Trick or Treat Advisory

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Ten Clues you are too old to Trick or Treat:

10. You get winded from knocking on the door.

9. You have to have another kid chew the candy for you.

8. You ask for high fiber candy only.

7. You keep having to go home to pee.

6. People say: “Great Boris Karloff Mask,”And you’re not wearing a mask.

5. When the door opens you yell, “Trick or…”And can’t remember the rest.

4. By the end of the night,you have a bag full of restraining orders.

3. You have to carefully choose a costume that won’t dislodge your hairpiece.

2. You’re the only Power Ranger in the neighborhood with a walker.

1. When someone drops a candy bar in your bag,you lose your balance and fall over.

Ponce de Leon Crackers

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—why you callin me cheapskate? —cause you won’t take me to dinner —Krystal is NOT cheap —mmmm, krystals… haven’t had my second helping of my twice-year Krystal venture —does anyone remember the krystal on peachtree at seventh? —i do, ate there all the time … it was filthy but not as filthy as the one on ponce —filthy, the facility or the patrons? —yes, I remember it well —the idea of a starbucks in that building is amazing —midtown hasn’t been the same since the krystals closed —I drove my car to work yesterday, which is rare for me to do. Anyway, drove home via filthy Ponce de Leon, it was a drive down memory lane —At least Krispy Kreme reigns eternally on Ponce —would leave Bulldogs about 2am and stop in for Krystals on the way home —yes, good ole ponce will always be filthy —Yes, the ol’ No. 2 bus on Ponce. A wide range of clientele ride that route —you mean KK with the rat traps that line the parking lot? —what you talkin bout,rats won’t eat that stuff! hehe —would make em fat and then they get sent to a farm/lab —there are some fat rats along Ponce, there’s so much food thrown out there. —a few months ago i cut thru the KK lot when i was parking for eagle, there were BIG ole rat traps all along the edge of the parking lot —true, but fortunately there’s a lot of traffic to get em sometimes, LOL —dang, maybe rats are in the recipe —the law requires the rat traps at the perimeter of eating places —would you rather the rats go inside the building? —-are you serving us grilled rat today? —how much extra to eat at a rat-free place? —many other businesses use the perimeter traps as well, like storage facilities, warehouses —I mean think about it, the rats are everywhere, if they’re not trapped outside, they will go inside… would you prefer that? —I see the traps outside and think that at least the business is trying to PREVENT something bad

—who won?—phillies—damn— w c fields is having a drink in his grave to celebrate—it’s only the 2nd time in 100 years the Phillies have won a series………lame—i was pulling for the rays—as atlanta residents, with one title in 40 plus years, we have little to say—included in that was fourteen consequetive division titles, and only one world series to show for it—right…….hard to tell who is really “loserville” us or them—at least we are not next to new jersey—although half the state has moved here—true……..—i know some people who like philadelphia—they can have it

Hardcore 81st Action

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I got up at six am, and wondered whatever possessed me. At the early voting place, the line was over one hundred feet long. The process went fairly smoothly, and I got out at 7:42. On the way home, I had a sense of relief…the political season was over. There was a feeling of disgust when I saw a yard sign, but soon they will be in the landfill. The rotting food will be offended.

Then I saw this. It seems like my representative, Jill Chambers, is accusing Chris Huttman of dragging the deceased mother, of Mrs. Chambers, into the race. At first I was outraged. I lost my mother to cancer, and know how horrible that was. Then I looked at the mailer in question, and read the comment by Chris Huttman.

It seems like Mrs. Chambers attended a fund raiser, and took money from people. Soon afterward, she introduced legislation that would benefit these people. At the time, she cited the experience of her mother as a reason for her interest. Which is exactly what the mailer said….
“she justified it by pointing to her own mother’s illness”. The legislation in question involves something called a certificate of need, and is a bit tough to understand. In her email to Peach Pundit, she said “In 2007, I introduced two pieces of legislation to help Georgia patients have access to the best care they could find – one bill would allow specialty cancer treatment centers to open in Georgia; the other bill would require all hospitals to publically disclose their infection rates.”
This fundraiser that preceded this legislation is the subject of controversy. A man filed an ethics complaint about it, and Mrs. Chambers has fought back. Mrs. Chambers made an uninvited visit to the man’s residence, and made a spectacle of herself. Mrs. Chambers recently sent out a mailer about this complaint. In it, the address and phone number of the complainer are published.

