Stumping Google

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on August 22, 2008

You can find out the doggonest stuff on the internet. Having google not like you is not that much of a handicap.
It started out when made my daily visit to Centurion. “Scent” is a Jesus Worshiper who has banned me from commenting. I have forgiven him, but I remain persona non grata. Such is life.
His blog has a place where you can do a google search. I appreciate such facilities, as google, for some reason, will not let me use their search engine. I find that I can access their algorithmic wonders through a third parties, and I wanted to see if “Scent” was good for that.
The phrase I entered was
“thrunombulax”. Thrunombulax is a phrase I have used to describe my planet of origin. It can be handy to have an alternate planet as a place of birth.
Well, google via “Scent” does not work. I went to another google proxy, WGST radio. WGST is the Atlanta home of Rush Limbaugh. Googleproxy does work there, but today the phrase
thrunombulax produced this result: Your search did not match any documents. My curiosity was whetted. I entelime the word thrunombulax into MSN and Yahoo search and I got the same result. A blogger called PiersGavestonJr had once used thrunombulax The passage in question went like this: Am I being called back to thrunombulax (the planet of my birth)?
6- My giving advice about depression is like Cynthia Mckinney (my representative in congress) giving advice about hair care.

What makes this so fascinating…this business of finding one usage of the phrase
thrunombulax on the internet…is the fact that thrunombulax originated with Frank Zappa. He put out an album once called “Live from L.A.”, and there was a song called “Cheepnis” on it. There was a giant poodle dog which the peasants of the valley called thrunombulax . Or so I thought. You would think that with all the song lyric sites, one of them would have “Cheepnis” and thrunombulax .
Back to MSN. Google can take their algorithms and do unspeakable things to Perez Hilton with them. A search for Frank Zappa lyrics landed me on a songlyric site. Before I could get to the goods on “Cheepnis”, there was a popup ad for Parental Internet Controls. I have a strong anti popup device on my computer, and it takes a strong popup to popup here. But I digress. After a few bandwidth crunching minutes , the lyrics to “Cheepnis” came up.
Frank Zappa spelled it “Frunombulax”.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
fushcia- eustachian, auschwitz, katuscha, fustian
thrunombulax- perambulation, ambulatory
www- wow
parenting.htm- parenthetical, parenthesis, implementing
cheepnis- cheeps, sheepish, cheerios, cheeriness, cheekiness
google- goggle
grata- grate
McKinney- Mckinnon
frunombulax- perambulation, amubulation, thrunombulax

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