Operation Save America

Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on July 15, 2008

I was enjoying monday morning, until I went up pill hill and saw the red tee shirts. The people in the shirts were anti abortion protesters. The slick signs had the “standard” slogans and pictures of mutilated fetii. This did not make me feel good about the rest of the day.
One lady was fashionably dressed, as she struck a pose beside her sign that begged to be photographed. Alas, I left my camera at home that day.
It seems as though Operation Save America...formerly known as Operation Rescue…is having a National Event in Atlanta this week. As their website says.
“Will you heed the call and allow God to move through you this summer as the Church once again stands for Truth at the very gates of hell?” Hey, it does get hot here in July. Still, that is not a very nice thing to say about your host city.
Part of the economy here is based on meetings and conventions. This does bring a lot of money into our fair city. The flip side is, we are the captive audience for a lot of loud people with a message. Mostly, we just go on about our business until the vulgar idiots take their credit cards back home.
Many of these folk wear red tee shirts. They have a cross, and the slogan “Jesus is the Standard”. I dare say that very few of these people are the result of virgin birth. They do not meet the standard.
Another source of amusement for OSA is picketing gay pride events. Could it be that those sign wavers are saying more about themselves than about others? For that matter, how many of those women in these protests have had abortions?
Abortion is an issue I am concerned about. I wrote a post last year called ” Is Life Sacred”. Here is the money quote:
Abortion and War are similar issues. Both are horrible, ghastly events. I have never participated in either, except as a sponsoring taxpayer. In the case of War, there are side effects to a society that wages war, no matter how just. It takes resources away from better uses, is damaging to the economy (except for a handful of profiteers), and is generally bad karma. The same can be said about abortion.
However, I stop short of saying we should never do either. Sometimes War is needed. (Often though, by the time a decision has been made to fight a war, the country has been railroaded into this action.) Sometimes Abortion is an appropriate measure. We need to keep the option open.
However horrified I may be by abortion, I do not like the power happy politicians and ministers who exploit this issue for their own benefit. The same could be said for those who enlist Jesus in this process. Of course, as many times as Jesus and his believers have hurt me, the sign wavers can have him.
There is also a counter protest to this nonsense. Go here for more information.
Next week, another convention will be in town. And unwanted pregnancy will continue.

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