306 Eleven Stars

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The early voting started today at several locations. In my area, the choice was between a fire station and a former mental retardation center. There is a message in that somehow. I chose the former retardation center. First, there was a traffic jam trying to get in. There was no where to park, and a very long line. I did park ( someone left, and left a space), and asked someone how long they had waited. An hour! That is too long to wait, even for someone I am going to hate for eight years. I will come back later.

On the way back, I stopped at the First Baptist Church. The FBC is on the site of an Avon Warehouse, which is another ironic statement. The steeple from the old building is on a brick pedestal in the parking lot, and I saw a photo opportunity.

The first thought is to get up early some morning and make another shot at early voting. From now until then, I will have an open mind, and see this as an opportunity to change. If only JSM would quit talking wingnut trash, and not act like a befuddled old man. Maybe Saxby Chambliss will just go away and leave us alone. Jill Chambers and Chris Hardcore can go get a drink, and talk trash about Vernon Jones.

We can use the Jewish concept about race…If your mother is Jewish, then are you Jewish. By that reasoning, BHO is white. Try not to worry about his Muslim father, and nutcase preacher. Anyone who says I am racist, if I don’t support BHO, should take a good hard look in a mirror. And hope it doesn’t break, or you will get seven years of bad luck. To go along with the eight years we are voting on.

Trip to Lower Tennessee

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The trip to lower Tennessee went smoothly. Yes, there was an SUV shining his bright lights and encouraging more speed, but that is expected for Cobb County. PG had driven for a living in this area, and found the house with little problem.

It had been a while, fifteen years, since PG had seen the hostess. He was warmly greeted, and given a plate for the storebought grapes. Food was the focus of this evening, not costumes, athletic drinking, or hooking up. There was even a cake called “Better than Sex”. Getting older can be boring, but you are not going to go hungry.

The hostess had a prosthetic backside, draped by a hospital gown. There was a witch, a young terrorist, and a blogger wearing a ralph lauren tie. The prize for best costume went to the father of the hostess. His costume had been put aside by the time PG arrived.

On the surface it sounds boring, but PG had a good time. You could eat until you found someone to talk to, and soon there were people to listen to. Before long it was time to go, and get lost in the subdivision on the way out.

Troy Davis Lives

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The Troy Davis saga continues.
The last time I wrote about this matter, I called him Tony Davis. After a review of my sources for that feature, I saw that the only one to call him Tony was some Yankee newspaper. When you are in the public eye, you lose control about what people call you. At the very least, lets not call him by all three names. That seems to be a perp tradition.

Troy Davis has yet another stay of execution. That should make the celebrities happy, at least until they get to the next cause of the day. There is a fear of mob rule in such things, with the specter of the lynch mob in mind. This would seem to be the opposite…where the celebrities,the EU, and the well meaning domestics demanding that the execution be canceled. Is the mob really a good judge of guilt or innocence?

There seems to be a bit of doubt on this case. We all know about the seven witnesses who said they didn’t mean it, and the lack of physical evidence. There is also the rigorous review that capital punishment requires, and the fact that several courts have refused to intervene. Many observers of the case are convinced that Mr. Davis is indeed the culprit. Where is King Solomon when you really need him?

This case is not going to change my mind about capital punishment. My take is that capital punishment is strong medicine, and that our justice system is not smart enough. Yes, people who kill police are worthy of execution, as are many other criminals. There are also people who are better served by a long prison sentence. Is our justice system fair enough, wise enough,and efficient enough to know the difference?

