Plug in the Cords

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on July 27, 2008

PG just can’t make it through the weekend without trouble of some kind.
The man doesn’t like to watch TV, but makes some exceptions. Today there were some projects to work on, and a video in the background would fit right in. He chose “The Best of the Johnny Carson show“, and it was great. Ed Ames threw the tomahawk at the cardboard indian, Dom DeLouise made a spectacle of himself, and Ed McMahon laughed. The problems started when PG had to take his brother to the train station. He put the tape on pause, instead of hitting stop. When he got back the tape was ruined.

On the way back from MARTA, PG stopped at a yard sale. Two dollars and a lot of talk later, PG took home 4 videos ( Williard, Free Jack, Fatal Attraction, and Apollo13), a cd carry case, and a gaudy silver plated icon. The lady said it was her grandfather’s house, and they did not want to pack anything.
When he got home, PG discovered the damage to Johnny, and put in “Midnight Cowboy“. Just when Joe Buck was about to hook up with Sylvia Miles, PG decided to turn up the sound. The box went quiet. After a few minutes of experiments, PG decided the vcr was toast.

By now, it was time to go to the chamblee library. There were five cd’s due back in two days. After an experience at the brookhaven library, PG knew to get a check in receipt for the cd’s.
Two years ago, PG took some cd’s home from the brookhaven library. A couple of weeks after he took them back, he got a call from the library system saying he needed to return “Shake your Booty“. It seems like the clerk checking in the cd’s overlooked that one. Why that embarrassing title was the one at issue is a mystery. At any rate, PG went to the library, found “Shake your Booty“, and all was well.

Today, at the Chamblee library, PG found a novel by Carl Hiassen that he had not read. This is like finding a twenty dollar bill in an old pair of pants. On his way home, he went back to the yard sale, and found a vcr. This old man had appeared, and would not take less than three dollars for the vcr. PG and the old man had a delightful chat about the neighborhood. The old man bought a house near there for $66 a month in 1951, and wondered how he would be able to make the payments.

PG met a friend for dinner at the Piccadilly Cafeteria. While waiting in front, a car with a handicap sticker pulled up, and had to discharge passengers and go park. The three handicap parking places were full.
Returning home, PG plugged in the recently purchased vcr and turned it on. Nothing happened. Again, there was a search for a fuse, it was plugged into a different outlet, a useless old tape was forced into the box. Still, nothing happened. PG was dismayed.

He looked at the vcr that had broken down earlier that day. There was this place to plug in patch cords, to connect the audio portion of the box to a stereo. PG found an old patch cord, plugged the vcr in to the tv, with the audio portion playing to the stereo. He put in a tape of Jimi Hendrix, and had music coming out of the stereo.
Spell check suggestion for this feature:
DeLouise- delouse

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