Waffle House Reverie

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 17, 2008

12:15PM 071708 From a waffle house on hwy 155 in McDonough
When PG go to work, the first thing he heard was that he was going to deliver a box to McDonough. When he got there, the had to wait on the old machine to go back. While this was being done, PG went to a Waffle House to drink some noon coffee.

“I love your son to death,but I can’t understand him”

“He’s too fly”
“the next American Idol”

“You better catch them when their drunk”

The fishwrapper can be an ally when you have time to kill. This is the first time that PG has paid seventy five cents for the worthless ad rag.
PG decides to go to the Metro Section. The first thing to catch his eye is the Peach Buzz. Ron Wood is in alcohol rehab, Natalie Cole has hepatitis, and Ben and Jerry have a new flavor *out*…”Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road”.

It seems like Eyellton has a show soon in Vermont. This will be the fiftieth state that he has done a show in. This is not counting the various states of intoxication and mental disarray. Ben and Jerry are going to celebrate with a limited edition ice cream, with profits going to Eyellton’s AIDS foundation. ( PG wonders what accounting methods are used in these “profits go to” type of things)
PG heard an unconfirmed story about Eyellton and ice cream a few years ago. It seems like an ex bf wanted an ice cream shop as palimony. He got it. And what topping do you want on that banana split?

Moving on in the Metro section, there is a page of election results. This is known as filling the page without paying a reporter.
Vernon Jones and Jim Martin are going to runoff for the Senate nomination. There is no word on whether Vernon’s pal BHO will drop by to help out. In district 81, Chris Huttman beat Cecillia Hailey 811 to 369. That margin is too big to be credited to a blog post seen by less than fifty people.

A big hat tip to Joemyg-d for the cartoon. The grim reaper is said to be offended.

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