There is one more semantic issue here, to go along with using all three names for perps. What verb do we use for death by lethal injection? DBLI has an antiseptic sound, which does not fit this little bit of state sponsored homicide. The firing squad shoots, the hangman hangs, and the electric chair fries. Those verbs bring home the reality of bureaucrat sponsored offing more vividly than death by lethal injection. I propose POISON. The state of Georgia will have to wait to see if it gets to POISON Troy Davis.

Saxby Needs to Retire

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In a couple of weeks, the election will be, blessedly, over. The only thing that could screw up…north of Florida…is a Georgia race where no candidate receives over 50 percent of the vote. In 1992, the incumbent Senator was an Atlanta Baseball fan named Wyche Fowler. He was confident of victory, but many were dissatisfied with his performance. The Libertarian candidate, Jim Hudson, got enough votes to force a runoff. In the runoff, Repub Paul Coverdell won election. Mr. Fowler was consoled by the job of Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. A few months after he left that position, 15 Saudi nationals flew planes into American buildings.
This story does have a moral. If you want Saxby Chambliss to spend more time with his family, then vote for Democrat Jim Martin. While the Libertarian movement might be a good idea, this is not the time to push it.
Saxby Chambliss is a vile man who needs to retire. His issues and shortcomings are well documented elsewhere. In addition, he has a funny first name.
The rest of this feature is a personal story about Mr. Saxby. As it became obvious that we were going to invade Babylon, I decided to go on record as being opposed. I felt we were starting something we were not going to be able to finish, that we could not afford, and was based on shaky premises. Once the fighting started I would support the troops, but before the “shock and awe” was distributed, I would speak my mind. The email/letter went to My House of Representatives lady, and the two senators.
The house lady at the time was Denise Majette. She had defeated Cynthia McKinney the previous fall. Ms. Majette sent a long and thoughtful reply. While she did not explicitly say so, I got the sense that she was opposed to the invasion. However, due to some votes cast in the previous congress, there was little that could be done to stop the war.
Of the two Senators, I never did hear from Zell “ZigZag” Miller. My letter mentioned that “You were elected to represent me”. Mr. Miller was appointed by the Governor to finish the term of Paul Coverdell, who died. Mr. Coverdell was a Republican. The Governor and Mr. Miller were Democrats. Mr. Miller has since decided that the Democratic Party is too liberal for his taste. ZigZag is lower than a snakes belly.
Mr. Chambliss did send a reply to my letter. It was a few months after “Mission Accomplished”. Mr. Chambliss praised the war. He made no mention of my objections to the war, which were still valid in those early days of the insurgence. I wonder if his staff even read my letter.
Saxby Chambliss needs to retire. Some lobbying firm will give him a nice job, and the taxpayers will only indirectly pay for it.
Thanks to Wikipedia for help in fact checking this feature.
Spell check suggestions for this feature:
Wyche- Wycherly, psyche, chewy
Majette- Majorette, Majesty
Zell- Sell, tell, cell, hell, hell, bell, fell, well, nell
Wikipedia- pediatric, cyclopedia, stipendiary, impedimenta

Influential Men

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It is amazing what gets your attention when you should be looking for a job. The yahoo page had a link to a poll of the “49 most influential men of 2008”. Polls like this are usually rubbish, but there is a post to be written. This is a good excuse to put some pictures up.

I don’t have the patience for all 49. This is one of those deals where you have to click on a link for every name on the list. That is a lot of work, especially for men I have never heard of. I seldom watch TV or pay full price for movies, so a lot of celebrities go under the radar. It will be fun to see how many I have heard of. There is a profile about each man, but that is another click, and wait for the popupdropdown ad to clear. This is going to be a lot of work just to get to the top ten.

If you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all.

1- Barack Obama… Hype is color blind.
2- Steve Jobs
3- Micheal Phelps

4- Robert Downey, Jr…Rehab does work sometimes.
5- Stephen Colbert

6- Gordon Ramsey…This is the first one I totally don’t know. Mr. Ramsey is wearing a chef’s outfit, which is a clue.
7- Christian Bale
8- Rob Kay…Mr. Kay designs video games. If you see Mr. Kay…

9- Cristiano Ronaldo…Mr. Ronaldo kicks soccer balls. and has an irish cousin named Ronald O’McDonald.
10- John McCain…Bless his heart.

