Image Manipulation

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on September 27, 2008

I listened to the debate last night while manipulating images. The two activities were related. Image manipulation is where you take an image, usually a photograph, and play with it. Lighten, darken, add color, balance color, use filters…you can take a poor image and make something nice out of it. In the debate, we took two corrupt politicians and listened to them say what they did.
As for who won or lost, this says more about the judge than the debaters. Most BHO supporters said he won, and most JSM fans favored him. In the war in Babylon, proclaiming victory is an important part of the surge strategy. Both BHO and JSM have been counted out of the race many times. The election is over when the votes are counted.
JSM said that government spending was out of control, and needs to be reduced. He forgets to mention that a leading cause of this runaway spending is maintaining 160K troops eight time zones away. Maybe that is justified by saying that we are winning.
BHO says that Iraq is taking attention away from Afghanistan and Pakistan. He seems to be eager to invade Pakistan, so we can put Mr. Bin Laden’s scalp on the wall. The fact that Pakistan is a poor, unstable country of more than 100 million people doesn’t seem to deter him. Oh, and they have the bomb.
BHO did note that Mr. Ahmadinejad is not the true power in Iran. He also had the sense not to appear foolish trying to pronounce that name. With neighbors like Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan, Iran is going to want the bomb. With the threat from Iraq removed…indeed, with an Iran friendly government in power next door… Iran is more powerful than ever.
I got a lot of pictures done while the debate took place. I didn’t feel the need to look at the screen and see who was looking at who. This may influence my neutral judgment on the affair. In the seminal Nixon-Kennedy debate, many who listened on radio thought that Nixon won. It was the visual of the ugly Nixon versus the glamorous Kennedy that pulled through. While BHO is not glamorous, he does have more star power than JSM.
The election will be over in a few weeks. And not a minute too soon.

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