The golf course trail

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on August 24, 2008

When PG arrived at Chastain Park, a slight drizzle was starting to fall. Within a minute, it had increased to something that could be called rain. Then Uzi arrived, and the downpour went away as quickly as it had arrived.
Uzi had a collection of umbrellas in his car, and loaned one to PG. He loathed carrying objects, and felt that the umbrella would get in the way of his camera. And it did not rain the rest of the walk, although it would have if the umbrellas had remained put away.
There was a road sign across from the park that said Power Ferry Road. Both hikers were certain that this was a mistake, and that the Powers should be plural. A look at a map later confirmed this.
A few doors down was the shoe mailbox. This mailbox was protected by Noble Security.
There are always dogs when people go to walk. PG learned a while back that people like to have pictures taken of their dogs. While most dogs are camera shy, today there were some exceptions.

The weather had been cool and breezy when the two decided to go walk the golf course loop. After the rain, there was a lot of steam in the air. This was not pleasant to walk in, and made the car A.C. appreciated on the way home.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
chastain- chastity, chastise, chasten, chastely

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