Two Stories about JSM

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on September 22, 2008

There is a lot of material about JSM these days. Two stories stand out.
The first is courtesy of Kikoshouse. It is about the role that JSM has played in the resolution of the POW/MIA issue. It seems like JSM has sponsored legislation to withhold information about POW s left behind. Here is a key quote:
” While the remains of about 450 POW s who died in Vietnam proper have been repatriated as relations between the U.S. and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam thawed, there has been little movement on POW s who went missing in Cambodia and Laos. A major reason is that these troopers were in those countries on secret missions that the Pentagon is covering up even 30-plus years after the end of hostilities…The most troubling aspect of the POW saga are persistent reports that some are still alive and many more were left behind…While I personally believe that very few — if any — may be alive and that POW groups have done survivors’ families a grave disservice by stoking the fires of hope, I also believe that many were left behind. And were executed. Schanberg’s assessment is the same.”
The Kikoshouse report is based on a far longer work. It is not easy to understand, or condense into sound bites. BHO is unlikely to bring attention to it. It probably will have little impact on this election. It is nonetheless very disturbing, and says a few things about what we could expect from President JSM.
It is also helpful to remember what JSM was doing when he was captured. He was a career military man, not a draftee. He was piloting a plane that dropped napalm on enemy territory…an enemy that never launched air raids on American soil. It is possible that some of this jellied gasoline landed on women and children.
The next installment in today’s entertainment is from TalismanGate. The author of this blog is Nibras Kazimi, a visiting scholar at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. His thought for the day is “What would a McCain presidency mean for the Middle East”. A key quote:
“With McCain as president, the White House would be ready to contemplate a future Middle East that does not include the House of Saud remaining in power. A McCain presidency would challenge the conventional status quo, pushed by the Middle Eastern-related bureaucracies at the State Department, the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, that the Saudi royals are needed to maintain stability within their country and throughout the region.”
The United States has had two major allies in the Middle East: Israel and Saudi Arabia. On September 11, 2001, some citizens of Saudi Arabia made a statement. This event is connected to those alliances. Will JSM maintain the status quo? Talisman seems to think that Senate Veteran JSM just might be savvy enough to make some changes in this policy. BHO is seen as a corrupt lightweight who would play ball with the House of Saud.
Whoever wins is going to have to do some tough things in the middle east. The waters have been muddied by years of corrupt alliances and unwise war. Between the shallowness of BHO and the instability of JSM, there is no good choice.
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