T shirt Friday

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on August 21, 2008

In more disreputable parts of the blogosphere, this is known as HNT. That stands for Half Naked Thursday. Now, this is a family blog, and Gomez and Morticia think I should keep it clean.
This picture was taken under the bridge behind Cherokee Plaza. I went there to take pictures of graffiti. Under a bridge is a good place to wear clothes.
This bridge was rebuilt before the MARTA line went through there. The old bridge was a lot of fun. It had a steep drop off after you went over the center of the top. If you were not driving slow your car would leave the ground, and fall back down with a lot of noise and busted parts.

Getting back to the HNT theme…even though it is Friday GMT now…we have pictures of some people who need to keep their clothes on, at least when they are in public. In the case of Senator Haircut…bless his heart…that man is a piece of work. This is not the first time he has been caught.
It is suggested that the Demos may be suffering from buyers remorse, and think that BHO is an unelectable turkey. The people I hear saying this are mostly wingnut radio whiners, who are about as neutral as the rasmussen poll.

The only problem with the BHO doubters is the prospect of Hillary making a run for the White House. Did anyone really want her in the oval office? AGAIN. America is much better off without hearing that laugh . And for those who would have her as the Vice Presidential selection, I have two words…Lyndon Johnson. LBJ as President was no accident.
The last selection in this collection is possibly photoshopped. Just like the 2000 election.

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