L5P Sunday

Posted in Undogegorized by chamblee54 on October 19, 2008

The answering machine was flashing when PG got out of the shower. Even though his internal caller id told him it was Uzi, he listened to the messages before he called. The scheduled entertainment for the afternoon was a walk through little five points.
After a while, the honda was parked behind Manuel’s, and the walk to ElfivePee began. PG wondered if the Halloween Festival was over, and could they tell the difference? Coming down Seminole Avenue, into the closed off street by the pizza places, the thought came to go to the Vortex. No, that is a bad idea, they may be enforcing the no idiot policy.
The artist was urging the sunday visitors to
Buy Art, and help support our bohemian lifestyle . PG needed to use a restroom, and thought the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club would be atmospheric enough. Past that was the former Bass High School, now a loft community. When WRFG went on the air, their transmitter was so weak that they could not be heard north of the high school.
Crossing Euclid Avenue required waiting for the cars to pass by. The former Sevananda/A&P/Piggly Wiggly of Miss Daisy fame is now a Rag store. They have stenciled parking spots, across from the mural infested wall of the Variety Playhouse. Uzi was once going to pay to park for a concert there. The parking attendant recognized his friend and gave them a prime spot for free. He does not remember who was playing. Meanwhile, the parade of the hairstyle enhanced trendoids continued down the well trod sidewalks.
Uzi was in the mood for a chocolate ice cream from Zestos. PG waited outside, and took pictures of ivy falling down in front of a brick wall. They crossed Moreland, and found a bench to sit on. It was across from the former fountain, which now has cactus growing inside. A dog got loose, and scampered down Moreland Avenue, while the traffic screeched to a halt. The pet went down Euclid into oblivion, as Uzi finished his ice cream. Deciding that they had enough hipness for the day, the pair went back to Manuels, and on the S&S cafeteria in the relative safety of Embry Hills.

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