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There has been a bit of commotion lately about the word “Uppity”. It seems like a Georgia Congressman ( that bastion of enlightenment) referred to a certain half white Presidential candidate as Uppity. Certain keyboards of the internet were not amused.
Before we get any further with this episode, it should be noted that BHO does not lack for self confidence. He can come across as cold and arrogant. The word Uppity just might fit him. JSM, by contrast, has a certain good natured charm. It might be an act, but he does pull it off.
Back to Uppitality. The digital naysayers were referring to a racist origin for Uppity. According to
Uppity 1880, from up; originally used by blacks of other blacks felt to be too self-assertive (first recorded use is in “Uncle Remus”). The parallel British variant uppish (1678) originally meant “lavish;” the sense of “conceited, arrogant” being first recorded 1734. The more modern Urban Dictionary had several definitions, most centered around the terms arrogant, conceited, and snob. None of the UD definitions was racially based. The UD did have some sub phrases, like Uppity cracker ” stupid cracker that can’t keep his mouth shut” Uppity negro ” a fearless black person who by social definition is “not in their place” and Uppity whodie do. The last one is “the g-rated way to say utter c**t. uptight, b****y, or just plain intolerable”
The U word has some other uses. The phrase ” Uppity Women Unite” has been on many bumper stickers. A visit to a search engine shows businesses like “Uppity Puppies” and “Uppity Events”.
I sat in on a conversation in Tennessee a few years back. This was at a community of rather eccentric folk, which coexisted with its backwoods neighbors very well. One of the old timers of the area said that most people minded their own business .
“The one thing you do not want people to think about you here is that you are Uppity”

HT to Puntabulous for steering me to the Urban Dictionary. Puntabulous published a delightful piece this morning, “The Guide to misleading sexual phrases”. His readers supplied many more examples in the comments, and UD was outstanding at defining them. Several were TMI.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
urbandictionary- dictionary, jurisdictional
uppitality- hospitality, vitality, capitalist, brutality, capitalize, reactionary, functionary
whodie- Rhodie, who die

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