11-Lorne Michaels….Mr. Michaels gets points for staying alive this long.

12-Tom Ford… Mr. Ford is a fashion designer. No word on what kind of car he drives, or whether he pardoned Mr. Nixon.

13-Mark Zuckerberg…Mr. Zuckerman invented Facebook, and is glad this list is not in alphabetical order.
14-Dana White… Mr. White fronts something called “Ultimate Fighting Challenge. One more I have heard of and I quit. It doesn’t matter if I have seen his show.
15-Jon Stewart…Mr. Stewart is a comedian/polical commenter.

Three for the Reaper

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There is a blog called Dougsploitation, whose slogan is “Putting the Pop back in Pop Culture”. He recently became (in)famous as the person who introduced Sonseed, and their Poly-retro hit ” Jesus is a Friend of Mine”. If you haven’t seen it yet…Google was invented for emergencies like that.
Doug announced two celebrity deaths last week. I was going to comment, but I decided to wait until the third one happened. Until yesterday, when Mr. Blackwell went to that fitting room in the sky.

Born Richard Sylvan Seltzer, Mr. Blackwell made a name for himself as a designer. According to wikipedia,
“He was an important designer and during the 1960s he became the first in history to present his line on a television broadcast; and the first to make his line available for plus-size women.” Later, he published an annual list of “The ten worst dressed Women”, and became a household name. He wrote two books, Mr. Blackwell: 30 Years of Fashion Fiascos and From Rags to Bitches.
The second of the recently deceased was not as famous as the other two, but made his mark on our culture. Neal Hefti ( that was his birth name) was primarily an arranger for jazz big bands. He did a lot of work with Count Basie. He wrote something that few who grew up in the sixties have forgotten…the theme to “Batman”. He also did the score for “The Odd Couple”, which was recycled for the TV show.

Edith Elizabeth Enke got her break in 1950, when she won a beauty pageant, and got a spot on the Milton Berle show. She was on many TV shows after that, and married Ernie Kovacs. Mr. Kovacs was a cigar smoker, and his wife, now known as Edie Adams, did a series of commercials for Muriel Cigars. One featured the closing line, “Why don’t you pick one up and, smoke it sometime”.
Ernie Kovacs died in an Auto Accident in 1962. In a tragic coincidence, his daughter with Edie Adams, Mia Kovacs, died in an auto accident in 1982. Edie Adams made numerous appearances in TV and films, and was a cast member of As the World Turns. Edie Adams passed away on October 15, from Cancer and pneumonia.

L5P Sunday

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The answering machine was flashing when PG got out of the shower. Even though his internal caller id told him it was Uzi, he listened to the messages before he called. The scheduled entertainment for the afternoon was a walk through little five points.
After a while, the honda was parked behind Manuel’s, and the walk to ElfivePee began. PG wondered if the Halloween Festival was over, and could they tell the difference? Coming down Seminole Avenue, into the closed off street by the pizza places, the thought came to go to the Vortex. No, that is a bad idea, they may be enforcing the no idiot policy.
The artist was urging the sunday visitors to
Buy Art, and help support our bohemian lifestyle . PG needed to use a restroom, and thought the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club would be atmospheric enough. Past that was the former Bass High School, now a loft community. When WRFG went on the air, their transmitter was so weak that they could not be heard north of the high school.
Crossing Euclid Avenue required waiting for the cars to pass by. The former Sevananda/A&P/Piggly Wiggly of Miss Daisy fame is now a Rag store. They have stenciled parking spots, across from the mural infested wall of the Variety Playhouse. Uzi was once going to pay to park for a concert there. The parking attendant recognized his friend and gave them a prime spot for free. He does not remember who was playing. Meanwhile, the parade of the hairstyle enhanced trendoids continued down the well trod sidewalks.
Uzi was in the mood for a chocolate ice cream from Zestos. PG waited outside, and took pictures of ivy falling down in front of a brick wall. They crossed Moreland, and found a bench to sit on. It was across from the former fountain, which now has cactus growing inside. A dog got loose, and scampered down Moreland Avenue, while the traffic screeched to a halt. The pet went down Euclid into oblivion, as Uzi finished his ice cream. Deciding that they had enough hipness for the day, the pair went back to Manuels, and on the S&S cafeteria in the relative safety of Embry Hills.

