defeat in Afghanistan was a factor in the dismantling of the Soviet Union that happened soon after. Soon, the rebel factions began to fight each other for the right to rule the country, using the weapons given them by the United States. Eventually the Taliban won, and set up shop.
On September 11, 2001, The United States was attacked. Credit for the attack was given to Al Queda, which was based in Afghanistan To avenge this attack, Afghanistan was invaded by the United States. We are still there.

This feature is not about the wisdom of attacking a fierce people, for the purpose of revenge. It is not about the future of our occupation there, or in neighboring Iraq. It is about the Olympics.
In 1996 Atlanta hosted the Olympics. On the last day of the games, the Men’s Marathon was run.
The Marathon course went out Peachtree from downtown, and turned around near the end of the 23 Oglethorpe busline, in front of the funeral home. It then turned right, and went down Lanier Drive beside Oglethorpe University. It went down the street a couple of blocks, turned around in front of Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church (a former employer of mine), and came back to Peachtree. The runners turned right, and ran to the Olympic Stadium.
Being the slack person that I am, I had not gotten tickets to any Olympic events. The Marathon was a free event, and was walking distance from my residence. This was my last chance.
When I got there, I was amazed at the instant community that had assembled along the course. This remarkable event was almost over, and this was all I was going to see of it! The fact that it is more than many others saw was little comfort.
I walked alongside the course, and crossed Lanier Drive. This is important to the rest of the story.

The runners were a bit of an anticlimax. A pack of men in track uniforms, with the leaders in a bunch at the start. They ran past, went to the end of the course, down Lanier Drive, and hustled down Peachtree to the end of the race.
After the second appearance of the bulk of the runners, I was ready to go. However, there was a glitch. One runner was way behind the rest of the pack, and I could not cross Lanier Drive until he had gone by, and the course was opened for pedestrian traffic.
The last runner was from Afghanistan
After a few minutes, he appeared. He had a large bandage on one leg, which apparently had been injured.
He finished the race.
I could not run 26 miles if I was 100 percent. The Afghan ran the marathon with an injured leg, albeit 20 minutes behind the rest of the pack.

303 Ball and Chain

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Sometimes a picture is exciting. Sometimes it is just something to keep busy. This is one of the latter.
There are things I like about the way it turned out. The interplay of colors at the middle of the cmc is nice. I like to think I learn something on all my projects, but I don’t know what it is on this one.
Technically, it is a mess. When I was cutting out the parts, I made a lot of mistakes. Look at the yellow border tile next to the N at the end.
As some may have guessed, this is my “real” name.
As for BallandChain, I was listening to Janis Joplin when I opened the picture log, and started to record this image. Is my name like a ball and chain? Not really, but you have to name something something.

BHO is in the war zone this weekend. As talk radio notes, this visit will be getting lots of coverage. It is amazing what scheduling something for a slow news week will do.
Last year, JSM went to Iraq. He was quoted as saying that Baghdad was safe to walk in, especially when you wear a flak jacket and have a helicopter or two covering you.
I wonder what exactly these bigshots learn on these trips to combat zones. The military will show them what they want them to see. BHO could see and hear the same things stateside, but without all the publicity.

Waffle House Reverie

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12:15PM 071708 From a waffle house on hwy 155 in McDonough
When PG go to work, the first thing he heard was that he was going to deliver a box to McDonough. When he got there, the had to wait on the old machine to go back. While this was being done, PG went to a Waffle House to drink some noon coffee.

“I love your son to death,but I can’t understand him”

“He’s too fly”
“the next American Idol”

“You better catch them when their drunk”

The fishwrapper can be an ally when you have time to kill. This is the first time that PG has paid seventy five cents for the worthless ad rag.
PG decides to go to the Metro Section. The first thing to catch his eye is the Peach Buzz. Ron Wood is in alcohol rehab, Natalie Cole has hepatitis, and Ben and Jerry have a new flavor *out*…”Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road”.

It seems like Eyellton has a show soon in Vermont. This will be the fiftieth state that he has done a show in. This is not counting the various states of intoxication and mental disarray. Ben and Jerry are going to celebrate with a limited edition ice cream, with profits going to Eyellton’s AIDS foundation. ( PG wonders what accounting methods are used in these “profits go to” type of things)
PG heard an unconfirmed story about Eyellton and ice cream a few years ago. It seems like an ex bf wanted an ice cream shop as palimony. He got it. And what topping do you want on that banana split?

Moving on in the Metro section, there is a page of election results. This is known as filling the page without paying a reporter.
Vernon Jones and Jim Martin are going to runoff for the Senate nomination. There is no word on whether Vernon’s pal BHO will drop by to help out. In district 81, Chris Huttman beat Cecillia Hailey 811 to 369. That margin is too big to be credited to a blog post seen by less than fifty people.

A big hat tip to Joemyg-d for the cartoon. The grim reaper is said to be offended.

Operation Save America

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I was enjoying monday morning, until I went up pill hill and saw the red tee shirts. The people in the shirts were anti abortion protesters. The slick signs had the “standard” slogans and pictures of mutilated fetii. This did not make me feel good about the rest of the day.
One lady was fashionably dressed, as she struck a pose beside her sign that begged to be photographed. Alas, I left my camera at home that day.
It seems as though Operation Save America...formerly known as Operation Rescue…is having a National Event in Atlanta this week. As their website says.
“Will you heed the call and allow God to move through you this summer as the Church once again stands for Truth at the very gates of hell?” Hey, it does get hot here in July. Still, that is not a very nice thing to say about your host city.
Part of the economy here is based on meetings and conventions. This does bring a lot of money into our fair city. The flip side is, we are the captive audience for a lot of loud people with a message. Mostly, we just go on about our business until the vulgar idiots take their credit cards back home.
Many of these folk wear red tee shirts. They have a cross, and the slogan “Jesus is the Standard”. I dare say that very few of these people are the result of virgin birth. They do not meet the standard.
Another source of amusement for OSA is picketing gay pride events. Could it be that those sign wavers are saying more about themselves than about others? For that matter, how many of those women in these protests have had abortions?
Abortion is an issue I am concerned about. I wrote a post last year called ” Is Life Sacred”. Here is the money quote:
Abortion and War are similar issues. Both are horrible, ghastly events. I have never participated in either, except as a sponsoring taxpayer. In the case of War, there are side effects to a society that wages war, no matter how just. It takes resources away from better uses, is damaging to the economy (except for a handful of profiteers), and is generally bad karma. The same can be said about abortion.
However, I stop short of saying we should never do either. Sometimes War is needed. (Often though, by the time a decision has been made to fight a war, the country has been railroaded into this action.) Sometimes Abortion is an appropriate measure. We need to keep the option open.
However horrified I may be by abortion, I do not like the power happy politicians and ministers who exploit this issue for their own benefit. The same could be said for those who enlist Jesus in this process. Of course, as many times as Jesus and his believers have hurt me, the sign wavers can have him.
There is also a counter protest to this nonsense. Go here for more information.
Next week, another convention will be in town. And unwanted pregnancy will continue.