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Posted in Religion by chamblee54 on July 28, 2008

We know a bit more about Jim D. Adkisson. Allegedly, he put a shotgun in a guitar case, and went to a performance of “Annie” at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church. Three shots later, two people are dead and a few more are in bad shape.
Knox News is a source for much of this feature.
It seems like Mr. Adkisson left a note behind about his hatred of “the liberal movement”. He is apparently a follower of Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity, all of whom preach hatred of liberals on a daily basis.
In an ironic touch, Mr. Adkisson owned a book by Mr. Savage,Liberalism is a Mental Health Disorder“.
Some say that the evil triumphs is when good men do nothing. The same could be said when a bad man does something.
In the inevitable “He was a nice guy” article, a neighbor recalls Mr. Adkisson talking about his parents forcing him to go to church. Mr. Adkisson seemed to have a lot of anger regarding religion.

Some say that a person with a weapon could have prevented the slaughter. Lets review this step by step.
Mr. Adkisson entered the auditorium from the back and started shooting. Many in the crowd thought the first shot was a part of the play.
Lets say that someone in the crowd did have a pistol. Lets also assume he was watching the play and not the door.
The first this person would have known, about a gunman, was when he heard the shots. By the time he retrieved his weapon and aimed, Mr. Adkisson would have had time for a second shot. Mr. Adkisson fired three times. In a best case scenario, the armed audience member could have prevented the third shot.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
adkisson-dissonance, caisson, admission
Hannity- hannie, hannibal, humanity

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  1. Denny said, on July 28, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    You know I always laugh when I hear people say, “This tragedy wouldn’t have happened if someone carried a gun.”

    These people have never been to an inner city or any place that’s crime-ridden. Otherwise they would know that criminals and law abiding citizens alike carry guns and that doesn’t deter the violence or the crime.

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