Go to Denny’s

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There is a video going around of JSM on the David Letterman show. At the 2 minute mark, JSM gets to talking about that rascal Bill Ayers. Not only did he wish he had planted more bombs, but he said it on September 11, 2001. PG heard the ding ding ding of the BS detector.

It turns out the Weatherman dude put a book out in 2001. (An unrelated group called the Weather Girls had a hit song, “It’s Raining Men”. No word on whether this was about the aftermath of a bombing.) Mr. Ayers was flogging the book, and gave an interview to the New York Times. In a eerie stroke, the review was published on September 11,2001. That was supposed to be a slow news day, and ordinarily would have been a good day for book promotion. Now, Mr. Ayers may have made the comment that he should have bombed more, or gotten bombed more, on nine eleven. Or he may not have. The point is, the story that JSM quotes was published on that day, and the interview it was based on was made before that. JSM is playing fast and loose with the facts.

Someone is impressed by the Ayers business. A robocall from the JSM campaign is going out as we speak, that reminds voters that BHO was buddies with a domestic terrorist. ( HT to JoemyG-d) (The phone number at the end of the call is 202 863 8500) Maybe they all went riding in Larry Sinclair’s limousine, did a few lines, and went to Denny’s for the Grand Slam. Or maybe not.
On the way to posting a feature, one goes through the wordpress home page. There are featured blogs there. One of these has the transcript of the appearance by JSM on David Letterman. There is a lot that did not make the video, that is in the transcript.
The poster at the end of this feature is from Motivated Photos.

Spell check suggestions for this feature:
robocall – aerobically, focally, rockfall, erotically, heroically

Disturbed People Day

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According to the email Uzi forwarded, it is National Disturbed People Day. Was this planned before last night’s debate? Was that red man or beech nut that was in JSM’s cheek last night? Has anyone talked to Senator Government today?
Sending 160 thousand troops to a country eight time zones away is big government. And what is going to happen when the Iraqis we are paying get introduced to the Layoff? Will Iraq be stabilized then? Stay tuned folks.
On the domestic front, the execution of Troy Davis is scheduled for October 27. This is eight days before BHO can finish his waffle. Peach Pundit has not announced the details of their celebration. Perhaps the murder weapon can be found before then. Is there a hidden story, that the celebrities do not know about, that conclusively shows Mr. Davis to be guilty? If so, then this should be shown to the celebrities, and the public. When you execute an innocent man for murder, the real killer walks free.

Back to the real fun. There was an ad at the bottom of the NDPD message. I have included it in today’s recreation as an ironic postscript. I did add a comment of my own to the motivational message. When you have a good time, never bring yourself down by worrying about who may be hurt. They should just ignore it!

Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 10:28 AM
Subject: FW: National Disturbed People Day – enjoy!

Today is International Disturbed People’s Day
You have to read the stuff at the end for your laugh!!!!!
Please send an encouraging message to a disturbed friend… just as I’ve done.

I don’t care if you lick windows,take the special bus,
or occasionally pee on yourself..
You hang in there sunshine, you’re frigging’ special

Every sixty seconds you spend angry, upset or mad,
is a full minute of happiness you’ll never get back.

Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly,Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.

Even if it makes someone else cry, never regret it, because you are the only person who matters!

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.
Send to all the people you love and don’t want to lose in 2008, even me.If you get 3 back, you are a great friend.
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